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  1. Before being saved, back in my “liberal” years, I was married to a bisexual
    man for 11 years, (he hid this from me for the first few years of our
    marriage), we had three children together. I found out that he cheated on
    me with men during the entire relationship. His excuse was that he couldn’t
    “make up his mind” which sex he liked better! To this day he doesn’t think
    he did anything wrong, and believes I wasn’t tolerant enough! We eventually
    divorced and now he’s “married” to a man. How has bisexuality been good for
    my family? Those who believe the LGBT lifestyle is good for society are
    woefully lost. 

  2. However Dr. Brown you are correct in what you are saying about
    homosexuality, but no one has to get before God and say to Him what do you
    say? He has already spoken in His Word. He said (it is wrong – since when
    does He change?) I am Holy! Be you HOLY.

    My question to you is, are you holy? If not, that is why you don’t know
    Him. If you say you are (making Him a liar when you know you have sin – I
    Jn.1:8) then how come you don’t know Him? I live in His Presence, and it
    is not unmentionable about any sinful person’s deluded intentions. The
    Father gives you His Precepts while you are in His Presence (that is the
    purpose and all you can really do – aside from tremble – in His Love) and
    His Spirit (Ruach who is of Eloah) reveals it when you leave His Presence
    (to walk by the faith of the son of God Christ Jesus) by the Presence of
    the Spirit (Aw-nawn kawbode’)

    You do not need to continue to be ignorant of these things when the Father
    has said it must be by precept upon precept, line upon line, and little in
    both places that are twofold and each have duality, i.e. ‘rest’ of the Lord
    (matt.11:28-30) and the rest of the Father (Isa.28:11,12) Do you see it?
    Learn to take the yoke, but find out what it is. Do you know what the yoke
    of the Lord is? The favor of the Lord is upon you for this very same
    purpose, so you can know the Father and have His Precepts which is the
    doctrine or the Spirit by the blood covenant of the Lord. Otherwise, you
    will likewise perish. Jesus said many will say to him in that day,
    “Lord…” and he said he will say “I never knew you”. Even those who claim
    that signs were done. How do you read those scriptures?

  3. It is very difficult for people who live in darkness of this system to
    realize that morality from Jehovah God is about life vs death. It is:
    “don’t do this” or “don’t that if you want to live” and only that.
    He wants us to live in happiness or he would not have given us the rule
    book for health.

    The wages of sin is more suffering, diseases and earlier death. It is not
    anything else. It is the opposite of life; joy for living and being able to
    live in the Truth.

    Most modern humans are so emotional they cannot stand the reality of our
    horrible condition of disease and death. And they cannot stand the truth
    about the actions they do under the destructive force of inherited evil

    When you go against Jehovah’s teaching, you ruin all your descendants
    lives. Just as we have inherited the sins of our ancestors and that is why
    our lives are so extremely short and full of suffering.

    Jehovah wants you to live in joy and happiness, and you want to live in sin
    and misery thinking it is “good” according to the greedy people who own
    your country or misguided preachers who have no scientific understanding of
    the Bible.

    Money is a horrible motivation for preaching. Teaching the Truth is
    destroyed by the need for money and selling books for money, or self

    When stupid modern people who have no idea what they are talking about and
    need money for their cause, promote lies, they are breaking the main
    Commandments of the Bible.

    When you promote deadly lifestyles you are promoting death. Promoting death
    is not what Jehovah God wants.



  4. gosh i love these guys, showing the unity in the body of Christ even with
    the small differences we arent 100% clear/sure on IE: Calvinism and
    Armenian. Most the guys in my church building are 5 point calvinist im not
    an armenian or calvinist because i think their both wrong in areas so ill
    stick with Scripture Deut 29:29 The secret things belong to the LORD our
    God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our sons forever, that we
    may observe all the words of this law.

