7 Comments on “ENOUGH is ENOUGH! – OPEN YOUR MOUTH! demonstration in Berlin”

  1. As I said, because it helps people with their outing. And as long as there
    is no gay marriage, heterosexual people obviously have a right that gay
    people don’t have: getting married to someone they love.

  2. They had not been robbed of their rights. But they want more rights than
    heterosexuals. No one ever asks for guidance, why should it stick out? No
    one will ever ask you about sexual orientation, why show it to everyone and

  3. Russia dont have homophobia at the state level. Most persons do not like
    the promotion of homosexuality so the government does not allow gay parades.

  4. This is a natural limitation, because we can not have a child of same-sex
    marriage.What is the sense? Just a joke on heterosexual families.

  5. You should google a bit about “anti-gay laws in Russia”. You might be
    suprised how much homophobia there is in the Russian Government. The Putin
    regime is conducting a hate campaign against homosexuals, trying to divert
    from their own failed politics and all the country’s economic troubles.
    It’s basically the same terrible thing the Nazis did with the Jews in the
    1930s in my country.

  6. Parades would help people with their outing, homosexual people are there
    anyway, independent of politics, the question is: how well can they live
    their lives?

  7. In Russia all people have equal rights. Homosexuals can not be shown
    separately. And they do not have any privileges. Gay parades are prohibited
    as well as heterosexuals. The state does not regulate the question of

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