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  1. Sure nuclear power has downsides and risks, and they must be dealt with
    properly. There have been major advancements in the technology the last
    couple of decades, but old reactors keep operating past their intended
    lifespan. Until there is enough renewable energy production with proper
    load balancing, nuclear power is one major way to reduce climate gass
    emmisions. If you look at it on a global scale, newer reactors operating
    within their specs does less harm than hydrocarbon plants on average.

  2. Nuclear reactors *routinely* release radioactive gasses and fluids into the
    atmosphere. If that isn’t bad enough, sometimes they melt down. In 50 years
    we may have some idea of what the death toll will be for Fukushima.
    Obsolete technology needs to be put away. We have non-fossil, non-nuclear
    means to power our lives, we have only to implement it.

  3. We have a long way to go before our energy needs are ready to be replaced
    by renewable. Nuclear should remain an option. Also those gasses are kept
    within safe levels. I’ll cede you nuclear meltdowns, however newer modules
    are capable of not suffering a meltdown when they fail do to designs
    removing the causes that create the ‘meltdown’ part of reactor failing.

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  5. They’re idiots then. The live and work on a NUCLEAR powered ship…. These
    people don’t understand the science behind what is going on, and are just
    acting out of fear. The extra radiation they would have received via being
    near Fukushima is miniscule.

  6. So it doesn’t matter that the cost even for a disaster like Fukushima is a
    fraction of the cost of the alternatives we are using? Fear mongering about
    nuclear when it drives the ignorant to unwittingly demand far worse options
    is being a shill for the fossil fuel industry which is causing more damage
    than nuclear ever will.

  7. Dr. Caldicott received non-necessary radiation flying to the U.S. She is
    receiving radiation from the reporter who is standing close by her. In
    other words, radiation safety isn’t really her agenda, anti-nuclear power

  8. Thanks, I stand corrected. From my understanding, the risk assessments
    regarding earthquake magnitude and size of Tsunami were revised to include
    higher category events post 1970’s with better advancements in seismology.
    The nuclear industry also refrains from plant designs that require seawater
    cooling and can allow sufficient cooling by air convection under loss of
    water coolant to keep the reactor from melting. This is routinely
    implemented in new plants constructed post Chernobyl.

  9. As she went on, it became more and more apparent she doesn’t quite know
    what she’s talking about. By the time she got to dental x-rays, all
    credibility was gone.

  10. Incorrect. The radioactive isotopes take roughly 50,000 years to go away,
    but they only have to wait about 10 years before they are cool enough to
    store without cooling. Still a while, but its not that bad.

  11. Wow! I cannot stop laughing at your opinion. You must have forgotten that
    the radio active plume is still coming out. It actually NEVER stopped. It
    is spreading into air and ocean. What do you think they’re doing to the
    water that they used to keep fuel rods cool? That tons and tons of water?
    Remember, at this point, 3 reactors had melt down. Do you have any
    suggestion? Make one!!

  12. “Even less than Solar and wind?” Yes, yes it is. The almost absent harm
    caused by making the materials for wind and solar is accompanied by it’s
    almost absent energy return. Nuclear power is THE solution for at least the
    next 50 years. All this talk of panels on every roof and turbines sticking
    out of every chimney is nothing but talk, it doesn’t work, it’s bullshit.
    “Nuclear is probably a necessary evil” So is the construction of buildings,
    but I still think buildings are fantastic.

  13. They say that by the time Chernobyl has stopped melting down it will be the
    size of Luxembourg with all the lead and concrete they’ll have to keep
    entombing it with.

  14. And I like how all the doctors in the comments section all have the
    knowledge to now what medical ideas is right and wrong.

  15. Coal isn’t even the most lethal of fuel sources. Biomass mass is,
    specifically firewood. You know, one of those nice renewable resources. The
    argument is not nuclear vs renewables. It is where our energy will come
    from and how much of it we will use. Renewable sources have no immediate
    prospect of fulfilling our current energy requirement let alone the future
    growth in energy needed for the billions of poor in the world to lead a
    decent life. With that reality nuclear is a good option.

  16. Nuclear power is a form of control that is profitable. Control is 1st
    incentive and profit is 2nd. A lifetime of resource Independence comes with
    the solar and small wind systems usable for most dwelling locations. There
    continues to be advancements to lower cost and increasing power generation
    in various conditions. This is the real conflict, while a green grid would
    be used by many, especially in cities, many would also leave the grid,
    reducing control over the people.

  17. Even less than Solar and wind? I doubt it. Nuclear is probably a necessary
    evil, and it’s certainly better than coal, but it’s not the only solution –
    nor is it completely free from side effects.

  18. Love all the physicists in the comment section who know more about
    radiation poisoning than a doctor. Dumb asses.

  19. No, geothermal isn’t renewable, it’s temporary. But if it’s guaranteed to
    last for centuries, that’s great. There is very little smoke from natural
    gas. Are you actually that ignorant about radioactive leaking? Read the
    news. We don’t know how many people died of the meltdowns and leaks. We
    can’t trace a cancer back to it, now can we? You are an idiot. I just made
    a reference to natural gas – AFTER you said that. And it wasn’t an excuse
    for it, it’s something cleaner than nukes, as you asked.

  20. I don’t know what units those are, but the ‘limits’ are much lower than
    what they need to be (according to many physicists who have spoken on the
    subject). Those concentrations are still far too low to have any
    statistically noticeable effect on the human populations there . The limits
    we use are based on out-dated data collected after Hiroshima, and the
    limits for low-level exposure assumed the worst case scenario which has
    been show to be false. There are studies on species living in and

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