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  1. Only true fags say fag. Why dont you grow up and stop discriminating half
    of the 75% of the worlds population. Why do you hate these so called humans
    that like other sex? Are you childish and think its icky? Are you basing
    your oppinion off a book that has been rewriten over countless times?
    Wether or not you like it grow up because each and every day people put
    there shoes on and step a foot more closer to salvation then people like
    you. Condemning another to the pits of so called hell that may or may not
    even exist you pretty much adding a reservation for your self. Please find
    some common sense and find it in the hearts we all have, to step forward
    with us to a brighter future where we dont have to deal with this stuff.
    Who said you have to be one why dont you just be strong and help.

  2. Gays want their rights. Ill give them their rights 10% off of vasoline now
    get back in the fuckin closet. “Andrew Dice Clay”

  3. 03-28-2014
    Gay marriage legalized at midnight in England and Wales
    2 hours ago
    From midnight same sex couples in England and Wales who want to have a
    wedding, not a civil partnership, can have one.
    The government’s controversial legislation was passed last summer, and lots
    of weddings will be taking place in the early hours of the morning.

    Robert Pigott reports.

  4. Some people get more pleasure from jaywalking than from using a crosswalk,
    therefore we must sanction jaywalking? Bans on homosexual marriage don’t
    discriminate against anybody. Any man can still marry any woman. There is
    no discrimination.

  5. I don’t argue with indoctrinated fools who refuse to see the obvious even
    if it was written on the wall.

  6. McCain’s just like “ah shit I’m about to get burned on national television.”

    Does seem strange to me that it’s 2014 and it’s still old, straight, white
    guys dictating to people who aren’t old, straight, white guys what they can
    and can’t do. 

  7. BREAKING NEWS – a U.S. District Court has just issued its ruling that the
    state of KENTUCKY’s denial of recognition of legal same sex civil marriages
    from other states is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

    From the ruling:

    “IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that to the extend K.R.S. 402.055, .020, .040, and
    .045 and Section 233A of the Kentucky Constitution act to deny validly
    married same-sex couples equal recognition and benefits under Kentucky and
    federal law, those laws violate the Equal Protection Clause of the
    Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution, and they are void
    and unenforceable.”


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    gay sex in under 30 seconds of waking up this morning and now I have a
    forced gay hang over from all the American gay issues. Getting kind of
    creepy. American gay chubby bunnies.

  10. Whoa… it’s like he… respects her opinion. You all should learn to do
    the same too.

  11. poor wardick, I got all his accounts closed and now he’s forced to create
    new ones.

    I won, he lost. hehehehe.

    even his butt buddy patoxic cut and ran like a little bitch.

  12. I’m gay. You can probably tell that from my choice of avatar. What you
    didn’t know though is that I wasn’t always gay. Unfortunately I had a
    bungee Jumping accident and the cord got caught around my throat. I was
    deprived of oxygen for minutes. When they revived me I knew something
    wasn’t the same. Over the months I’ve started to turn and now a year later
    after my accident I’ve gone fully gay

  13. Ellen can say anything and it cannot get sour !
    That’s the best thing about her ! Some people just have that knack … just
    brilliant !

  14. *** GOP censures McCain ***
    Delivering a strong rebuke to U.S. Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republicans
    passed a resolution to censure the one-time presidential nominee for what
    they characterize as a liberal record that has been “disastrous and
    harmful” to the state and nation.

    While McCain is a political star on the national stage, for years he has
    had to contend with vocal critics in his home state, who accuse him of
    betraying the Grand Old Party’s principles.

    Saturday’s censure came two weeks after the Maricopa County Republican
    Party passed a resolution to censure the senator on a 1,150-to-351 vote.

    The state GOP party’s censure passed by acclamation, meaning by a voice
    vote. It has no practical effect, but serves as an attempt to embarrass the

    McCain and his office have not commented on the county censure although his
    supporters point to the party’s reputation for ultra-right partisanship.
    The senator’s office on Saturday declined comment on the state censure.
    McCain is considering seeking a sixth Senate term in 2016.

    Former three-term U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., dismissed the anti-McCain
    resolution as “wacky.”

    “I’ve gone to dozens of these meetings and every now and then some wacky
    resolution gets passed,” Kyl, the former Senate minority whip, told The
    Arizona Republic on Saturday. “But most people realize it does not
    represent the majority of the vast numbers of Republicans.”

    Kyl noted that McCain has been repeatedly re-elected despite opposition
    over the years by many GOP activists.

    “Do these guys ever get elected? It’s John McCain who gets elected,” Kyl
    said. “To say that John McCain doesn’t work with Republicans, doesn’t have
    a conservative voting record – that’s just baloney. I served with him in
    the Senate for 18 years, 26 years all together, and we didn’t always vote
    alike, but his record is very conservative. It’s just wacky to say

    While many McCain allies expressed support of the senator, a wing of
    anti-McCain activists gathered enough support to have the resolution heard
    Saturday, on the floor of the state party’s annual mandatory meeting at a
    Tempe church.

    “Only in times of great crisis or betrayal is it necessary to publicly
    censure our leaders,” the resolution said. “Today we are faced with both.
    For too long we have waited, hoping Senator McCain would return to our
    Party’s values on his own. That has not happened.”

