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  1. هل تعرفتم على دين هي أفضل دين على وجه الأرض

  2. “Democratic America IS the 99 Percent…” . Do yourself a Favor and check
    the political affiliation of those serving in Afganistan & all U.S. service
    personel for that matter ! The Only Reason Obamy “Won” the 1st time around
    was he and his Party Goons KNEW all of You could be “Pied Pipered” by
    “Gonna get us OUT of Iraq… !” Every Sucker went for it like Lemmings rush
    to the Sea ! And… then he DID Nothing that wasn’t in place to happen
    already ! . You all “Exisit” on borrowed time ! .

  3. Cont. That’s why most conservative parties around the world can only win
    elections in coalitions while centrist and leftist parties can win them on
    their own. The GOP has basically become a coalition of all the right wing
    movements in America, the business community, the religious right, the
    ‘patriots’ etc are all minority movements now so must pool their resources
    to stay relevant, which this election shows still doesnt work.

  4. Don’t pay too much attention to Armando. He’s just the resident nut-burger
    who’s only here to provide tragic comedy. I think he didn’t take his
    post-election Lithium.

  5. Well, the angry, misinformed, racist White male demographic is not
    sustainable. 10, 20 years later, they will literally die off. Hopefully the
    wacko, crazy neo cons die off as a party and the rest can start focusing on
    real issues, not extremist idealism. Like how to progress technology, how
    to streamline the tax code, punishing corporations that prey on American

  6. I’m happily white, happily a Democrat, and happily a fan of Obama, and I
    must say I was very disappointed at how the majority of the race I belong
    to acted towards OUR president. So when I heard he won and had the white
    vote that he got Well I jumped for joy quite frankly. It’s time that the
    great melting pot get over racial superiority be it purely racial, or
    economic superiority. Oh but the pictures did make me grin evilly. 🙂

  7. The GOP keeps thinking that its a race issue in the USA. The problem is an
    economic problem. The GOP makes good points once in a while, but then the
    go on a race rant.

  8. The march of progress never ends, we walk that path because we have the
    will to go on and with other good people walking beside us we have no
    reason to stop.

  9. We had some victories on Tuesday night, but the battle for progressive
    causes is still long from being won.

  10. Its significantly less than 50/50, GOP turn outs are always higher because
    GOP voters typically have a bug up their ass about something and so always
    turn out in large numbers to make sure their religions get as much power as
    possible. Liberals on the other hand are far more divided, vote for
    different candidates and their election turn outs are much lower so when
    GOP/Dem results are close to 50/50 that represents nearly ALL GOP
    supporters and only a fraction of liberals, think about it.

  11. Well thats stupid… so when Bush won, there were more Liberals? Where did
    all the Liberals go in the 4 years between then? I dont remember the
    headlines “Liberals leave US en masse, country left with a bunch of stupid

  12. I am so sick of this bullshit redistricting and gerrymandering. It sucks
    that here in Wisconsin the GOP took over the state legislature. Now our
    asshole Governor has free reign to destroy the state. Redistricting &
    gerrymandering is the only reason this happened, and it needs to be
    stopped. Walker will destroy my state by the time he is up for re-election.
    If he is elected again, it’s definitely time to move back to Minnesota .

  13. whoever wins the election, left or right always does so by stealing the
    election which tells us if obama “won” that means there’s more than 50% of
    republicans in the country.

  14. the republic is roughly divided 50 – 50. any other number you put out is
    merely a figment of your liberal imagination. HAHA

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