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  1. being familiar with the LGBT community I never got the sense that the
    whole thing was gay?? And I’ve watched it twice.

  2. I disagree on the Elsa coming out of the closet thing. I think it was more
    about letting go of the overwhelming duties of being a princess and having
    her powers, which she didn’t feel ready for, and that made her go distant
    from her sister. 

  3. Disney theories are fun. I disagree with this one.

    Elsa didn’t start “hiding in the closet” because she is different from the
    societal norm. As a small child she wasn’t just hiding that she was
    different. She was avoiding all people in an attempt to avoid murdering
    people with her out of control magic power.

    She spent her youth locked away from her own family for fear of harming
    them….again…and then her parents died, she is forced into the public
    life against her will because of her coronation requirements. She is
    overwhelmed by her duties, responsibilities and the lifelong effort to
    maintain control of her dangerous powers that she’s never mastered. When
    it all finally gets revealed, and she runs away, she can “Let it go”; all
    the responsibilities, the attempt to hide her magic and to control her
    magic etc.

    She isn’t interested in finding ‘a man’ because she is worried that anyone
    she even casually interactions might lead to that person becoming a victim
    of her lethal magic power that she can’t control….not because of any
    identity issues. If there is a Frozen 2 , maybe there will be a love
    interest now that she has learned to control the magic, and the kingdom has
    accepted her as something other than a dangerous witch. That could of
    course answer the theory directly.

  4. Lol, “pray for a Frozen 2.” What god are they praying to? Definitely not
    the God of the Christian Bible.

  5. As far as the Disney precedent that the princess didn’t look for and find a
    man to marry….Ana did every bit of that, and based on screen time,
    Princess Ana is actually the main character of the movie, and fits all the
    Disney trademarks. She was locked in the castle too…she didn’t get to
    interact with the public because of her sister. Her parents died
    tragically, and the first thing she did when she got her freedom, was seek
    out something that turned out to be bad, only later to find true love.

  6. No, don’t even put out the thought that there will be a Frozen 2 – I
    honestly might vomit. The movie was so perfect, so genuine. It was like a
    snowflake, and a sequel will never be the same. I don’t think I could
    handle it if there was a sequel and it was crappy.

  7. Frozen was a *horrible* animation that I couldn’t even make it halfway
    through B4 cutting it off.

    And if it was some sort of social commentary on the *”hardships”* of being
    homosexual, I say: “For Shame” -Forcing these sexual themes on kids’
    simple, innocent, impressionable minds is going overboard. Kids should be
    thinking about if they want whipped cream on their macaroni & cheese for
    dinner, not if male buttsex should be socially tolerated.

    WAKE tf UP. This isn’t about *you* (LGBT) vs. *them* (Christians, the
    Right, Homophobs, Muslims, Jews, etc, etc *WHATEVER!*). . . -this is about
    keeping *adult* themes out of the *child* arena. Stop being so f*cking
    selfish and put your stupid plight on the backburner.

  8. Hi I am from saudia Arabia a gay person I want to librate my self I want to
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  9. Homosexuality and lesbianism is a demonic possession demonic influence that
    takes place homosexuality is an abomination for the sight of God and your
    people using the little children like that you’re evil for doing that the
    homosexuals and the lesbians are turning so mean and so nasty is so evil
    that poking holes in people’s tires beat them up and setting them up if
    they don’t go along with the homosexual lesbian the agenda I know because
    I’ve been prosecuted by lesbians and homosexuals right now homosexuality
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    set up by the homosexual is being a Agenda Satan is truly destroying our

  10. This movie speaks to anyone who ever felt anxiety or felt “closeted” (not
    just for being LGBTQ+). I love this movie and I’m a cisgendered lesbian. My
    best friend loves this movie and he’s a cisgendered straight man. Frozen
    connects with people who have felt fear, isolation, anxiety, and self-hate.
    Interpret it how you will. Just respect other people and their
    interpretations as well! 

  11. As one who’s not gay, I never thought about the movie in this way. I
    thought her concealing her powers represented anything that’s not what your
    parents/society expects and her finding acceptance at the end represented
    that being yourself in general is okay. Interesting food for thought, for

  12. I’m so surprised you guys didn’t point out the first openly gay disney
    couple in frozen! In the ‘big summer blow out’ scene, when the shop owner
    goes ‘yoo-hoo, hi family’ and it shows a shot of his family in the sauna,
    its a MAN thats in the sauna with the children. This has been confirmed
    (but is being kept on the down low.) check it out for yourself.

  13. The movie frozen means a lot to me because i relate so much to Elsa. I have
    been struggling with teen depression and anxiety for a while now and i
    connected with Elsa on such a strong level. I was scared and hurt too for
    so long so i locked people out. i was recently hospitalized because of my
    illness and it was the first time my younger sister found out how bad
    things were for me. one night when she was visiting me she told me that she
    felt like i was Elsa because i shut her out for so long and she was Anna
    because she was confused and missed me. i started to cry and she told me
    not to be sad because now that she understood she was going to protect me
    just like Anna did. 