  5. Besides, according to White, God did not die for all, therefore, there were
    many gays for whom Christ did not come, so, they were predestined to be
    damned uncondicionally fro God’s glory and without sacrife for their sins
    … again, complain with the master mind, not the puppet, the gay community
    can’t be different from that whicih they were predetstined to be, according
    to Calvinism 🙂 

  6. it is sad to say that neither one of these men know the heavenly father
    from the Lord revealing Him (matt.11:27) We are in the last days and the
    latter part is coming up. None of what any man says who don’t know God the
    Heavenly Father will stand 

  7. I dont know if anyone agrees but I see homosexual activism as a form of
    terrorism,,,they FORCE others to bend to their will thru terror,,, threats
    of prison time, loss of income, defamation of character and poison
    rhetoric,,,its like a satanic blitzkrieg,,,their rhetoric should be seen as
    a form of sorcery bc their aim to is place a spell on you so you no longer
    resist them,,,they do this by rhetoric and repetition,,,weak minded people
    are worn down by the constant barrage of emotional fabrications, lies and
    misrepresentation,,,just know its all lies,,,they are infiltrating churches
    and misrepresenting themselves,,, turning the good news into “Dad Im gay”
    even giving their gay “testimony” in the church,,,they stand up and tell
    everyone how they came out and how they were accepted,,, its the gay gospel
    except its not really good news its bad news,,,the whole thing is an
    orchestrated satanic attack on the church of Jesus Christ,,,I got one thing
    to say to them “The gates of Hell will not prevail against it” and also “No
    weapon formed against thee shall prosper and every tongue that rises in
    judgment thou shalt condemn this is the heritage of the servants of the
    LORD and their righteousness is of me says the LORD”and also “Anyone who
    assails you will fall because of you”

  8. +DrOakley1689 +Michael Brown

    *Why is it that Mr. White disables the comment sections of all his videos
    that I have seen?*

    *Not one of you have a chance in winning this!*

    I’m sure you will simply state that it was foretold/prophesied to be that
    way in the scriptures, but that is not why you are losing on this. You are
    losing this because you are both wrong!

    You want others to believe that God who loves us above and beyond all else,
    and Christ who loves love above and beyond all else have an issue with two
    adults falling in love and expressing that love in a fully consensual
    sexual manner, and even further committing themselves to getting married
    regardless of their gender combinations.

    You want others to believe that Jesus could read into people’s souls and
    their minds, and because of that, He would have known about people that
    were what we refer to as homosexuals. That is just another aspect of the
    scriptures you have misinterpreted and or twisted to fit your mental issues.

    I am so thankful for the ones that are providing clarity into the context
    in the scriptures, and breaking free from their indoctrinations and lies.
    Its sad that you and your ilk are choosing to be on the wrong side in all
    of this.

    You all no longer have the excuse of ignorance that others had before you,
    so any and all harm and death you cause by perpetuating the lie that all
    homosexual sex is a sin, is a sin.

    All of you are rightfully and justfully going the way of the racists, and
    history will continue to view all of you in much of the same way it views

    And I thank God for that! 

  9. I guess something that I have to point out is that being gay and Christian
    is completely different than being gay and saved. When I came to Christ, I
    was not a clean person. I cursed God out a couple times. Was I not saved? I
    don’t think that is the question. Really what is at hand is the question of
    whether you can be saved and remain in your homosexuality. I would say no.
    Just like I could no longer be a Christian and curse, hate, be violent,
    view pornography, and rob people of their humanity by shaming them, I don’t
    think that you can be a Christian and continue in your homosexuality. The
    Spirit will convict, but will also cleanse. 

  10. The Bible does not Condemn Homosexuality, the verses in Leviticus and
    Romans are in the context of Idolatry and Paganism, condemning Occult
    Ritual acts involving Anal Penetrative intercourse when the Passive partner
    is playing the Avatar of the goddess.

    Go to my Tumblr were I’m JaredMithrandir, I explain everything in detail.

  11. Silly, White believes God predestines people to be the way they are from
    eternity past, and every act and evil has been predestined by God for His
    Glory, therefore, White, God predestined them unconditionally to be gay …
    complain with the master mind, not the puppets 🙂 

  12. 1 Corinthians 6:18
    18 Flee from sexual immorality! Every other sin that a man may commit is
    outside his body, but whoever practices sexual immorality is sinning
    against his own body.

