47 Comments on “Dennis Prager Thinks Gay Marriage Bigger Threat Than Bad Economy”

  1. the gay man doesnt understand that the disintegration of the family is what
    caused lawlessness to spread to all people in the first place,,,this gay
    marriage thing is just the final nail in the coffin,,, its the rotten fruit
    of lawlessness and immorality birthed from the 1960s,,,and what caused it?
    let me tell you,,,the break down of the family has lead to every ill we
    have in the USA,,,the 60s normalized rebellion and immorality,,,the media
    promoted every evil under the sun to the people of the USA via the
    TV,,,what I call the Trojan horse,,,TV is a form of sorcery ,,,it alters
    ones perception of things,,,it talks people into accepting evil and
    perversion THAT THEY OTHERWISE WOULD NEVER ACCEPT,,,After the media
    promoted divorce and promiscuity and drug use for 10 years it took its
    toll,,,by the 70s the man refused to be the man,,,he refused to be a father
    to his kids,,,many divorced their wives based on this notion that you are
    better off getting rid of someone if you dont have warm and fuzzy feelings
    for any longer,,,the man refused to be a father to his children,,,he
    refused to bear the weight of head of household,,,he refused to allow his
    wife to take care of the kids at home out of greed,,,he just flat out
    refused to be a grown man,,,with both parents in the work force the kids
    were left with baby sitters up to about 12yo and then left to their own
    devices,,the kids had no guidance,,,my generation was full of latchkey kids
    in the 70,,,you spent your time with other kids ,,when fools lead fools you
    have a whole lot of foolishness,,,this was a recipe for disaster,,,it lead
    us all into hell,,, drug use, fornication, witchcraft, satanism, The AIDS
    Epidemic, and other std diseases, boys getting into pornography,
    objectification of women, materialism, homosexuality, promiscuity, immoral
    talk, immoral dress, immoral everything,,as these kids grew up they became
    the leaders of the police, the schools, and the govt,,,now everything is
    breaking down,,,everything is corrupt,,,,,,you cannot build a prosperous
    and free nation of the back of lawless men and women,,,lawless people need
    more and more laws to restrain them,,,you end up with a dictator
    eventually,,,all of this comes from the break down of the family,,,ALL OF
    IT,,,most people are not smart enough to figure this out,,,if you just keep
    the 10 commandments and GOVERN YOURSELF UNDER THEM you dont need someone
    else to govern you. 

  2. Dennis Prager is just a tool…I bet he feels really dumb now that most
    people do support it..

  3. No locusts yet in California, just multi-year droughts and earthquakes.
    What’s next?

  4. The economy needs people to keep reproducing, gays wont do this, ergo big
    economic threat.

  5. It’s actually the gay guy that got owned. Towards the end of the video he
    said that opposition to same-sex marriage is the equivalent of opposition
    to racial desegregation. So in one breath he says the economy and the G20
    Summit are the most important news stories, and then in the next he says
    gays being able to marry people of the same sex is equal to blacks gaining
    basic Civil Rights. He’s a complete moron. 

  6. Polygamy is not likely to “make it” as one of your Utopian visions.
    Prostitution is a vice, like any other “addiction” and laws about such
    things will be adjusted to make the most possible sense. A “victimless
    crime” will no longer be pursued with all powers of the law, because it’s
    too costly and often does more harm than good. I think what I just said is
    not only an opinion, but a reasonable assumption, given all available data.
    Gay marriage equality is a matter that could have been “solved” long ago,
    and it’s about time such equality becomes the law of the land.

  7. You’d think a Jewish man would be more careful about spreading fear and
    hatred towards a group by calling gay marriage, a “bigger threat to human
    civilization than the collapse of the economy”. Prager needs to explain how
    gay marriage will cause any harm at all, or STFU.

  8. Prager thinks gay marriage is going to destroy the country? What does he
    think is going to happen when homosexuals marry? Planes are going to fall
    out of the sky? Plagues? Tsunamis? Gay marriage has occurred. NOTHING
    has happened. Do we get an apology for his being wrong and bigoted? Nope.