  14. Yeah, men are bad, and the family is bad. Being strait is bad now. All this
    brainwashing is part of the communist manifesto to destroy the family, so
    liberating! :)

  15. Two things; 1. If you haven’t seen & heard AVByte’s Frozen song (not a
    parody as it feels like a song Elsa would sing) DO.

    2. There are a lot of people trying to ship Elsa & Jack Frost (from Rise of
    the Garudians). I feel this cheapens Elsa as a character and her strength,
    that she really doesn’t need a love interest male or female. I know it’s
    just a bit of fun but I wanted to say my part on it somewhere & here’s a
    good a place as any.

  16. I think this is digging way deep. Yes it make sense, but I can also say
    that elsa is asexual and it still would make sense.

  17. I viewed Elsa as asexual for several reasons. She never has any romantic
    interest in anyone, Anna says that Elsa doesn’t understand love, in the
    reprise of for the first time in forever, Elsa say “I am alone, but I am
    alone and free.” But the biggest piece of evidence is the ice powers, as
    we are frequently stereotyped as being very frigid and unfeeling. This is
    just my personal opinion, and I did not come up with all of the evidence.

  18. Wow, really fishing hard for the hidden gay agenda message aren’t we!? Does
    everything these days have to be somehow related to coming out being loud
    and proud!?!? Why can’t you just enjoy the damn movie without trying to
    make it about a particular cause.

  19. The message of Frozen is universal not only for the lgbt community don’t
    try to reappopriate this movie

  20. I’ve been know to sing ‘Let it go’ loudly and passionately … on the way
    home from pro wrestling lessons.

    Make of that what you will.

  21. +Neil McNeil as either a drag or crossplayed Elsa?


    Like as if you even needed to ask.

    Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way. I’m curious to if you guys have
    heard about the brony boys that have been bullied so much that the one
    tried to commit suicide (
    http://abclocal.go.com/wtvd/story?section=news/local&id=9418200&vid=9418234) and
    the other was just told by his school to not wear a +My Little Pony:
    Friendship is Magic backpack (

    I’m not a brony but I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this. 

  22. I loved Frozen and Let It Go touched me as a really powerful song. I
    haven’t been able to stop singing it and it really does strike a chord with
    anyone that ever had to hide a part of themselves. The scene it’s in
    though didn’t really seem to fit the concept many have about it. She is
    both afraid and angry at the community she’s running away from. The song
    is used as a defense mechanism more than a celebration of being herself for

  23. I loved this movie, despite any shade it’s gotten, because it really is a
    story about growing up/accepting yourself/coming out as the person you want
    to be, once and for all. So I think it applies directly to LGBTQIA because
    of the strong message that goes with Elsa’s character.

    Great vlog! <3 

  24. I’m sorry. I’m gay, but even I think this is a stupid theory. Frozen is
    great but you’re reading too much into it.

  25. did you guys see the concept art that was making the rounds on tumblr
    today? pretty neato magneto 

  26. I did like Frozen but for it being a Disney movie I kind of feel like there
    should have been a little more into it.

  27. They also had a same sex couple on the Disney channel show Dog with a Blog.
    Disney’s stepping up. 

  28. Funny, 20 years ago we would have just said it was a metaphor for puberty
    but what ever anxiety, fear combo floats your boat… I think it’s a
    metaphor for taking the SATs.

  29. Frozen also relates quite strongly to autism. A lot of people and society
    look at us as broken or dangerous, and try to make us hide who and what we
    are. Not to mention that at its worse, the “therapy” used is essentially
    Conceal Don’t Feel, and I wish I was making that up. The comparisons are
    very strong and striking.

  30. I loved Frozen but I loath the idea of a sequel. Disney sequels are almost
    notoriously bad and I think making one would do alot more harm then good to
    people’s perception of the film and how they relate to it. My guess is any
    sequel coming out of Frozen would involve Elsa getting a love interest (as
    that’s Disney’s usual hook in this sort of set-up) and I’m inclined to
    think that Disney will be willing to go the controversial route of making
    her gay despite all their support for LGBT. Honestly? Even if they gave her
    a gay love interest I would be annoyed. Lots of people talk about how this
    movie connects to LGBT people, but it also connects alot to asexuals as
    well. I actually somewhat like the idea of a Disney Princess that just flat
    out is unconcerned with romance over having a gay one, but that could be
    just me.
    If there really has to a sequel I would like to think it would be about
    exploring where Elsa’s powers come from as the fact this isn’t touched on
    was one of the biggest annoyances I had with the movie. But even when
    considering shedding light on that story, I would still prefer no sequel at
    all over one giving Elsa any sort of love interest.

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