    . 18 Avoid sexual immorality! Every sin that a person can do is committed
    outside the body, except those who engage in sexual immorality commit sin
    against their own bodies.


  13. After watching this and listening to the contents of the conversation, for
    Brown, it’s all about writing books and selling them. And we know how
    lucrative that can be.

    Back to the topic of homosexuality. It’s no different from murdering,
    adultery, fornication, lying etc. These are all acts of unrighteousness
    before the Holy God of the bible.

    If one reads the bible and more so in Romans 1:17-31, one will notice how
    uncompromising the apostle Paul was when he talks about the “the wrath of
    God” to unrighteousness. He simply finished off the chapter with the
    following warning in verse 32 –

    “Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are
    worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do

    So for anyone to stand before God and empathize with the sin homosexuality
    and try to compromise and even justify one being sorry for them is truly

    Finally, the bible doesn’t teach the Christian to hate a fellow man, but to
    simply hate unrighteousness, aka sins. And homosexuality is a sin but not
    only that, the Word adds “an abomination to The Lord”.

  14. I take you Michael, that you have no medical undersanding of what
    homosexual lifestyle does to the human body.

    The entire message of what SIN is is that is promotes death. The wages of
    sin is death, it is not “gay” or joy.

    Homosexuals have the highest rate of STD’s and death from these practices.
    It is proven to be the most deadly lifestyle there is next to eating bush

    At what point does having a congregation become more important than human


  15. when I was a kid it was well known that we were not supposed to eat shell
    fish because they’re scavengers,,,God said not to do it so DON’T DO
    IT,,,same with tattoos,,,God said dont do it,,,Jesus wouldn’t have a
    tattoo,,,I think the fact that we have made excuses for these things has
    lead us where we are and thats why we are not taken seriously by the
    culture,,,the puritans didn’t eat scavengers or get tattoos,,,,,,they
    burned witches bc God told them to,,,they never second guessed God,,,they
    just did it,,,,we live in a culture that hates God so we feel this is
    extreme but God said to do it,,was he wrong? Now we dont have the
    authority to do this today and Im not suggesting we try to gain the power
    to burn witches,,,but these laws act as a deterrent,,,we think were smarter
    and more graceful than God ,,,if Jesus was on the throne ruling over us in
    real time most Christians would think he is a tyrant,,,we should really sit
    down and think ab that,,,if we want to be like Jesus then we should live
    how Jesus lived and that means keeping the law of God. Im not suggesting
    we start nit picking like pharisees but we should follow it in the plain
    reading of the text,,most of the laws are easy to understand and they were
    given for our benefit

  16. The word agenda is used as a term of abuse here. Don’t traditionalist
    Christians have an agenda here too? 

  17. Does it make a difference that many gay people say they did not choose to
    be gay but were born that way? I know I did not make a choice to be
    attracted to women and they claim to have not made a choice to be attracted
    to others of the same sex. Some people I have heard preach on this issue
    say that homosexuality is a behavior, so with this viewpoint they are not
    homosexual until they have committed a sexual act with another person of
    the same sex, and as long as they remain celebate then there is no sin from
    an act of sexual immorality. It seems a difficult road for these people to
    walk if they are born the way they are. Would all acts of intimacy between
    two people of the same sex be considered sin? If not and if what was
    considered safe was made clear then perhaps two people of the same sex
    could be in some sort of union recognized by the church, thus avoiding
    sexual immorality, sex outside of such a union, and sex with multiple

  18. Dr. Brown. I saw a video you are going to the Phillipines?

    Can you please devote some videos to
    Iglesia NI Cristo a religious cult in that country ?

