12 Comments on “DOMA Defenders Finally Give Up: July 22 Marriage News Watch”

  1. Win i was 18 I was in the service and being gay was considered mental
    illness. I was thar at the start of ADS win a funeral home wood not take
    someone that died of Ads. Now I’m at the end of my time line and I am
    seeing gay marriage becoming legal. thank to the hard work of gay and
    lesbian. stand tall

  2. Of course I’m here for the news!…. But, please don’t be mean to me, I
    just wanted to say he’s cute!!! Is it ok to say that, really?!?

  3. In 2010 the Constitutional Court ruled that current law violated equal
    protection & human rights as defined by the Constitution, & gave Congress 3
    years to correct the legal inequality between opposite-sex unions
    (marriage) & same-sex unions (co-habitation unions), & if they failed, it
    said that gay couples could go before a public notary or judge to legalize
    their unions. The definition of that union was not specified however, so
    they are allowed to marry, but there is no “law” for it

  4. The old generation is finally dying off. It’s time for us new generation
    who are equal and free for all.

  5. There is also a court cases in Ohio and Virginia. I’m not telling you what
    to do but I think it would be useful if you guys did a special edition if
    this which detailed all the marriage equality fights that are likely to
    result in something (Legislative measures that will actually get voted on
    or ballot measures being planned) I’v just been hearing alot from alot of
    different states and I’m not sure what is actually happening and what is
    just wishful thinking

  6. Weird as all heck, but oddly the way it should be. There should have never
    been any assumptions that marriage can only occur between two people of
    opposit sex.

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