25 Comments on “E.W. Jackson: God Will Stop Blessing Military Because of Gay Rights”

  1. This morally bankrupt, hate-filled low-life is going to speak for “God”?
    Shouldn’t the GOP just speak for Satan since that’s who they identify with,
    not the liberal, Socialist, pacifist, Palestinian named Jesus?

  2. My husband is in the military and can attest to the fact that this is
    absurd. Why do people listen to idiots like this?

  3. So the US military is powerful only because of “god” and not because of the
    hundreds of billions in taxpayer money they eat up every year? Good to
    know. I think I know how to fix the budget.

  4. God made no mistakes when making me. My lifestyle is a celebration of God’s
    goodness. That you see a problem there is a reflection of your
    misunderstanding of the glory of all of God’s creations. Nothing perverse
    in consensual love between adults.

  5. We the 7th Cavalry massacres injuns, we illegally invade other nations, we
    drop bombs from unmanned planes onto grandmothers picking vegetables, Gods
    gives us his blessing. A military chaplain may have to officiate at a gay
    wedding God will destroy us. Here’s a bit of advice for military chaplains,
    you don’t want to follow a lawful order from your commander? Get the fuck
    out of my military.

  6. I’m calling bs. Look at 00:24. There isn’t a person under 60 in that shot
    of just about the whole room. Nice try though!

  7. So, lets see now…that’s Switzerland, and…and… Yea I think that’s it.
    Switzerland is the only country truly blessed by god.

  8. More likely, God is not pleased when people discriminate against God’s
    creations, including those who are LGBTQ.

  9. Yes Siree, E. W. Jackson, God has also stop Blessing America since we gave
    NEGROS their basic human rights. Didn’t you notice that since then
    civilization has collapsed and the sky has fallen. You DUMP BLACK FUCK!!!
    America should have ONLY None people of color vote back into law on the
    2016 voting ballots to take away these fucking NEGROS rights and put them
    dump ass back to slavery, I would have this Mother fucker tied up in my
    basement eating shit and dirt! The bible say it”s ok LOL

  10. Five years from now, these Chicken Little’s will be raising the exact
    same… hue & cry? (which, by the way does not mean what Jackson thinks it
    does. It is, from Wikipedia, “a process by which bystanders are summoned to
    assist in the apprehension of a criminal who has been witnessed in the act
    of committing a crime.”)… they will be making the same hollow “The sky is
    falling!” threats & prognostications without one jot of of irony, just as
    they have for the last two thousand.

  11. This guy hasn’t gotten caught with a strapping young lad named Rico yet?

  12. Its the same way you know any organization with the word “family” in its
    name is actually a hate group.

  13. God created conservatives in his image…….racist, self-proclaimed,
    homophobic, war mongering, misogynistic bigots.

  14. lol insane.. instead of giving a speech, he would fit more in a mental

  15. The Grecian and Roman armies had openly gay men and encouraged them to
    serve. There was a good reason that it was like this, openly gay men would
    give their lives for their fellow soldiers, fighting to the death for their
    lovers. What is even more amazing is that these armies were hardly defeated
    by their opponents. The American army has yet to match the Grecian and
    Roman armies for their fervor and their records of beating opponents.

  16. Yeah we totally need the guidance of an imaginary Jewish warlord to protect
    our military. I mean the drones are doing a fine job but what about the
    blood thirsty rape hungry Jewish warlord?

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