38 Comments on “Donnie McClurkin; Banned From MLK Concert, by LGBT Intolerance in Washington DC”

  1. Laurence Adams-this is for you Sir. We need people like Donnie to stand up
    and say they were delivered from being a Queer. This combats all the Liars
    that say they were born Gay. All the people trying to push this perversion
    down our throats and even changing laws in states making it legal for them
    to marry. We must combat this abomination. This is one of the greatest
    abominations in God’s eyes. Today people are being labeled as Haters and
    even Terrorist by (FBL.CiA, Homeland Security) for coming out against
    Homosexuals(Queers). We are in desperate need of somebody who will take up
    this fight and run with it. If not for us,then for our children. If not
    now,then when? Thanks Donnie for speaking out. The things you denote are
    all important but in God’s agenda-this is near the top.

  2. Donnie McClurkin is still just as gay, and I am not sorry for saying it. He
    needs to stop lying. And you dumb ass people need to get with the program..
    THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN X-GAY. Once a gay, always a gay.

  3. They did the right thing- getting him off the platform was a blessing from
    GOD!, headliner for who- hatemongers?….so now he was bullied? man up and
    keep it moving, it’s a wonderful we live it!

  4. Most of the churches voted for Obama, supported him and attacked anyone who
    didn’t. Like when a homosexual abuses a child often that spirit is passed
    to the child and they become like the pedophile, likewise when racism
    attacked blacks we became racist, but hid it in our hearts like it was ok
    and satan pulled our card with an evil man who was part black and we
    dropped holiness to keep a black man in office and now the church is
    reaping what it sowed!

  5. #1 We have a right to Freedom of religion-#2 We have a right to Free
    Speech-both of these have been violated here-#3 Homosexuality is a sin-the
    Bible says so in very dramatic terms-Thank God for somebody who has the
    gits to stand up and say how God’s power delivered him from such a life of
    bondage and degradation. It is so unnatural -it should not even be debated.

  6. Family please don’t look at this comment without praying for our brother

  7. The Bible is filled with a bunch of nonsense if I’m going to be perfectly
    honest. There are hidden books, certain stories taken out, fabricated
    things. The gay disdain, probably coined by an intolerant person with a
    huge imagination. The Bible is not THE WORD because the truth is so
    ridiculously convoluted and has evolved through time. For all of the Black
    people who are opposed to Gay people, I really hope that you all were
    slaves in a past life and received the absolute worst of abuse. Then you
    would at least understand what it feels like to be ostracized by a bunch of
    domineering ass wipes. WOW!

  8. So a straight person chooses to be straight or is born straight? Most
    homophobes & or religious people say they would never choose in a million
    years to be gay so they must fight that desire everyday. I was born
    straight & never looked at a man and decide that God doesnt want me to be
    with him! I have always been attracted to women & its not a choice, God
    made me that way. So if someone tells me they were born gay I understand
    what they are telling me, its pretty simple…

  9. Homosexuality is not a sin, it’s an “iniquity”. Christ was bruised for our
    iniquities. The “act” is the sin. We were born in sin and shaped in
    iniquity, and Jesus paid the ransom for it all.

  10. he may be delusional enough to think that he was delivered, but that
    doesn’t mean that you step out and hate on those who have made peace with
    their sexuality. Now, as far as those black ministers supporting
    Donnie?…MOST of them are probably closeted or not so closeted,
    themselves. And, has been said, too many times to count, the black
    community, and more specifically the black, gay, church community, is among
    the most homophobic in the World. So, none of this surprises me at all.
    Yes, Donnie McClurkin is GAY..and all the preaching and screaming and
    hollering at those who are fine with being gay, will make his being gay, go
    away. Its not scientifically or biologically possible. Bottom line, the
    mere fact that he preaches against it, just reveals how miserable he really
    is. Why isnt he preaching about what really matters like black poverty..or
    poor healthcare…or a pathetic education system that historically
    shortchanges, black youth…why not preach about black on black crime?

  11. thumbs up if Jesus is your Lord & Savior
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  12. What in the hell does LGBT have to do with MLK???! They actually have the
    power to do this. This should let all of us God fearing folk know that the
    LGBT, Rainbow Coalition, etc. had this shit planned from day one. They have
    taken over the “civil rights movement” & it does not signify the struggle
    of “blacks” anymore. This was the plan all along. I APPLAUD Donnie for
    speaking truth to this spirit of homosexuality & demon that is infesting
    this world everywhere now & admitting he was corrupted as a child by his
    molestation/rape which caused him to think that evil was good & gave him a
    reprobate mind. He exposed how this demon is running ramped in the churches
    today & IS WRONG. I love my brother & pray the Most High continues to keep
    him strong & standing firm to his decision & truth

