41 Comments on “Daniel Leffew Speaking at the BAYS Summit”

  1. If this young man’s generation can be this strong, there is hope for the
    future that they will build. In fact I look forward to it. I can only hope
    that Daniel continues being a voice for change & equality. Not only in
    public speaking but his every day life as well. The Leffew family is truly
    blessed. :)

  2. Wow! I wish I was as brave as Daniel!! Superheroes dont always wear capes,
    wtg Daniel!!

  3. Way to go Daniel. Was great to see the speech. Wish I could of seen it live
    but thanks for uploading.

  4. Great speech. And Daddy Jay and Daddy Bryan have every reason to proud and
    Daniel even prouder.

  5. He did an awesome job, very nervous but faced that head on. Nothing can
    stop him he will accomplish great things in his life. You guy should be
    proud of raising an amazing son.

  6. Daniel & Selena, wouldn’t you love to spend 4 days at a festival like this?
    It’s an annual (April) event here in South Africa, in such a remote part of
    the country. It looks like so much fun, but there’s no running water & no
    food, in fact, only ICE is permitted to be sold, & everyone is responsible
    for bringing their own water & food etc. Then when everyone leaves, there’s
    not allowed to be a speck of evidence that MAN even visited this place. SO
    MUCH FUN!!!! 🙂 Love ~@~ /watch?v=qCbSZv45sZ0

  7. I have been waiting for this vid!!!! Yay Daniel!!!!!! Jay & Bryan you must
    be so proud of him!

  8. WOW! GREAT Daniel! You did so well … C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S young
    man!! I also feel hugely proud of you, so battle to imagine just how
    Daddies Jay & Bryan and sister Selena must feel … and never forget just
    how proud all of your guardian angels must feel too, because they’ve sure
    done well with your adorable, loving family. Hey Daniel, I only just
    noticed what exquisite hands you have. I have a ‘thing’ about hands, so
    easily notice a divine pair. Look after them ~ really do!! Durban

  9. Congratulations Daniel! You are a passionate speaker, you clearly believe
    in your message. No matter how nervous you felt, your message was clear and
    full of impact. I know from my experience of speaking to large groups that
    the nerves never totally vanish, but you will learn to appreciate the
    impact you have. Well done. Chris, UK.

  10. WAY TO GO DANIEL!! Awesome. Thanks for being the courageous soul that you
    are and sharing your light with the world. Dear Brian and Jay, Just
    wondering if you guys are aware of Will Philips – search for: 10-Year-Old
    Refuses to Pledge Allegiance Until Gays and Lesbians Have. . . (youtube
    wont let me post the link.) Blessings to both and your whole family, Love,

  11. Daniel: Congratulations, young man!! You are awesome to do what you have
    done, brave, courageous, strong, sincere, a loving son and brother and you
    are what this world needs – you are the future!! Have so enjoyed all your
    family videos, thank you Daniel, Selena, Jay and Bryan, wonderful,
    inspiring, loving family. Love, Hugs and Peace to you all, please never
    stop what you are doing, it is so important!

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