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  1. @VandRita2,
    I am aware of some of the ethnically hateful things happening in Norway and
    surrounding regions. Don’t know specifically of a “Black Human Zoo”,

  2. Black people need jobs and economic opportunities. If rich blacks are
    giving disenfranchised blacks anything other than jobs or access to
    resources to gain economic opportunities then they really aren’t doing

    In this world jobs and money comes first and foremost. That is the only way
    to feed your family.

  3. BLACK MALE SEXUALITY is going to be viewed and looked down upon along with
    RACISM in the eyes of others in the world. Black men will be hated and
    disrespected for their sexual exploits and will continue to suffer
    political castration. I’ve been speaking on this on my channel and
    unfortunately many black men rail against my commentary but I see this
    coming in a major way. Black men will not have any honor, respect or global
    power in the future world. The media is continuing to mock and devalue
    Black men who stray from their women and children. This interview is
    giving signals to others that Black men are to go down in history as
    sexual deviants who are never to be trusted in the national and
    international stage for power.

  4. Dementia?! Sounds like another planned excuse in the making…

    The press are using this guy for a laugh and it is a profitable time for
    them to abscond him from his sins, if possible.

  5. “And they’re mine…” @ 16:53 Straight slave owner speak. They don’t
    belong to you, you turkey necked fake Jew! 

  6. haha!! theres no racism… up until some1 gets taped doing so.
    hilarious…. now we have to get rid of the ‘bad apples’….

  7. Sterling was right about Magic…..I will say that……Black athletes do
    little for the black community……people don’t need books and
    pencils…they need businesses and real financial opportunities……NBA,
    NFL, MLB, and other sports make billions off the black male athletic
    ability……and HE doesn’t own shit.

  8. Don Sterling, Ashkenazi Zionist White Supremacist said two things I
    enjoyed 1. Israeli treats blacks like dogs…. 2. Rich Blacks spend their
    money trying to cross the color line.

  9. LOL..I’m taking relish in his crocodile tears. Sweet schaudenfraude. You’re
    weeping over the loss of your money, not your racism. When will we wake up?
    Why don’t the players use their money to come together and buy their OWN
    team? It seems so simple in theory, yet the practice is non-existent. 

  10. “Why you bringing so many schwaartzes to my games? Oi Vey! Promise me you
    won’t schlepp any more schwaartzes along with you. Oy gevalt. I can’t
    believe this.” (((In a silly Elmer Fudd voice)))

  11. What does Magic do for the city where he is from. Maybe you haven’t heard
    about D town. I know people from Detroit who says you can’t even tell magic
    is from there.

  12. T West, sorry to get off topic here, but do you know about the All Black
    Human Zoo, going on in Norway?, i would really like your thoughts on it.
    Break my heart to still know pale people will still not ever leave us

  13. I think now would be a good time to ask Donald for some money to fix the
    black areas of Nashville and find some kind of way to keep the property
    value from going up to much and muscle the people out that live there
    already. Donald has to prove he is not racist now.

  14. The victimizers always try to turn sympathy back onto them. It is the same
    as the so-called Jews in general did with the holohoax. WWII and I for
    that matter, were direct Jew attempts to take over the world. When that
    failed, they made up the holocaust in order to take suspicion off of them
    and put sympathy on them. Blacks, and even whites, need to recognize who
    the TRUE enemy is! It is not whites in general, they are specifically the
    JEW, then other Germanics, then the mixed downs (Italians, Greeks, etc.)
    just follow along because they don’t want any trouble.

  15. The brothers in Detroit were criminalize by running the neighborhood corner
    SPY STORE OUT OF BUSINESS. These young guys see right through this
    ILLUSION AS I DID AND ARE MORE AGGRESSIVE. Who are these people that they
    place in every corner store in the hood? I’ve seen people with missing
    eye, fingers, chucks of their heads out. Then when you goto the burbs it’s
    regular mom dad store or zionist business udf. Who are these people and
    who are they really working for and for how long? 

  16. I am not surprised this guy talks this way. I believe most whites talk
    like this among themselves all the time. What he says shouldn’t matter.
    We should be more upset on the wealth gap, prison system, education,
    agriculture, and your banking systems. We need to pay more attention to
    these big time corps. that operate above the law. I think basketball is
    just a distraction from the real issues in america

  17. +VandRita2
    “Norway to restage 1914 ‘human zoo’ that exhibited Africans”… It’s only a
    distraction by YOU KNOW WHO. 

  18. Donald Sterling said, “I don’t talk about people for one thing, ever. .
    .”. Well, who was he talking about when his “friends” and “people” would
    call him and ask him about the pictures V. Steviano would post on her
    Instagram??? I love this interview, simply for the fact he’s dancing to
    cover the truth he did speak on that recording between him and his
    mistress. LOL Thanks, Donald, we knew all along you and so many others
    like you exist, now this is proof to the world that is pretending to
    be blind to/unaware of the “culture” you spoke of. Hahahaha.

  19. I believe donald sterling is going senile and is spilling the beans on the
    amalekite community i wouldn’t be surprise if he is found dead under
    mysterious circumstances because they will have to silence him some how
    what was he going the say when he told cooper there are NO AFRICAN
    AMERICANS! and then he stopped himself.

  20. The damage control that Sterling attempted to do is only gonna work on
    Negros who are slave minded.The NBA is not gonna give him back his team
    because they have too much to lose financially if they do.

  21. spike lee! he took 30million $$ from the jews to make that awful movie
    about Malcolm X! they are all with the jews who owned 75% of the slaves in
    this country,, I am done 

  22. this was the funniest interview ever. funny to hear him defend himself. he
    said magic had sex with every girl in America, I lol’d

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