  9. Adam and Eve never existed . They are mythical figures in an ancient
    allegory .
    “God” , whatever that is, did not “create” marriage . Humans did .
    And it has never been “defined” as being only between one man and one woman.
    The Bible approves of polygamy . So why don’t Christians demand that every
    have more than one wife ? Ridiculous .Don’t cherry pick the Bible for your
    self-serving purposes .

  10. . i want President Obama and the league of nations to recognize Antarctica
    as a homosexual sanctuary where they can go get married do whatever the fk
    they all want build their own rules, economy even make there own towns,
    and in 30-50 years they all start dying off because they cant reproduce
    leaving a ghost town then they’ll figure out the cold truth it doesnt work.
    so quit ur whining faggots. 

  11. To all gay people: marry as quickly as possible and RUIN the whole shitty
    country once for all l!!! Let not one stone be left upon another.

  12. I must have missed the part where he says it’s a “threat.” I heard it from
    the moderator and the gay guy, but the old guy just said it was a big
    story, an important issue.

  13. Long ago, many foolish and misguided Americans were just as opposed to
    allowing blacks and women to vote , blacks and whites to marry , and
    blacks to
    serve in the US military . They were convinced that these things would
    bring god’s wrath down on America and destroy the country .

  14. The real perversion is for someone to insist gay people engage in
    heterosexual sex, which is the same as demanding of a heterosexual to “go
    gay”. Vaginal sex is disgusting and unnatural to a gay man. For a
    homophobic bigot to argue on the other side of this LOGIC is idiotic. The
    most idiotic sexual perversion is abstinence, which, according to a
    homophobic bigot is the only option to gays and lesbians. Live a life of
    sexual perversion (abstinence) and escape the wrath of those who hate you
    no matter what. Prager is and always was a God damn bigot. Too bad there is
    no hell for this profoundly flawed and sorry excuse of a man to go to after
    he finally dies.

  15. Gray wolf, you do not have to have a religious ceremony to get married .
    This is
    entirely optional . Plenty of people get married in civil ceremonies
    without clergy
    officiating . You’re just looking for any excuse, no matter how phony ,
    to demand
    that gy marriage be illegal merely because YOU happen to disapprove of it .

  16. Grey wolf, your claims about the supposed adverse effect on children of gay
    are completely bogus and haave been totally discredited . They are from
    pseudo-scientific homophobic sources .

  17. Marriage does not need ot be “protected “. It’s the rights of gay people
    in America which need to be protected . DOMA is nothing but smokescreen
    for bigotry against gay people .

  18. Fuck religious people. Why should we give special respect to people that
    believe in an invisible man in the sky that answers all their prayers? Why
    should we empower people just because they have a dogma? I’m neither
    religious nor gay so I don’t care how either side lives their lives. If
    gay’s want to be MARRIED, it should be their civil right. It’s time we stop
    giving into the insane demands of the religious right and call them out for
    their archaic and intolerant views.

  19. All woman want that? Give me the numbers! It is unhealthy and unhygenic.
    The sphincter, which holds the shit in the bowels, is worn out by sodomy,
    leading to dumping of shit hear and there. If you love that, go for it!
    Homosexual sex is non-complementary, always sterile, against nature, and

  20. In every instance where gay marriage was voted upon in the US, the numbers
    showed people did not want it legalized … but then a judge would overturn
    it. “Most people against bigamy, polygamy, incest.” Maybe in America, but
    not around the rest of the world.

  21. Matthew D. Staver, JD, Dean of the Liberty University School of Law,
    explained: “The unifying characteristics of the protected classes within
    the Civil Rights Act of 1964 include (1) a history of longstanding,
    widespread discrimination, (2) economic disadvantage, and (3) immutable
    characteristics… ‘Sexual orientation’ does not meet any of the three
    objective criteria shared by the historically protected civil rights

  22. @Lrock79 yes He is. People on the other side think that for us that its all
    about condemning them. Thats not it at all, we’re trying to protect society
    as a whole, not just us and lur beliefs. Whether yo’re gay or straight,I
    would think you would want your kids to be able to choose when, and who
    they have sex with. They may not be able to afford them that if we continue
    on this path as a nation of protecting peoples ” happiness “.

