28 Comments on “Davey Wavey Gay-ifies the UK!”

  1. Here in my part of England right now the time is 20:39 British Summer Time
    and the air temperature this afternoon reached 22.6C but right now it
    stands at 16.7C and when I was at the gym earlier this evening my weight
    came in at 60.3 kg and my height measured at 171.8 cms. On the way back
    home I filled my tank with 10 litres.

  2. Should have read:
    This American bloke’s quote:
    “As for universal healthcare here in the UK we hard working tax payers PAY
    FOR IT ALL through our salaries or wages relevant deductions each

  3. In Brighton it is almost a criminal offence NOT to be gay friendly and
    anyone out here who is in any way nursing homophobic tendencies and
    attitudes then I would very strongly suggest that they spend a
    fantastically wonderful time in Moscow instead of bright and breezy
    Brighton by the sea.

    As for those American shower curtains of yours, darling, they went out of
    style here in the UK when Adam was still in shorts and sucking on a lolly.
    Have you never heard of glass protective screens around shower units?
    Far less bother than antediluvian shower curtains! 

  4. Please do not tell me that there are a significant number of Americans that
    have trouble reading “military time”.

  5. now i live in uk and i have a shower curtain but my shower is also a bath
    tub its evil and trys to kill you

  6. I don’t know what’s wrong with farther Christmas his a jolly man who likes
    giving presents I wish Homosexuals and Christians would get along that
    would be nice I personally like homosexuals and christians

  7. Some of these comments are funny as fuck. SCREW YOUR STUPID
    CHRISTIANITY!!!! GAYS ARE FUCKIN RAD!!! I love you davey ;*

  8. You’re a dip shit. Get off your computer. Go outside. Get some fresh air
    and be exposed to the outside world. Lose your ignorance. No one chooses to
    be gay. Yes because people want to feel different and get bullied and beat
    on. No not even close. You make the U.S look weak. Don’t even get me
    started about the bible. That’s your belief and honestly I don’t think
    anyone else needs to hear about it if you’re gonna talk about “don’t ask,
    don’t tell” Stop being ignorant…. If that’s even possible.;)

  9. I love you… You make me laugh eveytime I see your videos, and as a 13
    year old girl with suspicions of being bisexual, you are so inspiring!

  10. No disrespect GARY, But you’re a fucking idiot!! If you don’t agree with it
    WHY do you watch his videos??

  11. Again, STOP YELLING!! Now, you’re also wrong! Jesus said that gay people
    are born that way and those who can must accept it. Read your damn bible
    and then bark you idiot! Historically the eunuchs at those times were gay
    men. They usually lived in a king’s palace and sometimes pleased the king
    sexually. The nature knows what it’s doing. There is a reason 10% of
    population are gay! Do your research why gay people are born before making
    a total fool of yourself!

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