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  1. Simple answer: “Just because I think it is a fundamental human right, that
    doesn’t mean everyone does. If I thought caviar was a human right should I
    then whip votes to make it free? Of course not. On important social issues
    that are currently divisive, MPs must vote as moral thinkers and
    representatives of their constituents when voting.” Not particularly great
    but considering that MPs did get a free vote on gay marriage a response
    along those lines seems fine.

    On a broader level, as the leader of the Conservatives he is under immense
    pressure to do what he knows is the right thing by supporting gay rights
    and not fracture his traditionally socially conservative party. Both would
    be seen as a massive failure so I don’t hold this against him.

  2. Hey cakey he must have good taste we used to drink that when we went to
    church and
    sang in the service choir, good drop of stuff boy we used to get in early
    before the Vicar arrived, he liked a drop himself.

  3. Just shows he is totally vacuous and can be filled with any type of
    blethering rhetoric that he is paid for… he only cares about being in
    power, he has no values and is totally amoral… 

  4. This is the real David. and ‘We the People’ are suffering austerity. It’s a
    plutocricy a government for the rich by the rich. And We the People’ the
    99% suffer 

  5. He should be kicked out of no 10 and off the fucking street [Downing
    street,that is] dispicable lying poor and disabled killer

  6. Torys, change! You believe that you believe anything. Bedroom Tax!
    Granny Tax! Cut to the welfare reforms! 

  7. To be honest, he does appear quite sincere in this interview, instead of
    ducking or trying to avoid the interviews point, he acknowledges what the
    interviewer is saying. I still wouldn’t vote for him though.

  8. The Party leadership has changed. However, the membership, in the main, has
    not. And there lies his dilemma. Courting just 3-5% of the electorate has
    lost him half of the current members.

  9. This snake-oil salesman constantly misleads, breaks promises, and is
    utterly out of touch with the electorate. He is a Blair clone, and just as
    slippery. If we want to regain our sovereignty and take back the right to
    make our own decisions about our own country then UKIP is the only party to
    vote for.

  10. somone has drank too much of the church communion wine and found there way
    on to a pc to begin a losing argument….

  11. @lanceawatt oh it definitely works to some extent. If enough people
    constantly apply pressure then people need to listen. It could be argued
    though that a group of people shouldn’t have to force a government to
    listen in a democracy. They should already have an equal voice to begin

  12. clause 88 is all you need to know about the way consrvatives think.
    oppress,repress,create utter misery,FIGHT BACK .

  13. I’m certainly no fan of ohhhREALY or his/her comments, but on what basis
    are you disagreeing, exactly? He made a coalition with the Lib Dems to beat
    Labour… how’s that different to what he/she said? Also: I’d be a little
    careful about saying “derp” to others when you don’t even seem to
    understand the use of commas in a list, the need to capitalise Tories and
    Labour, or the adjective ‘biased’.

  14. @kotarak (reply part 3) Would you argue water is unnatural? Would you argue
    that planets themselves are unnatural? Would you argue mules are unnatural?
    None of these things are “unnatural”. Your understanding of science is
    extremely limited, but to be fair to christianity, you’re pretty stupid by
    the standards of most christians too. For goodness sake, you’re an

  15. Cameron stole all those liberal democrat votes in a legal loop hole to beat
    labour . HE IS THE ULTIMATE CON MAN .Running a country to help the rich &
    prey on the under educated under paid and under valued,on votes he didnt
    earn.Who’s to say that those liberal democrat voters wouldnt of voted
    labour over conservative if asked to re-vote . So yes he totally stole the
    votes to win..Its so shocking that such an out of touch arsehole & the cock
    that did cameron cam runs now runs the UK 🙁

  16. i think the church would rather marry children than ‘shirt-lifters’ as you
    so eloquently put it… the catcholic church that is

  17. Excuse me? Homosexuality as a form of birth-control? If we relied on that
    for all the fauna we would have been long swamped by creatures.
    Homosexuality is most prevalent in the human species than any species
    throughout all centuries of recorded history. Meaning there is more to it
    i.e.the psyche. It has very limited positive effect on humanity as a whole
    and its negative effect if the scale is extrapolated could be evidently
    disastrous. Sorry to say but your passion makes you neuroticly dull

  18. No I used derp as a form of expression such as “sigh”. Not as a noun. Also
    your argument is again ad hominem without any factual evidence. Please
    return a constructive reply with some basis or again I will just ignore
    everything you have said. I would be thankful if you entered a debate
    properly and respectfully instead of just insulting randomers on the
    internet to make yourself feel better? Superior?

  19. In this video he speaks candidly of his support for gay rights. Equal
    marriage has just pretty much become legalised, subject to a few committee
    hearings. Explain to me how he’s broken his promise. Or are you one of
    these knee-jerk reactionary gays who automatically believes it’s compulsory
    to hate him? Oh, wait, I can answer that myself: you’re a fringe UKIP

  20. He is an ignorant posh twat who left his 8 year old daughter in a pub and
    is a negligent pig who will be the death of Britan FULL STOP.

  21. There is a difference between ignoring grammar simply due to character
    limitations and using caps lock like an ass. Also you are using ad hominem
    as your main source of argument. Please actually back up your argument with
    valid points and well researched or at least semi researched evidence. Till
    then adios amigo.

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