27 Comments on “Elizabeth Warren vs SCOTUS & The Olympics vs Gay Rights”

  1. In today’s lightning round, Cenk discusses Elizabeth Warren and her
    ‘controversial’ take on the federal court’s corruptive corporate takeover
    and the dangers of it spreading. Then, Republican Congressman from
    Arkansas, Steve Womack, reacts to someone wearing a shirt with a picture of
    the American flag. Lastly, the International Olympic Committee has made its
    position clear on Russia’s anti-gay stance…and it is not progressive or
    in any way encouraging. CLICK HERE to watch: http://bit.ly/19asMRd

  2. The only thing that is embracing is you in this case mocking on entire
    nation over something that you have no clue what it is

  3. truly disturbing how warren seems to be the only one speaking the truth
    about this.

  4. OIC layed down the gauntlet by not taking the games away from Russia per
    their own rules, so don’t hide behind the anti protest rules now
    hypocrites! bring on the RIGHTEOUS protest. Obama isn’t allowing his
    cabinet members to attend sochi, instead sending gay activist athletes!
    That’s the ultimate fuck you move. I hope they will be a catalyst for
    protest & get arrested, we dare you to arrest them POS Russia!

    1 LIFE

  5. How is it selfish to fight for equality. Equality benefits everyone. By
    definition, that is the opposite of selfish.

  6. There is no perfect time and place. I personally feel that an entire subset
    of the population being oppressed is more important than sports. You can
    not compartmentalize compassion.

  7. Shouldn’t they wear rainbow gloves to support gays? After all the gay pride
    flag is a rainbow and pink usually means “women”.

  8. this is how the death camps started with the rounding up of people who are
    deemed unworthy in society and is the fuse of all genocides

  9. I’m not sure. Warren wanted to run the committee she herself had set up
    that protected consumers from financial predators and they did this by
    delaying the bid to appoint her to that committee as well as watering its
    functions in the process. How did that turn out? She ended up becoming a
    senator and in a position to put a much bigger hurt on Wall St bankster

  10. No, they have been fighting for marriage. The opposing side calls it gay
    marriage in an attempt to stigmatize it. That was a clever attempt at
    playing semantics. LOL

  11. gay agenda? screw up your chance at winning a medal? smh I guess you are
    the 1 dislike on this video

  12. the GAY AGENDA ok check in is at 9 am and you can receive a name tag at the
    table from suzzy and then there is the coffee social to meet other gays
    coming in from cucamonga and timbuktu and then at 11 am we convene in the
    conference room where there will be speakers on the gay agenda till 12;30
    when we dismiss for lunch and light refreshments

  13. If people who are not athletes voluntarily want to they can, or if they are
    in a situation where it will not effect other athletes. There is risk, but
    there is risk in every civil rights movement. The suppressors have created
    the risk, so giving in isn’t the solution.

  14. The Olympics is like any other entity, its controlled by money. Harass the
    supply of money (i.e. protest against the Sponsors) until the Olympic venue
    is changed due to Russia’s anti-gay policy.

  15. I hope you get well soon Cenk! We need more people speaking out about this!

  16. So according to you the LBGT community has been fighting for “decent person
    marriage” all these years as opposed to gay marriage? LOL.

  17. I’m looking out for the athletes who want to compete and win a medal for
    their county, not the gay agitators looking out for their own personal

  18. warren doesnt stand a chance against hillary in the primaries. however, i
    do think she’d make a good running mate

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