  23. (cont) it’s immoral, like is often the case in debates about
    homosexuality.”Why? The anus wasn’t made to be penetrated, and that is
    incomparable to shoes and clothes, which were made FOR the human body.”
    Regardless of the intent, I still don’t see how it follows that it’s
    immoral. Isn’t it ultimately up to the person to decide what goes inside
    their anus? How does sex between two loving persons harm anyone else, if
    they they consented to it? Before you compare it to something like

  24. …at colleges and openly promotes bestiality. “Incest draws families
    apart.” So does homosexuality. “To simply argue the body wasn’t made for
    something is just wrong.” Why? The anus wasn’t made to be penetrated, and
    that is incomparable to shoes and clothes, which were made FOR the human
    body. It doesn’t violate my body in any way. Homosexual intercourse is a
    violation of the human body. “…like most people are.” Wrong. The majority
    of the world/US is AGAINST gay marriage!

  25. The issue isn’t religious marriage. Gays getting married doesn’t interfere
    with your life. It’s not anything like someone walking into your house.
    Marriage is a right. All citizens have the right to equal protection under
    the law. Yes, even gay citizens.

  26. “The majority of red states are poorer…” Irrelevant. If homosexuality is
    a MORAL/VALUE issue, then education has NOTHING to do with it. No one has
    ever argued that the poor cannot grasp morality. “Which means they tend to
    be religious…” Right. Germany consisted of very educated people – MOST of
    which, scientists and philosophers, all agreed that Jews were inhumane.
    Clearly, education does not help one grasp morality any better than being

  27. “I still don’t see how it follows that it’s immoral…” Excuse me, but I
    was simply responding to an argument YOU made. I already said that
    homosexuality is wrong because it is not what God intended for humanity.
    Isn’t it ultimately up the person to decide what goes inside their veins
    … be it bleach, acid, or crack? “How does sex between two loving
    persons..” It doesn’t. MARRIAGE, the social acknowledgement of a party’s
    union, is the topic we’re having, not sex in the privacy of one’s home.

  28. The majority of the world STILL condones and practices slavery, it’s called
    a work week. Instead of people owning us for our entire lives or seven
    years in the form of indentured servitude in exchange for food, they own us
    for eight hours a day in exchange for cash. “There isn’t a mass movement of
    people…” Irrelevant, because when it arises – and it will, you’ll have NO
    basis for refusing them the right to marry. I believe in democracy – well,
    the majority of people vote against gay-marriage!

  29. Labor is voluntary and is therefor not slavery. I suppose you could call it
    mental slavery but that is independent from the sense of slavery that I’m
    referring to. Nevertheless, my point is that the world, overtime,
    continuously rejects bad ideas, practices, systems etc in favor of ones
    that adapt to the times. Again, I won’t have a basis for refusing
    polygamists or siblings to marry and I wouldn’t refuse it anyway. It’s not
    my business to do that.

  30. Herhsey Highway sex and muffin diving is NON-COMPLEMENTARY, STERILE, and
    UNNATURAL. Like trying to use a toaster to make ice cubes.

  31. Thats a weak argument. at one time, the majority of cultures condoned and
    practiced slavery. The human race is a little behind the curve when in
    comes to rational behavior. Secondly, there isn’t a mass movement of people
    in the country trying to get sibling or polygamist marriage implemented.
    If, when the time comes, a good portion of our country decides they want
    polygamist marriage, so be it. I believe in democracy and freedom before
    archaic and narrow minded religious traditions.

  32. You can’t be serious. When I was 15 deciding my political affiliation, I
    was pushed towards Liberalism because of this obviously bad policy. Why
    can’t gays have the same tax exemptions and legal benefits of
    heterosexuals? Without the tax benefits, they don’t have equality of
    opportunity. A heterosexual couple with the same income would make more,
    and that’s unfair. Such a stupid, immature issue not worth talking about.
    Shame the right got economics wrong too, not just morality.

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