26 Comments on ““Don’t Say Gay, Say Takei” – Cenk Interviewing George Takei on MSNBC”

  1. I’ve been a fan of George Takei since I was a boy, when I first saw him on
    Star Trek TOS.

  2. I hate hearing my Dad spout hate against people who have nothing to do with
    him. I am a christian, and I was taught to love everyone equally. however,
    it seems that is lost in translation because my entire family is against
    gay marriage except me. Even when I quote the Bible against them they just
    answer with bullshit that is not in the Bible. I am so sick of people that
    have so much hate in their hearts and don’t realize that it affects not
    only the people around them, but also themselves. anyway I am a christian
    and I support equality for everyone, bi, straight, gay, black, white,
    yellow, big, small, etc…

  3. @NyanBoi importance: 1. significance 2. social status; standing; esteem How
    sad you feel that way, you obviously just can’t grasp what I say. I feel
    bad for you. I gladly repeat myself to help you understand. Someone who has
    a lot of influence is important, someone who doesn’t have influence is
    unimportant. No matter how you judge his actions, if he has a lot of
    influence he is an important person. I really pity you that you can’t
    understand these simple concepts, I honestly feel for you.

  4. @mreynold1000 hahaha I am losing patience for retards like yourself whose
    opinions are damaging to society. Yes, idiot, it is absurd to put someone
    in jail for using a government “censored” word. If your ignorant ass ever
    learns anything about history, you will find that it is in fact much worse
    than just absurd. Jail itself is a primitive means of dealing with crime.
    It does not improve people, in fact it compromises the mental health of
    those entrapped in that barbaric justice system.

  5. @MrBorisbadanoff Says who? where does it even say that? That was you just
    pulling something out of your ass?

  6. I’ll never understand homophobia. I’ve seen a few people I knew since kids
    who realized/came out later in life. Looking back, it became obvious that
    that’s how they were born, it just didn’t seem obvious when we were kids.
    what do I care who they fool around with, date or marry? should we give gay
    people the right to tell straight people how to live? Takei makes a LOT of
    good points here about the “family values” crowd.

  7. I miss Cenk Uygur on MSNBC 🙁 luckily hes back on TYT so i can get my daily
    dose of progressive views :L LOVE THIS INTERVIEW

  8. If I have to deal with this crazy chick of a wife….why cant they be just
    as miserable. Equal Rights for everyone! EpicBear for President

  9. @NewYorkCityUSA7 Fair enough. Yeah, if there is a sort of legal status that
    gives gays ALL the rights of married couples, I don’t see the big fuss
    about gay marriage. Gays should just wait until society is more open
    minded, meanwhile reap all the legal benefits of marriage. To push for gay
    marriage just for the “title” seems like just too much right now.

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