  13. thank you for your comments my question is would you or do you know any
    preacher that would take the doctrine of faith alone and say to the bride
    and her bridegroom at their ceremony I want to insert the principles of
    faith alone today in your wedding vows . Now I want you to think about what
    is about to happen listen to what that preacher would say to them. today we
    have come together to joined these two in HOLY matrimony to day begins the
    union of these two who love each other today they are beginning their
    journey. Mr. bridegroom will you take your bride to love and honor and
    cherish to death do you apart ? and always know this your faith must be
    alone . that means when you say your vows today to one another our doctrine
    of faith alone teaches that both of you are sinners saved by grace and you
    can not earn your love for one another if you try to be faithful which you
    cannot because no one is righteous we all are adultery sinful humans and
    all the faithfulness that either one of you do for one another that would
    be self righteous filthy rags. now do you bride take your bridegroom to be
    your husband? she says NO WAY not under those conditions. NOW does this
    make any since to you? See the bridegroom looks at the preacher and says
    you are FIRED. would you fire the minster who would say such things at your
    wedding ceremony? you should and at your church also. the answer is yes all
    BELEIVERS WOULD FIRE HIM Now do you see the faith alone doctrine will not
    work in a marriage ? it is outrageous to even think some one would even
    allow the principles of FAITH ALONE DOCTRINE to be SAID in their wedding
    vows at their wedding ceremony. but that is what is happening in our
    churches right at the a altar where people comment their life and accept
    the LORD their bridegroom they are told that they are a filthy rag that
    means no body is righteous we all are filthy sinners they are also told by
    the faith alone teachers that all the faithfulness they want to show the
    bridegroom the LORD and to prove their love FOR HIM is self righteous Rags
    at the same place where people say their vows and also people receive
    CHRIST , Now what does this all mean? Number one they are presenting the
    bride a unfaithful no not one is good we all are sinners and no body is
    without sin and all the wonderful things we do as his bride is all self
    righteous filthy rags but that is why I am asking all faith alone believers
    who are engaged and about to get married will you allow the faith alone
    principles or vows to be said to one another at your wedding ceremony? if
    you want then why do you allow these faith alone teachers to say them to us
    and yourself the bride of Christ ? because you are also the bride of
    Christ. Now my final point. Would you allow the principles of faith alone
    to be recited at some ones wedding you know personally? yes or no? thank
    you for your comments .these questions are very simple and clear to the
    point I am just trying to find truth. hope to here from you or any believer
    who is seeking truth. Steve Reid
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  14. Brother Donnie continue with the good fight. No compromising the Word of
    God. We do it out of love and not hate. For all of you who are struggling
    with homesexuality and other sinful acts, repent and turn to Jesus for your
    deliverence. To God be the glory!

  15. Why do the Queers get so upset when people don’t accept their abominations?
    The Mayor of D.C. is not worthy of office.

  16. Ms. Cynthia, you have made a valid point. It SEEMS as though there is
    reverse discrimination in the LGBT community when someone does not want to
    be homosexual or turns from it. They should let be people be who they want
    to be, as they want the nation to let them be who they want to be. Are they
    scared of the truth about homosexuality coming forward?

  17. Those damn homos who ran this event banned Donnie because they don’t want
    Donnie to tell people how they can be set free from homosexuality. Donnie
    is honest and upfront about it. He was delivered and those demonic forces
    at the top are all flames. I fucking hate gay people sometimes because they
    want everybody to bow down to their nasty asses. Donnie has a right to
    preach and deliver his message of freedom from this demon if he wants to.
    All you homos who plotted against Donnie can eat a dick.

  18. That negative comment isn’t going to help the gays get delivered. All you
    did was just make things worst. Eat a d*** really?

  19. On July 11, 2012, Gray acknowledged at a press conference that his mayoral
    campaign had had “issues” and was “not the campaign that we intended to
    run.” He denied any intention of resigning as mayor. That same day,
    however, three members and former colleagues of Gray’s on the D.C. Council
    called on Gray to resign. A poll published eight days later by The
    Washington Post revealed that a majority of District residents, 54 percent,
    believed that Gray should resign

  20. Shut the hell up you idiot. @DaOrigTruthSeeker….you keep telling the
    TRUTH and ignore these ignorant ass haters.

  21. It was in their best interest for him not to minister because people that
    are gay will not be comfortable as well as be under heavy conviction. Wooo
    that was close…cant have him singing come to Jesus, the alter call will
    mess up their plans on letting their gay pride flag fly. They just couldnt
    have that. Thats the real reason he was uninvited. The power of God is in
    His voice and they know it


  23. On July 10, 2012 a third campaign official, Eugenia Clarke-Harris, pled
    guilty to campaign corruption charges. In admitting to the charges, Harris
    disclosed that Gray’s official 2010 campaign had been aided by a secret
    shadow campaign, using $650,000 in illegally obtained financing from
    wealthy D.C. contractor Jeff Thompson — a third of the total expenditures
    by the Gray campaign

  24. In October 2011, the Washington Post reported that the United States
    Attorney’s Office was investigating, subpoenaing documents, interviewing
    campaign staff members, and looking into money-order donations possibly in
    excess of District regulations. Seven months later, on May 22, 2012, Gray’s
    2010 campaign treasurer Thomas Gore pled guilty in federal court to
    illegally diverting campaign funds to Brown and to obstructing justice by
    shredding documents related to the transactions

  25. Two days later, Howard Brooks pled guilty to lying to federal
    investigators, admitting that he had given over $7800 in money orders to
    Sulaimon Brown during the 2010 mayoral race

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  27. I don’t like homosexuals they are nasty, unGodly humans that is demon
    possess. To all the homosexuals out there you are on your way to HELL if
    you don’t repent of your nasty ways.

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