40 Comments on “Ellen Page Comes Out As Gay At Human Rights Campaign Time to Thrive Conference – Full Video”

  1. some of the comments here are so insensitive.you can see she talks from the
    heart. her speech is so real and profound 

  2. Why do gay people give into the pressure of having to publically announce
    what most people with a brain already know. Who gives a shit if your
    batting for the other side? Next people will be announcing that they are in

  3. A person suffering of hormonal and/or genetical or mental deformation and
    is regarded by the propaganda as “normal”.
    Normal my ass. 

  4. First I heard her say she is a feminist – My reaction to that was “she most
    be a lesbian.. most of them are”. Now I see this.. my reaction was “holy
    shit I was right”. Am I crazy or is there a pattern here?

  5. So i was watching on 9gag the other day where a “statistic” appeared with
    the most popular chrisitan names. There was the name “Ellen” with a furst
    drop in the 90s and the second drop in 2014 and i was thinking.. “why?” So
    I read the comments on this one and it really made no sense to me. Seeing
    this added a fact I didn’t knew and it made sense but still. Whats so wrong
    with it. She made the right decision comin out and I deeply respect her for
    that! It should be the other way around and the popularity should’ve been

  6. Who cares about your personal sexual preference, This is beyond stupid and
    sickening people sharing their should be totally private lives with
    everyone ..I feel sorry for some of them actually ‘ wanted to rub 2 Penis’s
    together or Vagina’s is very weird..I can’t figure out how humans have
    remained this stupid this long’ They cannot see the Genitals we got were
    meant to work Male/Female .

  7. Fantastic Ellen!! I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and working with
    a young Ellen Page on a little known TV series, Pit Pony. Ellen displayed
    not only an obvious talent on the screen, but kind and caring attitude. Her
    professionalism was accompanied by a great sense of humour. It comes as no
    surprise to me and I’m sure many that worked with her on that show, that
    she has has become an amazing woman! Bravo Ellen.

  8. I have a confession to make. I am straight … and Canadian at the same

  9. Another Man hating Feminazi Lesbian… Like the world wasn’t full of them

  10. It sucks that we have to make it a big deal but we have to. Only when
    homosexuality is accepted can we stop caring about it

  11. Judging my how nervous she looks giving this speech, you can see this has
    been stressful for her. I hope this makes her more comfortable with

    Her coming out doesn’t change my opinion of her in the least, but this
    speech wasn’t meant for people like me. I think Ellen wanted to make this
    message for people like herself in fear and those that they have reason to
    be fearful from.

  12. For real I always liked her as an actress and again not really that
    surprising. But that’s the case in so many people. From a young age a lot
    of parents most likely noticed and were just waiting for them to say
    something. That was not easy for her as I saw but I know she feels hella
    better after holdin that in for so long. 

  13. How can just 140 people dislike what a great person has said with so much
    enthusiasm and truth from the inside of her heart? Such a nonesense….

  14. i think they should get every single gay person ship them to a country for
    gay people away from straight ppl 

  15. i don’t hate gay people, and im straight as an arrow. now if gay people
    started banks and printing money out of thin air, stealing wealth from hard
    working people like parasites… then i d hate them… but not because they
    are gay…

  16. im not homophobic in the least and i do support rights for all people. the
    one think i have a problem with is that is so round upon to make gay jokes
    and make fun of them. sure bullying is an issue in schools and in
    workplaces and i dont support that at all. i just want to know why i can
    make fun of blonds, Asians…(the list goes on) but i cant say one think
    about gays. you as a whole do funny things, as everyone else does. just
    saying i should be able to make jokes. 

  17. Awesome speech, so true, honest and emotional. Congrats to more than a
    thousand powerful words.

  18. good on you ellen.
    love is beautiful in all its forms.
    It dosent mather if its between a man and a woman or between 2 members of
    the same gender.
    But sadly alot of ppl are to stuck in outdated ways of thinking (and for
    that i mostly blame religion)

  19. About 1 percent of the world is gay and most of the world will never think
    it’s normal.

  20. When she talks like this, who wouldn’t love her ! I mean seriously, girl, I
    support every single word you said !

  21. There are no problems with gay people AT ALL they have a defective DNA that
    goes against MAN Kind they must be going though hell I feel so sorry for
    them. Sex education is taught to mane stream children from 11 they get
    taught how One Man and One woman reproduces and love each other. My problem
    is how do you tell a child that two woman lick each others Vagina two gay
    men penetrate each others rectum . You will say what gay people do behind
    closed doors is there own business. BUT anything that is hidden and not
    explained openly has a undercurrent OF shame.

  22. Ellen already came out as gay 10 years ago. Are you telling me there are
    more gay Ellens out there?

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