    McCain’s offenses cited in the resolution included working on comprehensive
    immigration reform, or “amnesty,” and not going along with last year’s
    conservative strategy to “defund” President Obama’s signature health-care

    The resolution condemns McCain “for his continued disservice to our state
    and nation,” and said state Republican leaders “will no longer support,
    campaign for or endorse John McCain as our U.S. Senator.”

    About 1,300 Republicans convened at the Grace Community Church in Tempe.
    Candidates handed out campaign swag. Committeemen voted for party leaders.
    And elected officials — including Gov. Jan Brewer, Rep. Matt Salmon and
    Sen. Andy Biggs — rallied Republicans, saying they needed work together to
    undo damage by the President Barack Obama’s administration.

    Speakers criticized the federal government’s spending, bulk collection of
    telephone data by the National Security Agency, and the 2012 terrorist
    attack that resulted in the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya.

    Timothy Schwartz, who authored the censure, said McCain “has abandoned us”
    and called on party leaders to hold him accountable.

    McCain always works with Democrats but not with Republicans,” Schwartz
    said, speaking in support of the censure.

    But Carole Klein, of Scottsdale, urged members to vote against the censure.
    She said she regrets her earlier vote in support of the county’s censure of
    McCain. While she is unhappy with McCain, she thinks Republicans should
    focus on the party’s good work.

    “The entire media and those people who are independents and the Democrats
    look at this and say, ‘Oh, look at the Republicans — they don’t even know
    who to bring and put in as their person. And then they censure them. They
    don’t know which way they’re going.”

    Ed Boers, 72, of Mesa, was struggling up until the last minute with how he
    would vote on the censure. He did not support the county’s Jan. 11 censure
    of McCain.

    “I’m torn because the Republican Party is chastising its own people,” Boers
    said. “It doesn’t look good. He’s a warrior. But I don’t know if that
    qualifies him to be a senator. I’m not happy with a lot of things he did.”

    Republic reporter Dan Nowicki contributed to this repor

  15. I wish she would have asked one question: Why? Why do you think it should
    only be between a man and a woman?

  16. I understand the logic behind religious marriage being banned, but no
    reason fro why a civil marriage should be banned. The fact is they are two
    adults who are presumably in love and want the benefits of marriage, so
    they are entitled to it. Why people make such a big dead out of gay
    marriage, I have no idea, two gay people getting married has absolutely
    nothing to do with your life so just shut it.

  17. I was raped by a gay pedophile when I was a small boy and infected with his
    evil(homosexuality). It’s fair to say that child abuse made me gay just
    like it did to Ellen.

  18. epidemiological studies from Vancouver tabulated between 1987 & 1992
    reveals that the male homosexual & bisexual lost up to 20 years of life
    expectancy. The study concluded that if 3 percent of the population studied
    were gay or bisexual, the probability of a 20-year-old gay or bisexual man
    living to 65 years was only 32 percent, compared to 78 percent for men in
    general. The damaging effects of cigarette smoking pale in
    comparison..”Leading Causes of Death,” CDC News Release, Oct 10, 2001

  19. Key phrase: “I just believe that marriage is between a man and a woman”
    Well in the words of Aziz Anzari, I personally believe that all people who
    wear skinny jeans should be stoned. 

  20. Who knew that a question could rub so many people the wrong way. Look,
    nobody has answered my question. Instead of being defensive, why not be
    dispassionate and give me a reason why gay couples wish to marry rather
    than have a civil partnership when the same rights and entitlements are
    given to them in both? Btw, I’m not American and therefore am not familiar
    with State by State civil law in the US.

    For whoever it was who brought up the ‘contradiction’: I didn’t contradict
    myself, I simply want to understand as a straight, atheist guy why this is
    so important when the only people who care about this are gay people and
    certain right wing clergymen. I personally could care less about gay
    marriage. My intention is to gain knowledge, not to offend, hence why the
    first sentence in my main post conceded I’m coming from an ignorant angle. 

  21. There is absolutely no constitutional reason people shouldn’t be allowed to
    be married. It’s not the governments business.

  22. 2:42 You can’t call it marriage stupid.

    1. The formal union of a man and a woman, typically recognized by law, by
    which they become husband and wife.

    Let’s change the definition of every word in the dictionary while we’re at

  23. Believing in traditional family values make you homophobic. Interesting.
    Shall we legalise incest next? 

  24. It is so sad that in our present society there is still so much hatre
    towards gays, fueled by religious beliefs and hypocrite homophobes.

  25. Full disclosure here: I’m a lesbian, an atheist, and a democrat. That said,
    I think Ellen and many viewers have misunderstood what McCain is saying
    here. He thinks everybody should have the legal rights and protections that
    come with marriage. However, he also thinks that marriage is a religious
    union, and since the religious texts (e.g., the Holy Bible) are explicitly
    opposed to gay marriage, he doesn’t think gay marriage should be allowed.
    I find it frustrating that 1) homophobes automatically think McCain agrees
    with their belief that gay people shouldn’t have equal rights, and 2) Obama
    can present the exact same argument, and liberals think Obama is on their
    side but McCain isn’t. 

  26. Why does he have to agree with her? What’s wrong with having a difference
    of opinion? If she feels so strongly about it, why doesn’t she run for a
    political position and influence legislation instead of belittling those
    who don’t agree with her opinion. Kudos to him for going on the show,
    knowing he would be questioned on his views in a room full of people with
    an opinion that blindly follows Ellen’s view.

  27. To all the homophobists: Ellen is such a great lesbian who is respectful of
    all of your side.

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