30 Comments on “Deceased Congressman Had A Scandalous Love Life”

  1. Divorce used to be a major sin for christians, but when they found they
    couldn’t do
    without it, it became okay. The phoniness of this, makes me think that the
    of religion is crazier than ever.

  2. A social conservative with a scandalous love life? This is my shocked face.

  3. On the other hand, if Rep. Young had been a Democrat, he would be hailed a
    hero by the left. 

  4. Only in ‘murica can a man who didn’t get his high school diploma and ended
    up working as an insurance salesman go on to be an elected official for 56
    years :s

  5. You must maintain family values until you get a wetter younger hole then
    you have to abandon your family because a man of power must have a piece of
    eye candy on his arm. It says this somewhere in the Bible, OK multiple
    times in the Bible. Values a la Newt Gingrinch. At least look at the
    bright side at least he didn’t abandon his wife because she had cancer. The
    ability to give head trumps family values.

  6. I can’t help but revel in the irony of career politicians telling people to
    ‘get a job’. They know nothing of a hard days work.

  7. wanna bet Bill Young stood with wife cheater Newt Gingrich and called for
    impeaching Bill Clinton? that’s how the “family values” crowd rolls—do as
    I say while I do whomever I want. Maybe it was all the rap music that Young
    didn’t listen to :p 

  8. these days, republicans and conservatives are all the same, because when
    the quiet side don’t do anything to stop these crazy ones, they are just as
    bad as the extreme ones

  9. Who doesn’t have a scandalous love life? If you don’t, you might be doing
    it wrong. Have someone check that out.

  10. I feel an uncomfortable hypocrisy when challenging someone on affairs of
    the heart, even a Republican.

  11. the bitch a gold digger, secretary saw an aging rich dude and dollar signs
    went off in her vagina

  12. Why is it “very classy [sarcastic voice]” that he married 8 days after the
    divorce was finalised? He and his previous wife could have been estranged
    for years at that point. He acted within the law and was not dishonest to
    either woman.

    But his second wife sounds like a real bitch.

  13. I could give a shit less about a representatives personal life, So long as
    they aren’t involved in anything illegal or shady.

  14. Another sad story about divorce and alienation and a an independent voter
    from another district, no business of mine. However you spin it, if spin
    you must, it just illustrates the false social dichotomy of Republicans
    being the Family Values party and Democrats being the champions of the
    oppressed when in truth it’s all a false narrative that creates a lot of
    cognitive dissonance that distracts the populace in the same manner that
    the band on the deck of the Titanic distracted the doomed 2nd and 3rd class
    passengers from noticing that the water was rising over their feet and the
    end was nigh. The ship of state is not sailing, it’s sinking, and it might
    be better to put down the tuba and look for a life raft.

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