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  1. Dee Eng stated the following:

    “First it should be you not your. Secondly, what are your sources? Why sir
    are you spreading untruths and plan out lies about Iraq!!!! I KNOW YOU
    ARE!!!! You have no NEW information or Intel! You are in sighting fear and
    spreading propaganda! Funny, I have never seen you in any of the meetings
    that gives information that to myself, my husband, and others in the MI
    community. Matter of fact; have you ever been to Iraq? or even the Middle
    East? To think of all of the sheep actually watch all 16:59 of you smdh!”

    Dee is an example similar to those in the Bush/Cheney administration who
    were a part of group think, better known at that time as lies stacked on
    top of lies and presented to the public as “intelligence” with the intent
    to militarily invade Iraq. Who am I? I am the one who told you liars that
    there were no WMDs in Iraq. I am the one who told you liars that the 9/11
    attacks were planned by members of the US and Israeli governments. I am
    the one who has been telling you that the US and its allies, including
    Zionist Israel, backs and support major terrorist organizations.

  2. Izzah Al Douri is a member of the naqshabandiya sect of sufi muslims. They
    are very powerful, with many dergahs (sufi groups) even here in the U.S.
    (NY and NJ). The jordanian govt. probably would not hide him if he were
    there because they participte in rendition. He probably was hidden by the
    naqshabandiyah. They would never be able to force these people to
    surrender him because they are very large in numbers in many countries,
    particularly in Turkey where many of their sheikhs are located. 

  3. how did I get here looking for al-Douri? wow! good info!
    here is a bit more…. http://www.rense.com/general68/deep.htm
    And we all still wonder wear the ISIS seed money came from!
    al-Douri is one possibility among many. Whoever created ISIS, seems to have
    lost control of ISIS, so al-Douri, the West, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, the
    Gulf states…all remain possibilities, as “all” are still a possibility.
    but what do you make of the propaganda campaign, the disinformation, the
    psychological operations and then 21st century media operations? Its all
    from big, big, money, that a rich old man, wouldn’t necessarily think of.
    It also overlaps with the Awlaki project that seemingly emanated from
    Yemen. Its hard to see where one agenda ends and another begins. And all
    these young people indoctrinated online, only to die in Iraq for a cause in
    vain. It’s all quite masterful!

  4. Make no mistake… this chaos in Iraq is all about weakening the
    Iran-Iraq-Syria-Hizbulla alliance. Iran used the failed US intervention in
    Iraq to strengthen their own position and influence in the country. Iraq
    is now a client state of Iran. 65% of Iraqis are Shiite muslims. So this
    further destabilization in Iraq works on several levels towards the Western
    agenda: 1. to weaken Iran. 2. to create several weaker micro-states that
    are Western client states and no threat to their neighbors (ie.
    Balkanization). 3. further stoke inter-religious Sunni-Shia strife. In fact
    they endlessly attempt to frame the Syrian conflict as one between Sunnis
    and Shias.

  5. They are fighting against ISIS and the US. Both of them shouldnt be doing
    what they are doing. Other than that, you wouldn’t realise they are there.
    The naqshbandi sufi order is about peace and oneness with god but when
    america is dropping bombs from above and funding ISIS to destroy mosques
    and kill innocents, someone has to get up and put the peace in place once
    again. The naqshbandi order has never been about imposing order, it is
    everywhere in every country. I’m from the UK and its everywhere here,
    beautiful. Helping the community, recognised. You people need to wake up.
    They getting attacked alongside christians, both of their religious places
    are being destroyed.

  6. …took Saddam Chess Piece out and there had to been some heavy thinking
    what would happen next….Remember the US+Coalition attacked Saddam’s
    troops in 1991 and the US supported the Kurds? After that, the US left and
    left the Kurds and anti-Saddam/Pro US Iraqis to hang out to dry. Gulf War
    Prt II., go back over there and do dirt again. This time Iraqis are saying
    the US dissed them and left bad taste in their mouths. What do Dumbya &
    Cheney expect. No real outlook for real world people. Karma.

  7. Iraqi President Al-Douri will hang Maliki + Sistani + Muqtada and rest of
    the shiit and Iranian-safavid agents with his own hands.

  8. the ottomans all fled to germany france and england. crimea is such a
    historical flashpoint. anyone heard of tamerlane? temur the lame? what a
    piece of work he was. kurgi or turkmeni something like that. the templars
    were scared of him, the vatican was scared of him. the dude made the romans
    look like tooth fairies.

  9. Not all White men are devils. My father had a big heart for social justice.
    He made sure that my siblings and I understood why African-American people
    were angry. Some of us do understand.

  10. TW, thank you for the report. However, I am not clear on your assumptions
    that the Shia are colluding with the Zionists. Al-Maliki and the Shia may
    have worked with the Bush Administration to overthrow Saddam Hussein in the
    past, but they are definitely being targeted for a long time now, as part
    of the Iranian-Syrian and Hezbullah Alliance, which in my opinion is still
    the crux of this war. Main target of the West and the Zionist is still the
    weakening and destruction of Syria, in order to be able to attack Iran. It
    is therefore quite understandably that Iran is drawn in to this war in Iraq
    and Kurdistan. Moreover, the majority of Iraqi are Shia, while the
    destruction bought upon Iraq daily is supported and paid for by the Sunni
    Sauds and Qatari.
    So in the end, I think this upheaval is the escalation of the Zionist/US
    war efforts to destroy Syria. Now that they are loosing over there and
    Assad is winning, they have taken their refuge to Northern Iraq, trying
    desperately to enforce and establish their diminishing Sunni power base.
    Maybe you can elaborate on this and the accusation that the Shia complotted
    with the West to overthrow Gaddafi and Libya, Thanks! 

  11. Jeez the physical of this world is so beautiful! Yet so much evilness lies
    within? Yikes can this miserable country of the US and the world have a
    moment of peace? Jeeze it shouldn’t have to be rocket science people?
    Genuine humanity and compassion for our fellow man is the key!!

  12. Omg on blatant lies from a rogue government ouch! I know about it 1st hand!
    Yep a coup was also done on me in regard to my genius grandson Quinci aka
    qmanthegamer where he was snatched from the halls of justice and my
    guardianship stripped away from me on some bogus racist Jim crow methods
    and apartheid democrazy based on lies!! NO nothing needed for proof ! Just
    rogue! Man o man my family has the name of terrorist attached to us because
    of an argument with racism at the core yea! Unnecessary strife and mayhem!
    It’s fucked up wow!

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