  19. My name is Lisa and I have 2 nephews who are homosexual. I cry and cry and
    am so burdened. I have seen them grow up and as a math teacher, taught in
    one’s middle school, thus being witness to the bullying that these young
    men endure. They are so nice and would do anything for anyone if possible.
    Their lives have been so hard to some degree and one; the older of the
    2, is so inquisitive about the after-life and God. They both know where the
    Bible (via me answering their questions) stands on the matter. The older
    brother is now reading the Bible for himself more and I sent him an e-bible
    link that he really enjoys. It really breaks my heart. I love them and lift
    them up daily to the Lord. This boy was dressing in silky things … at 3
    years old. I watched them, as I said, from birth (in the maternity room)
    ’till presently. I know God would not create a homosexual from birth
    because that would make Him cruel to then condemn them, but when you see
    signs at such a young age it really goes to the point of the strong hold
    this particular sin has on those who partake in it. Please pray for them,
    it is so sad.

  20. Neither shalt thou bring an abomination into thine house, lest thou be a
    cursed thing like it: but thou shalt utterly detest it, and thou shalt
    utterly abhor it; for it is a cursed thing. (Deu 7:26)

  21. You are so right hoe the gays are trying to throw their ungodly way of life
    down our mouths. What you are doing is UNGODLY. You had better repent, ask
    for forgiveness and get right with CHRIST. Don’t get left behind. Know this
    our (faithful believers ‘ CHRIST of the bible) is not going to lower HIS
    laws for NO ONE! Be sure of that. All the sugar coating all the ones whose
    flesh are ruling you, get right or get your butts left behind. Enough is
    enough, get right.

  22. Dr. White, what is your solution to someone who is gay? You discuss all
    the issues what is wrong about homosexuality and what most gay people
    believe, but give no positive comments for gay persons where they can feel
    good about themselves. Not all gay Christian persons believe the same
    about these issues. 

  23. Well this was an interesting discussion but what about if we insert the
    issue of slavery and women having the right to vote? It seems abolishing
    slavery and women voting were associated with the decline of society too.

  24. Whether it be homosexuality, drug abuse, alcoholism, adultery, etc.. once
    you are Saved God begins to Sanctify you and He begins to remove these
    things which are unpleasing to Him and replaces them with things which are
    pleasing to Him. We will not continue in our current state of rebellion
    towards God once Grace has entered into our lives . The clear and Biblical
    answer is no. God has made Himself clear on this issue and He is never
    changing . With this said it is not our commission to judge others sins,
    for we have our own to contend with . It is our commission to spread the
    Gospel of Jesus Christ and to share what God has done in our lives with
    others and pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal their sin and the perfect
    Saviour in Christ to them . Salvation is of the Lord, and we must never
    forget this is how people are Saved.

  25. I see now that the question of choosing to be homosexual did come up at the
    very end of the video and aparently is addressed at the end of your book,
    where you basically state that you do not buy into the concept because it
    is a “modern construct”. You state that being “homosexual” should not be
    how a person defines themselves, they should define themselves as a Child
    of God, and you state that a “practicing homosexual” can not be a
    Christain, so supposedly a celebate homosexual can. I am going to
    purchase your book, because so far it seems this is the best I have heard
    of an actual attempt to come to terms with this.

  26. Leave Dr. White and Dr. Brown alone. They/He is stating the word of GOD.
    Stop trying to make it conform to your fleshy ungodly way of life. If our
    Holy GOD start changing and bending his laws for the gays, then HIS laws
    would have to be bent for all the other selfish ungodly people too. Grow up
    and get right for CHRIST and not your own selfish self,

  27. I am always inspired when you two get together. So much great thinking in
    a small amount of time. Thank you.

  28. Aside from the subject matter the show Is dealing with l would like to say
    that the both of you are my heros in the faith. I’ve watched your debates
    with each other and the love and respect that comes out just blesses me.
    It’s really help me to love and respect those l don’t agree with in the non
    essentials. God richly bless you both my brothers and your families that
    I’m sure has to sacrifice for the propagation of the gospel. Pray for me
    that l will walk in mercy and love like you both have shown. In Christ,

  29. Hm, approx 24:28 it is not clear to me if Dr. Brown is saying he believes
    some people are attracted to the same sex by birth, or if he’s just quoting
    this as the usual thing homosexuals say.

