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  1. Natures and god’s reasons for sex is reproduction. No reproduction No Human
    race. Homosexuality is a dead end street. Next step is legalizing
    Bestiality and allowing people to marry their pet Dog. Marrying your pet
    dog is also a dead end street. Men and Dogs cannot produce Offspring. I
    hope you are aware of this. My Question is what is the difference between
    two men marrying and a person who wants to marry a pet or a barn Yard
    animal. Marrying your Sister might not be a dead end street at least for
    the first few generation. But your offspring or their offspring If the
    trend continued would have trouble surviving because of the effect on their
    IQ and health. In a sense it make more sense to marry your sister .If your
    a man then to marry another man. I wonder if this Pro-gayness will result
    in more guys getting drugged and raped up the ass. Conservatives should
    always oppose Queerdom. Liberals pushing gayness could result in more gay
    children. Children are more easily influenced. One can only hope it is
    limited to their own children. If their is a genetic factor to queerdom,
    could mean gayness could grow weaker because they are not breeding.

  2. Citing “the right to marry” as one of the “important challenges” in a place
    where “it’s a great time to be gay”, the Massachusetts Department of Public
    Health helped produce The Little Black Book, Queer in the 21st Century, a
    hideous work of obscene pornography which was given to kids at Brookline
    High School on April 30, 2005. Among other things, it gives “tips” to boys
    on how to perform oral sex on other males, masturbate other males, and how
    to “safely” have someone urinate on you for sexual pleasure. It also
    included a directory of bars in Boston where young men meet for anonymous

  3. An obvious thing tht nobody notices is how all of this comes from the
    highest powers that be, who are these people, is big question, they are so
    powerfull that they operate bhind the scenes, anyway the greatest reason
    for marriage is not children according to the bible is two become one
    flesh, and this is only possible with marriage tween a man and a woman, no
    matter what people say or do, its a spiritual and physical connection that
    is simply vastly better than same sex, becasue deviants have developed a
    taste for same sex does not mean its better or good.

  4. I am a man that wants to marry several women. I am serious. Why is it
    that homosexuals get to marry in certain states but I cannot have multiple
    wives in any states? Am I not able to have the same civil rights? Am I not
    deserving of multiple wives because I am in the minority viewpoint? I think
    people are closed minded and hateful of my lifestyle of having multiple
    women. I love several women right now.

  5. I think he has a good point about polygamy and sibling marriages. If
    they’re consenting adults and they really are in love, maybe they *should*
    be allowed to get married. That being said, I don’t see why Dennis Prager
    can’t separate those questions from that of same-sex marriage. It’s like
    saying that if we legalize marijuana, then we’re gonna have to legalize
    cocaine and heroin and opium and *blah blah blah.* Can those questions not
    be saved for another day?

  6. Guys gay marriage is legal in 30+ states now. This guy is a tool. A brother
    and sister are already a family unit. A guy can’t marry his dog or a child
    because they can’t consent. Polygamy is a conduct not an orientation. Gay
    marriage is coming and these bigots are gonna be left with their jaw on the
    floor praying to their gods. Just accept equality. Embrace it cause the
    majority of America does. I don’t care if that’s a fallacy. Deal with it.

  7. marriage is between a man and a woman..anything else is not marriage..i
    resent the definition being change..live with who you want call it
    partnership, whatever..i don’t go around advertising i’m hetero.., so why
    is it that gay people try to shove their stuff down my throat…they can
    the definition but it is not marriage

  8. i dont want to take the right of marriage from Gays or Lesbians. but Prager
    has a point.
    children generally do better with a mother and a father.
    when i went to school, all the Kids who did well came from generally good
    homes, and all the kids who came to school unkempt, and constantly gotten
    into trouble came from single parent homes, or same sex parents; and it was
    the same for my father when he went to school.
    i am not saying that same sex couples cannot raise children, i am saying
    that IN GENERAL kids from a father and mother do better.
    is that “hateful” or “irrational” or “closed minded” of me?

  9. The left wants to nullify gender importance. A mother or a father isn’t
    important to them. It is unfair to the child to deny them a mother or a
    father. I have heard all the liberal arguments. “But it is better to have 2
    moms or 2 dads over a single parent upbringing. But many children are
    raised in abusive heterosexual families and on and on.” Liberals can
    justify any stance they want it still doesn’t make it right. I think it is
    a leftist social experiment to raise children in same sex relationships. It
    is unfair to the child in my opinion.

  10. Its about forcing society to celebrate men porking each others assholes.
    Its about forcing society to think men porking each others assholes is the
    greatest thing in the world.

