43 Comments on “Edward Snowden To Speak Via Skype – Freedom Fighter Or Fugitive Outlaw?”

  1. If they would have been born during the inquisition. They would have been
    hunted down for heresy and dissemination of truth and/or science to the
    people. lol

    Times have changed soooo much. :))

  2. If I were someone who fell in a coma in 1953 and woke up yesterday I’d be
    one seriously confused dude; Russia harbouring a fugitive and the USA being
    the superpower trying to hunt this poor soul down.

  3. Edward Snowden is not a villian, he is a hero, to risk his life to open our
    eyes to how much we have lost control. Remember it is only in America
    that often times knowledge is treated as evil because of religious right.
    Knowledge is a good thing, I don’t care what you believe in but government
    needs to remain secular. Sorry went on a rant I apologize.

  4. When Sarah Palin becomes president, she will make the NSA OBSOLETE with her
    OMNIPOTENT presence and protect this country with her GOD POWERS!

  5. meh, I still don’t like Edward Snowden as a person. I mean I’m grateful
    that he brought about this new topic to debate on as it gives Americans a
    chance to really look over at what our government is spending its time
    doing, but still he as a person just bothers me. I mean I cant be the only
    one who thinks its a little pompous to say things like “I’ve already won”
    or call America a police state and then praise Russia on their human rights
    (yes he did that). it just seems like to me he has a very conservative
    libertarian heart and I really cant get behind that. I would be willing to
    say that he’s a birther type. I’m happy with his actions not his character
    I guess. 

  6. 1:58 Lying bigot right there. She doesn’t like her believes to be
    challenged by people to which she disagree.

  7. I dare to speak up as well for years. I got so far is being tracked on my
    phone, cellphone, hacking into my PC, get game accounts and other
    information stolen and even get observed in real time. Yes they actually
    follow me in person. Dare to speak out gives the right to harras those
    people it seems. Or in the known cases as mentioned in the video be called
    out as traitors, spies, etc. I however will NOT run, if they wants me they
    can get me at any time they wish. No one can judge me on free speech and
    telling the truth. I been told from young age to speak always the truth, a
    white lie for a suprise birthday or similar things is ok, just not try it
    to often. A lie still is a lie after all. No matter how you cover it up.

    So I will NOT hide, I will NOT run. I stand and fight. Freedom is what
    everyone should have, not what only the rich need. Freedom is what you
    suppost to have as birthright, not by how much money you make or how
    powerfull you are in the world.

  8. I don’t really believe it when Ana says that she likes hearing views she
    disagrees with. I like TYT, but I don’t think that they are known for
    having a diverse set of views on the air.

  9. What about the 99.9% of things we don’t know about the NSA because Snowball
    isn’t giving the information to us ?

  10. Edward Snowden is an international hero not just national. I woud
    literally suck his stinky smelly poop balls if he so desired. (no sarcasm).
    The man is a fucking modern day REALY jesus.

  11. if snowden is speaking what the fuck is greenwald doin there. that dude is
    nothing but a glorified paper weight that holds the work snowden done.
    fuckin moocher keeps trying to make himself more prevalent than he really

  12. We like to forget that we live in a democracy where the people are the
    government and those documents should belong to the people

  13. Yeah liberals enjoy your big “O” over this twit! Snowden is anti-American
    just like most liberals are, so I can see why you are all Snowden groupies!
    He broke the law. Oh that’s right, it’s fine to break laws you dislike, I
    forgot. Just like the parts of the Constitution you don’t like can just be
    ignored. He deserves the death penalty. If you think he “accidently” wound
    up in Russia, then you are all dumber than you look!

  14. Traitor! Terrorist! Fugitive!– I’d bet my last devalued dollar that many
    people said the same thing about Washington, Adams, Franklin, etc. Obummer
    should send his Nobel Prize to Snowden.

  15. What’s with the government propaganda, CNN is acting like Pravda … I look
    forward to hearing this and sharing afterwards …

    When it comes to whistleblowers and privacy rights, we’re lost the moral
    high ground … and I want it back …

  16. Traitor: a person who betrays a friend, country, principle, etc.

    The definition of the word makes no reference to “during a time of war”,
    therefor, Edward Snowden is no hero. He’s an asshole and a traitor. 

  17. Snowden is a Russian shill who planted false documents in a cache he turned
    over to Greenwald, which can’t substantiated either way, knowing full well
    the Government isn’t going to Declassify the documents in order to refute
    the claims. Snowden is a fucking traitor.

  18. I hope they will be broadcasting what he is saying because I’m not in Texas
    but I really want to hear him speak

  19. Anyone who thinks Snowden should be punished is a deluded statist.
    Did he betray your precious America? Fuck America. It’s just a piece of
    land governed by belligerent terrorists. It’s leading itself down a path of
    self-destruction. Snowden just made the public more aware of how sick the
    US really is. Oh, and fuck all your patriotism/nationalism too. No piece of
    land or group of people are more special than another. 

  20. I’m still reeling in shock since he let slip the fact that the govt. spies
    on it’s own people. Whoda thunk it? I called the US govt.and asked them if
    they are spying on me. They said yes. All the time. Ya don’t like it
    tough shit. Go to Russia. I hope this post clears the air for others. It
    makes sense to me.

  21. Edward Snowden For President !!! Vote for him and show your support, will
    he win? Not likely but it will show are support and maybe get him Pardoned
    if we get a few thousand.

    If “anti-racists” are so unconcerned with race, how come they only have a
    problem with White Countries, White Cities, White Neighborhoods, White
    Workplaces, White schools?
    I’ve never seen any “anti-racist” complain that any place is too brown and
    it has to become LESS brown to combat racism.
    Who do they think they are kidding?
    “Multiculturalism” = White GeNOcide
    Anti-Racist is a code for anti-White.

  23. The government won. You know how i know? he threw away the entire life he
    built for himself just to help the average guy, yet some of us think he is
    a traitor. Why? The government won…

  24. He is a hero and it’s funny how the us government want arrest him for
    releaseing documents about Wot they do but when someone hacking into there
    secret files they get pissed and angry about it but it’s funny because when
    they do it it’s fine and it’s not against the law that funny. If they
    hacking our stuff we hack your stuff it’s fair we only do Wot you do.

  25. Snowden hasn’t been assassinated yet? I’m surprised.
    He’s not only a national hero but an international hero.

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