    We cannot give in to this common claim by homosexuals. For one, no one is
    born sexually attracted to anyone. More importantly, there’s never been a
    shred of scientific evidence to support the idea that homosexuals are born
    that way.

    Let’s not concede this point, because it has never been established by the
    other side.And if we do, we are agreeing with homosexuals that they can
    never change!

  30. I sincerely hope to see much more on this issue and that you fully deal
    with homosexuality being a choice rather than an sexual orientation someone
    is either born or develops at an early age. I believe, and I may be wrong,
    but the evidence seems to demonstrate that homosexuality is genetic,
    hormonal, learned at an early age, or a combination of these things. I did
    not wake up one day and choose to be heterosexual, I just am, so why should
    this be different from homosexuals. This concerns me greatly because the
    handwriting is on the wall so to speak, as soon as this debate was formed
    as a civil rights issue the current Christain arguments were doomed to
    failure regarding homosexuality. If Christain leaders hold to the current
    course that homosexuality is a behavior and not a choice they are not going
    to have a voice, because everyone who is not a Christain has already
    dismissed their arguments anyway. Homosexuality can definately be learned
    and the more it is “normalized” within our culture the more people will
    actually learn to be bisexual. We need to attempt to strike a balance
    where homosexual people are given their space, but where they respect the
    fine balance that parents must walk in raising their children and
    determining what their children are exposed to. I fear that in taking a
    hardlined stance that so obviously seems wrong, WE CAN NOT EVEN AGREE WITH
    once the fight is over and the inevitable has happened, the homosexuals win
    in court. If we accept that people are born homosexuals then at least we
    can argue that people should learn to live with how they were born and be
    comfortable in their own skin, not trying to change themselves physically
    or mentally, and trying to keep our society free from influences that
    confuse young people of either orientation.

  31. I would assume since arsenokoitai and malakoi denote active and receptive
    partners respectively during sodomy, if a couple do not engage in anal sex
    at all, they cannot possibly fall foul of this verse (1 Corinthians 6:9).

  32. Well done gentlemen. I don’t know who will be behind you when you are
    gone. I do what I can, but I’m not ‘THEOLOGIAN’. But, the Spirit of Truth
    doesn’t need a degree (I’m not uneducated either, and I’m beyond the
    Graduate level).

    I can relate to going over things over and over and over again, on so many
    things that are very basic … AND the ones who think they have found some
    “grand knowledge” and hide behind a thin veil of arrogance in that
    “knowledge”. It does get really old. So, in writing (I do most of my work
    in online forums), I have evolved to not really respond to THEM. I respond
    TO them, but for the sake of anyone who may read it.

  33. Also, why are we assuming the existence of a group of people who are so
    devoted to Christ, want to obey Him in every area, who read the Bible
    regularly, want to be or are involved in church, and yet openly live and
    promote the homosexual lifestyle?

    I’m not talking about those who struggle with same-sex desires. Of course
    there are genuine followers of Christ like that, just like there are
    genuine followers of Christ who struggle with other sins. I am talking
    about those who have completely given themselves over to the idea that
    they’re born that way, this is their identity, refuse to hear Scripture on
    the matter (or twist Scripture on the matter) and encourage others to do
    the same.

    We’re talking about people who maybe want to be “religious” in some way,
    but we are not talking about someone who has been born again. It’s
    impossible for someone to openly, willfully live in a serious sin like this
    and at the same time claim to be following Christ.

    It would be something akin to someone who is in an adulterous relationship
    saying, “I see nothing wrong with it. I am still following Christ while
    living this way. In fact, the Bible condones it and calls it good!”

  34. Progressive Christianity. Progressive.

    Do NOT go beyond that which is written.

    If any preach any OTHER thing that what was received from the beginning,
    let them be accursed.

    The rider on a white horse – antichrist, or a form of “Christianity”
    (religions that have similarities to Truth, but lack the Truth)?

    I suppose I’m Evangelical and Pentecostal and Protestant. I hold to what
    was taught from the beginning, not all these new winds. I’m no Catholic,
    and never will be yoked to ba’al … or mystery Babylon.

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