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  1. Its funny how the homosexual can be intolerant,rude,the victim…but a
    Christian has to walk a fine line,and even after that they are
    mislabled….We can disagree without hating..if not the n your logic is
    held against you..for u must be hating if u disagree w us.Dr.Brown is a
    true christian who understands we ALL need Christ..homosexuals wants equeal
    rights?…u got it because the bible says your lifestyle is sinful like all
    sin is

  2. Wayne looks like he just woke up and Brown looks like the guard that keeps
    Dorothy from entering the Emerald City.
    Luv ya Wayne.

  3. If you take the Religion aspect out of the Homosexual Debate,
    Nature itself explains how it is wrong.
    First Biologically men and woman’s DNA is Different.
    Second Anatomically men and woman have Different Sexual Organs
    Third only one organ is built for sexual activity
    Fourth in nature the only examples of Homosexuality is when one Male is
    asserting Dominance over another as Alpha Male. Laying claim to the females
    in the pack/group.
    Fifth this interaction is similarly expressed by inmates in prison, when
    one man
    asserts dominance over another. It is not Natural though.

  4. For those people who say Jesus had two fathers why can’t others.
    Technically we ALL DO have to fathers GOD our Spiritual Father,
    and then our Earthly Father. But Jesus was raised by a Mother and Father,
    He did not have two fathers or two mothers.

  5. Whether you agree with one side of the argument or the other,
    when a kid thinks the person who yells the loudest wins the discussion,
    it accomplishes nothing. The Dr. Brown guy had specifics he was referencing.
    The Wayne kid simply reiterated your a liar over and over again.
    Dr. Brown is trying to narrow the divide of understanding. The Wayne guy
    simply wants to widen it. It’s like he enjoys being angry.

  6. Michael Brown showed nothing more than his true self. All this video shows
    is how wayne is a liar trying to push his agenda against conservative
    Christianity. U have a right to live anyway u want within the laws of our
    republic. I have a right to say I don’t approve of it. Religion has a right
    to say they don’t approve either.

  7. …well homosexuality is despicable. its an obnoxious thing to do, take
    religion out of the debate.

  8. Great Show… I loved the two-opponent processes observations. (It gave it
    that special-spice). 🙂 I would love you to (If-possible) Interview real
    politictians on your show. Preferably (Democrats -&- Independents) Cause
    they seem more in touch with the American-People. But… Of course… Once
    in a while put in a Republican to remind people how out-of-touch they are.
    (LOL)-!!! 🙂 Anyway… As always… Love your show.

  9. People do have two fathers. Many have a biological father and a step
    father. Joseph was basically Jesus’s step father. He adopted Jesus.

  10. God calls it an abomination. The sight of it disgusts him. It didn’t always
    exist and every major empire fell because of it. As Christians we love the
    people not the sin. 1Corinthians 1:18 For the preaching of the cross is to
    them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power
    of God. These people think the word of God is foolishness and they are
    going to perish and they don’t even know it. We try to warn them.

  11. All I can say is this; I’m a 58 year old Gay White male in love with a 59
    year old Gay Black male for 8 yrs. NOTHING the hate of people like Brown
    spew or the truth of people like Besen speak of will CHANGE THAT. Also we
    are becoming less involved in the fight for Equal Rights for the LGBT
    community, we’re both legally protected in the event of illness or death
    and we want to enjoy our retirement before either happens. It’s up to the
    20/30 somethings to step up. We’ve fought long enough.

  12. The quotes that Wayne gave weren’t that extreme at all. I’ve certainly
    heard far far worse. Michael Brown comes across better in this debate,
    despite having the despicable position that homosexuality is a “sin”.

  13. hot damn that Dr. Brown is good! Don’t get me wrong, I find his positions
    abhorrent and philosophy abominable- I just think such an impeccably
    skilled liar should be in Hollywood acting in movies, not hiding behind the

  14. He proved how that other fellow took things out of context and lied.
    Michael isn’t the liar in this dialogue. You’re not thinking rationally.

  15. The cancer in the world is people guided by stone-age fairy tales, with
    filth morality…. Homossexuality always existed, in many many species,
    like our specie, and yes, we are animals just like other species, with a
    difference on our developed brain, we should be superior to racism,
    homofobia… etc… is insane, the own definition of race shoud.’t exist,
    we are all equal! some people should just grow up!

