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  1. lol kinda reminds me of this twat. Crybaby Atheist gets owned by a
    street preacher!

  2. This guy sounds like most of atheists I’ve had the…pleasure, of meeting.
    Not all, but most.

  3. “Yeah, if you want to talk, inhuman atrocities of yesteryear, let’s talk
    about the Roman emperor Nero”

    Why? What an infantile mine you have. Does that make the BILLIONS of people
    slaughtered in the name of your god acceptable? Killing in the name of your
    god still goes on today, how many people are killed in the name of atheism
    today? You have no justification & you know, hence why you’ve tried to
    weasel your way out of accepting the blood-drenched past of your evil cult
    that continues even now. Did Nero commit his acts in the name of atheism?
    NO, DID HE FUCK you lying, deceitful, window-licking scumbag. I guess this
    is what happens when you’re unable to defend your own argument. It should
    also be noted that what this guy here is doing pales in comparison to what
    the Westborough Baptist Church gets up to. Why don’t you go join them
    fuckstick? I’m sure Fred would welcome a detestable twat like you with open
    arms as like you, he pretends to be a Christian too.

  4. Actually…. The ships which shipped all the black slaves over from Africa
    were almost ALL, if not all, Jew owned.

  5. This is Dawkin’s personal assistant, his dialogue coach, speech writer.
    Critical thinking is the key. This could be why Dawkins loses every

  6. “Evil exists, because satan exists – not because God commits evil acts.” –

    Erm, so why did god create satan in the first place? :o/ He’s clearly a fan
    of evil. Hell, only a heinous, evil being would commit acts like brutally
    murdering millions of innocent people, or putting
    children through the anguish & psychological trauma of thinking his own
    father was going to murderer him? The bible is crammed full of tales of
    evil, all in the name of god. I wouldn’t worship such a vile creature even
    if he was real. I’d rather burn but then I’ve got self-respect, morals, &

  7. He has very strong duckspeak and it is clear that he is full of strong
    bellyfeel about all this.

  8. Lol….well, we’ll just have to let people make up their own mind on this
    man’s credibility, won’t we?

  9. Really? Did you know, everyone charged with a crime is innocent? Even after
    they’ve been found guilty at court – they’re still innocent, obviously! 🙂

  10. Oh wow …I cant stop laughing … I go away for a few months and look what
    happens .. hahaha .. ahahahhahaha ..whew .. oh man thanks for this .. old
    friend ..this made my night! =)

  11. OK, lets just pretend your not a troll. Its a stretch I know. You follow an
    atheist mantra? Isn’t that a little odd? Considering the only atheist
    mantra is ‘I don’t believe a god exists’? We are not having a dialogue. I’m
    answering the points you bring up, you are ignoring mine. To me that
    indicates they are a little beyond you, if not, answer a question I
    actually asked. Defend your position. Stop quoting stuff that I didn’t say,
    or defend. Form a coherent opinion. Something. Hence troll.

  12. Yeah, if you want to talk, inhuman atrocities of yesteryear, let’s talk
    about the Roman emperor Nero, and his barbaric treatment of early
    Christians? Just what do the Crusades of 1000yrs ago, have to do with the
    Christians of today, most of whom, know virtually nothing about the entire,
    sorry affair? Let it go….these events took place a long, long, time ago,
    we’ve all moved on, why can’t you?.

  13. Welcome to the Corporation (Harvard Law School) The State defined
    /watch?v=naOsGamjGtw Religion defined by Harvard Grad Michael Crichton
    /watch?v=qZNP06yYonc Historical Origins of Atheism /watch?v=bjzB2pNfkUw
    The State is not Great /watch?v=MrKpyhrZWXk Nuremberg Trial Day 28
    Church-Suppression /watch?v=fvL-PASQPQM

  14. But Dastardly, he’s *rational*! I mean, he even uses the word to describe
    himself! Why would anybody call themselves rational, if they weren’t
    rational? Just like we know the atheist movement is scientific, because
    they use the word “science” a lot!

  15. Lol…..i’ll try increasing the volume in the wave studio, see if it’s
    decipherable, . Being serious this time, how about, “GAY FORK!”…”PLATE IS
    STRAIGHT!”? 🙂 Maybe some sort of secret culinary code going on? LMAO

  16. “Look up to the sky, what do you see? You see clouds, the sun & the sky!!!”
    No kiddin…..Lol

  17. Well I wasn’t brought up in America, I was brought up in the western
    developed world, I don’t see what that has to do with anything.

  18. To the uploader, and every other moron here. Have you suffered extreme
    brain damage at some point in your life? This one man is not the
    spokesperson for atheism. Atheism doesn’t have a spokesperson. It doesn’t
    have a stereotype or belief system. This is just one man who clearly has
    some issues. This video is ultimately retarded, so is the so called atheist
    in it, and so are you.

  19. Really? Did you know, everyone charged with a crime is innocent? Even after
    they’ve been found guilty at court, according to them, they’re still
    innocent. And talking of generalising, “Had you been brought up in ancient
    Denmark at the time of the Vikings….yadda …yadda….yadda…” 🙂

  20. What’s reasonable about screaming uncontrollably, “DEMOCRACY IS BOGROLL!”,
    in a public place? Still, i’m glad you came on to support this madness, as
    it serves to highlight the ridiculously outrageous lengths you nutjobs are
    willing to go to, in attempting to defend the indefensible. Q) What’s the
    difference between this guy and a Taliban leader? A) You can negotiate with
    a Taliban leader. 😛

  21. But Tony was always telling the truth….even when he lied. 😉 Delusion can
    be a powerful thing.

  22. Never Said God commits evil acts, only that evil itself exists. But by
    saying Evil exists because satan exists doesn’t stop the fact that God must
    not be either All knowing, Loving or Powerful. Because if s/he is all
    knowing he knows of its existance, if s/he is all powerful then s/he can
    stop evil and if s/he is all loving s/he will always protect humans. But
    since evil exists then the Theistic God must not be one of those things.
    But people can believe in what they want to.

  23. So now i’m pointing out the hypocrisy of your previous
    statements….unless, of course, you want to call Dawkins out for making
    sweeping generalisations? Lol….”Duh, i need it explained to me, please
    explain? What? Hoew does it mean that? Why? Who said? Nah, i don’t believe
    it.” – This is you…this is very gay atheist on YT. Deal with it.

  24. Lol…. “Had you been brought up in Africa, you’d be believing in the great
    JuJu up the mountain….blah…blah…” Brilliant. 🙂

  25. Congrats, you found an emotionally unstable person overreacting to an
    sedated signspinner for Jesus. Yawn.

  26. Clearly the hallucinogens didn’t work effectively in this man’s case so
    perhaps that Quaker bastard Nixon was right. =)

  27. Sorry didnt mean to post multiple comments. Who is George A and Romero,
    very funny vid btw and yes i agree with that top rated comment this needs
    to go viral!

  28. God is all of those things, so the problem lies with your limited
    understanding of transcendent concepts…..if only you had the courage to
    admit your own view is a deeply misguided one.

  29. You bastard, you would have to induce me into watching this video I tried
    to avoid watching;) “Their suppressing gays & atheists!!!! killing
    EVERYONE!!!”…As he screams at Christians as a Evo-gay-statheist, while
    not being killed….lols?… Man I have seen that before, he was overheated
    as heck, fried his noodle in the sun.

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