  11. I see what DP is going with but he can’t explain it let me try to explain
    what he is saying.

    I’m a American Conservative I love people regardless on sex or sexuality I
    wish for they to get marriage but not by the church against its will by
    that would go against the 1st amendment right of the constitution.


  12. You just don’t DISCRIMINATE and treat OTHERS as second class citizens!
    Nobody wants Prager to be Prom Queen. Most people wouldn’t even invite the
    man to sit at their table. Prager is a bigot. Bigotry is a lot less popular
    than you might think!

  13. Put it this way…how many people really didn’t care much about the issue
    down your throats?

    I’ve always accepted people for whoever they are and whatever they are.
    However, I CANNOT put up with people who are pushy, play victim, and DEMAND
    sympathy. It’s akin to being in a relationship with a needy and clingy
    person who insists that you don’t love them enough even though you’ve
    broken your back to cater to their whims. At some point, such people are
    just too unstable to associate with. Nothing is ever good enough and their
    happiness (or should I say unhappiness) is always YOUR fault. They WILL

    Gimme a break!


  14. The argument that the anus isn’t a sex organ therefore homos are perverts
    is a retarded argument. Guess that means blowjobs are a degrading act
    because the mouth isn’t a sex organ. Let consenting adults fuck how they
    want to.

  15. Mr. Prager, your argument is illogical. All gay Americans are asking is for
    the same rights as heterosexual couples to get married. Heterosexuals are
    not asking to marry their siblings. Heterosexual couples are not asking to
    marry their adult children. Heterosexual couples are not asking to have a
    number of different spouses. These “what if” questions are a smoke screen
    that leads us away from the topic and spreads fear into traditionalists.
    All gay Americans are asking for is the same right a heterosexual American
    has to marry the person they love. 

  16. Dennis Prager is the Uncle Tom of the Jews. He continues to kiss the ass of
    the Xians, even though the New Testament continually calls for the slaying
    of Jews that do not convert to Xianity. 

  17. To the foul mouth narrator at the end of Prager’s talk:…….If you don’t
    believe in the sanctity of marriage, why do you so nasty mouthed condemn
    those who do believe in the sanctity of marriage for opposite sex family
    progenitors. You sound like a degenerate. Have some common sense and
    dignity. You ever heard of the right to privacy? No, you want a publicly
    imposed standard to laud your perversion over everyone else.

  18. I love how if you gay and want to marry that some how means people want to
    gay marry their dog, or their children a lamp post or anything else you
    love. Give me a fucking break !!

  19. Everyone for Gay Marriage will be captured by Chinese, Russian, and Muslim
    invaders to be taken back to Russia, China, and the Middle East in chains
    as slaves. This is the point that Dennis Prager should have made. 

  20. Conservative uses logic, liberal explodes into anger, name calling, and
    dropping the F-Bomb to sound cool and intimidating all in the name of love,
    tolerance and diversity. I lol’d so hard.

    A college educated, twenty something, millennial generation, artist who was
    born and raised in california. 

  21. I don’t have any problem with any adults who love each other, are of sound
    mind, and wish to marry. I don’t have a problem with siblings who wish to
    marry. I have no problem with close relatives who wish to marry. I don’t
    have a problem with more than two people who wish to marry. Not all people
    who marry have children, so I don’t understand why that should play a role
    in the decision of allowing marriage.

    I understand the concern about children growing up in non-traditional
    homes. Statistics show that children from two married parents tend to do
    better in school and earn more money than children from single parent
    homes. Men and women do have inherent biological differences, and so a
    strong role model of each gender in children’s lives is an important thing.
    But that role model can be a grandparent or an uncle or aunt.


  23. Hey Prager if hope you read this you son of a bitch. You were married 3
    times. Please shut the hell up with your outdated bigotry . I am onto your
    used car salesman and calm demeanor approach. You are a jerk to be so
    hateful toward a demographic that means no harm. But then you are against a
    Muslim being sworn in on a Karan. You are only for religious freedom if it
    is Judeo- Christian. Talk about hypocrites. You are the biggest one and
    hateful at that. 

  24. I don’t need a 4,000yr old religious book (or some hillbilly piss ant) to
    tell me that homosexuality is bizarre, abhorrent, and deprave. 

  25. Here’s a great question for you: what is GOOD about gay marriage? Name for
    me ONE redeeming fact about gay marriage, please. Because all that you have
    done in this video is spewed hatred, called names, and misrepresent the
    arguments of those who are for traditional marriage. I want one reasonable
    answer to this question.

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