  16. Well said BUT, Xian Fundies CANNOT live by their bible without ‘cherry
    picking’ it to suit their needs, intents and purposes.

  17. And people are so ignorant of the bible. Dorm said Leviticus says blind and
    deaf ppl are evil but this is what it says: Leviticus 19:14 “Do not insult
    the deaf or cause the blind to stumble. You must fear your God; I am the L
    ord .

  18. If you vote against gay marriage, you’re a bigot, their is no way around
    it. If I voted for African Americans to be taxed more than Whites, I would
    be a racist. When you vote for gays to be taxed more than heterosexuals
    (because that’s what denying them marriage rights results in), you are also

  19. Why do christians eat shellfish its in the same page that saus gays are
    wrong…..why wear clothes its unatural..

  20. If you take religion out of a Homophobe’s argument regarding Homosexuality,
    there would be no argument.

  21. And I don’t understand how Eddie says we are animals that should just grow
    up. Are we advanced animals or are we something different held to a higher
    standard with morals like the bible teaches.

  22. Unless one is created homosexual at conception by your ‘god’. Unless the
    individual doesn’t want children, and who would now days with all the hate
    being spewed by too many ignants.

  23. we are sentient beings, its is logically clear that the male reproductive
    organ is designed to interface with the female reproductive organ. Argue

  24. That’s the problem with ALL Fundies. Bible, Koran, Talmudic, Buddhist, etc.
    They all take what other people told them were the ways of some
    otherworldly entity -interpreted by a lying, self-serving person or group
    of people (men almost always) of this world and try to force that way on
    others. It is ultimately going to come down to rational people stopping
    them from doing it to the ones they’ve beaten into submission. Our planet
    will never survive otherwise.

  25. Then… are blowjobs despicable? What about heterosexual anal sex? What
    about masturbation? My penis isn’t meant to interface with my hand after

  26. It’s not “revolution” to reverse a trend and go back to antiquated ways of
    life. You Xian Fundies need to follow the bible and do as Jesus tells you:
    Offer what you see as truth and let those who “hath an ear” hear. Otherwise
    you need to allow their free will.

  27. The title should actually be “Anti-Gay Guy Called Dangerous by Gay Rights
    Activist.” Besen seemed to be calling Mike a monster, liar, etc. I’m not a
    huge fan of Dr. Brown myself. But I think Besen went overboard (though not
    entirely, as the Lou Engle thing is not satisfactorily explained away by

  28. “Homossexuality always existed, in many many species” Infanticide,
    cannibalism, and aslew of other perversions also exist in nature. You’re
    not promoting morality; you’re twisting it.

  29. Wayne Besen, complains about extremism while having a moblike poster behind
    him looking to attack religion. /bravo

  30. Wayne Besen has a heart full of poop. Everything that comes out of his
    mouth is from his heart.

  31. This was awkward to watch. Wayne didn’t really come across well at all,
    either :-

  32. If a ‘fundie’ can’t live with the 10 Commandments or live by their blessed
    scripture without having their fingers crossed behind their backs, why do
    they feel the right to lecture others about morals, rights or living life?
    Unbridled hate, lying to a spouse about cheating on them, telling a natural
    born Homosexual they’re wrong are not morals “let those without sin cast
    the first stone”.

  33. Chap with the handle-bar moustache is all sales hype IMO; if you like buy;
    no refunds; too much information; read it any way you like.. etc. AKA BS.
    Bigot campaign, unpleasant links. Uganda has similar rhetoric, KKK, Franco.
    all had ‘lovely’ church parades. Religions can be benign, ie lib. churches
    in N. Europe today., It’s pogrom snides who select out bigoted sections to
    ramp up antipathy & hate. + a homophobe with gay ‘tache wants to meet gay
    men more? He’s not kidding anybody but himself.

  34. Dr. Brown brings truth and love as Christ did to the world! Listen to line
    of fire or read one of his books and then watch this video again! Even if
    you disagree with him, you will see his love for Christ shown to others,
    especially those who oppose his views, can Wayne say the same?

  35. fair enough, but then again what people group does? no group of people
    lives to the letter of their laws.

  36. It’s interesting how leviticus says that blind and deaf people are evil as
    well. lets rally against the blind and deaf and persecute them, prevent and
    them from marriage, bring the hate against them like any good christian

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