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  1. BULLSHIT. Yes you can smear all of Islam. Islam IS the Quran. The Quran IS
    dangerous. SO IS the Bible. So IS Christianity. For the SAME reason. This
    kind of “liberal” idea that people are to blame if they choose to
    fundamentally follow a religion is false and a “ostrich sticking it’s head
    in the sand” type of willful ignorance. No. Bad. The religion is
    fundamentally dangerous. The culture is destructive. Sam Harris’s
    criticisms are valid.

    Grow some balls and face the truth. An ideology cannot hide behind
    individuals. The ideology is not soluble in this way. It exists INDEPENDANT
    of it’s adherents.

  2. 13:50 so ignore the bad and focus only on the good? sounds like she wants
    to cherry-pick Muslims the way good moral Muslims cherry-pick the koran 

  3. I worked with muslims at a pizza shop in Virginia, and I remember asking
    one of them, the cashier, if she thought people who left islam should be
    killed. She said “Well yeah, but they’re trying to leave the faith” like if
    it justified it. This was a college educated mid 20s turkish american; not
    radical, not violent. It was eye opening. 

  4. LV, quit bashing Sam Harris. The idea that Islam has to be judged by both
    it’s radicals and it’s progressives is completely fallacious. The faith
    itself is dangerous. The religion and it’s holy book is explicitly
    dangerous. It’s violent. It’s jingoistic. It’s uniquely dangerous amongst
    all religion.

    It’s completely false and cowardly to not face the fact that the religion
    itself is totally morally reprehensible and evil. It’s a dodge and a farce
    to claim that groups that don’t participate in evil behavior while being
    Muslim have some sort of right to not be criticized and scrutinized. 

  5. 33 min in. The rate of infection of Ebola is doubling every 3 to 4 weeks.
    50% to 90% fatality . Do the math. Wow? this could be what humanity talks
    about for 100s of years. 

  6. I think you should read more Harris. He’s not smearing all of Islam just
    that these doctrines are central tenets for a large number of people that
    lead to suffering of the masses.

  7. Both the bible and the quran have examples of good and bad acts from both
    men and god. Christianity is more acceptable in America because it allows
    more room for sin with Jesus Christ as a mortar.The reason Islam is so
    unpopular with conservative america is because we were raised on bull-shit
    holidays as ways to make money for the already rich rather than ourselves.
    Don’t get me wrong its good to take a break and be thankful for life, but
    you have to do it on your own time and with your own money while following
    a reasonable budget. Culture can simultaneously help and hurt people, but
    it all depends on your class, race, age, and sex.

  8. After years of being in love with TYT,, I got fed up and unsubscribed.
    BTW,, gay guy here, thank you straight people. You are awesome. 2 min in,
    I’m gonna watch the rest. 

  9. Bob Schieffer needs to be retired. He brings too much old school prejudice
    and bias to the program. He is acting like a crazy old man.

  10. “All of Islam” What does that even mean? Islam is an ideology not people.
    Saying you can’t smear Islam is like saying you can’t smear Nazism for
    being a bad ideology because most Nazi’s didn’t exterminate Jews, and
    because Nazism improved the German economy, and made the trains run on
    time. Islam like most religions are bad ideologies without regard to how
    some people practice them, or the positive things that some have done in
    their name. Islam just happens to currently be the most problematic
    religion worldwide.

  11. … Talk about idiots. Yes there is a border between Iraq and Syria. USA
    better respect it because they are supposedly there for the benefit of
    those nations thus they dont gain anything by stomping all over their

    Secondly its pointless to try defeat Isis forces completely with airpower.
    They should on the other side focus on supply bases, concentrations of
    forces, vehicles and anything that would allow Isis the ability for large
    scale operations. If they cant mobilize then they are screwed.

  12. Liberal viewer is unable to think with any degree of nuance. Also, you
    dismiss polls because “I’ve seen some polls where Americans believe some
    crazy stuff.” Really? Really?? Are you an intellectual midget?

  13. The problem is in the book! It’s in all of the books. If one reads the book
    and turn out progressive, that’s a tribute to the person not the book. And
    Sam Harris DOES criticize all religions.

  14. I totally agree with the crazy conservatives that we should ban travel from
    the African countries afflicted with Ebola. This airport self-screening
    process is a total joke. At this point, I could not care less about the
    “economic impact” that it would have on those countries.

  15. Liberal Viewer said: “He [Harris] takes this slam at Reza Aslan [and
    Greenwald] that I don’t quite understand.” I wonder if that slam might
    have had anything to do with what Harris wrote about in a recent blog post
    (On the Mechanics of Defamation):

    “Let me briefly illustrate how this works. Although I could cite hundreds
    of examples from the past two weeks alone, here is what I woke up to this
    morning: Some person who goes by the name of @dan_verg_ on Twitter took the
    most easily misunderstood sentence in The End of Faith out of (its
    absolutely essential) context, attached it to a scary picture of me, and
    declared me a “genocidal fascist maniac.” Then Reza Aslan retweeted it. An
    hour later, Glenn Greenwald retweeted it again.”

  16. dude, you’re a lawer,.. if someone had a bill that gave everyone candy, but
    then someone tacked on a clause that said we must sacrifice our first
    born,.. you wouldn’t vote that law in,… why “vote” for the qu’ran when
    its got horrible things in it. you throw it out,.. that’s the solution

  17. The reason it is magical thinking to assume it wasn’t a breech in protocol
    is that ebola does not evolve quickly and there is every reason to think
    that this ebola case is like every other ebola case. We know how ebola is
    transmitted, and in this case it is easy to protocol everything that allows
    for transmission. The only way to get ebola is from contact with infected
    fluid. Thus, it is reasonable to say that a breech in protocol was
    necessary to transmit the infection.

  18. +LiberalViewer On the point of why Sam Harris has a problem with Reza
    Aslan and Glen Greenwald, I just posted a link to a debate between Reza and
    Sam Harris. Since then I went to check Sam Harris’ blog.
    This is his latest post:

    Read the first paragraph and look at the picture attached. This perfectly
    explains the comments Sam made about Glen and Reza.

    Please Thumb this up and get LiberalViewer to see this. LV has posted an
    anti-Sam Harris article written by Glen Greenwald, it’s only fair to post
    this article in his next roundup so that we can get a clearer view of both
    This is straight out propoganda and slander against Sam Harris. (Not
    blaming LV for any of this, but I feel he has a responsibility to show

  19. The spreading of infection is caused by a breach in protocol because the
    protocol, in more specific terms, forbids spreading of infection. They
    don’t know which protocol failed, but its like saying the law was clearly
    broken but we’re not sure which or who.

  20. You CANNOT reform religion because they are NEVER willing to change their
    texts. And the quran is the most violent text of all followed very closely
    by the old testament.

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