26 Comments on “Evolution Is A Communist Lie, Gay Rights Endanger Children (Says Rafael Cruz)”

  1. “And here’s to the few who forgive what you do,
    And the fewer who don’t even care.” – Leonard Cohen

  2. Does this crazy deluded wackjob actually believe he’s a scientist? I think
    idiot does a good job in turning people communist.

  3. What? Is he a young earth creationist “scientist?” There is no such thing
    as “Christian science.”

  4. According to many conservatives, Norway should be a nation redder than the
    blood christians have made people spill in the name of an all-loving god.
    Surprisingly, we’re doing fine.

    Must be because everyone of us have pacts with satan and gay demons.

  5. It’s funny how when since the days of slavery it has been totally socially
    responsible to destroy the families a blacks, but when white families come
    under attack by a gay agenda it’s an atrocious attack on white values. Fair
    and balanced. 

  6. Communists do want to replace God with the state. Evolution has not been
    proven. In fact Darwin himself later admitted he was wrong. The real
    evidence points towards creation. Also if you start comparing fathers maybe
    you should check out the useless shit bag Obama had for a father. Lets hear
    some of his ideas and opinions. The wife beating communist deadbeat dad non
    U.S. citizen that died a drunk in a wheelchair.

  7. So how does Papa Cruz account for the oppression in Cuba by Castro of
    homosexuals, and the fact that Stalin made homosexuality a crime.

  8. Really cenk?? the best u can do is make fun of this guys accent…and WTF
    does gravity have to do with evolution…this just shows that he has
    nothing he can really say against him this video was nothing but useless

  9. The “Kenyan” claims are so deeply rooted in racism, it’s amazing that Cruz
    and teabagger America aren’t donning white hoods and robes.

  10. So you have a problem with people attacking Obama’s dad’s Marxism/Communism
    while you have no problem mocking Cruz’s dad?
    If Cruz was a liberal and his ad would have been attacked, the people doing
    that would be called racist.

  11. Literally everything conservatives have accused Obama of being, Ted Cruz
    is. Foreign born, check. An elite masquerading as a populist, check.
    Influenced by an insane pastor far outside of the American mainstream,
    check. His fans say he is the anointed one, check. Ted Cruz is the
    conservative Obama derangement syndrome given form, bought to life and in
    your face.

  12. I’d be tempted to make the ironic observation that Rafael Cruz could be
    sent back to Cuba and Ted back to Canada… except I live in Canada and I’m
    glad he’s gone.

  13. I used to be and still kinda an agsinst gay right but truly i could give
    less of a fuck sbout what they do i dont believe the whole born that way
    crap but i vould care less 

  14. Most Republican are right wing trailer trash, GOD bigots. The majority of
    Americans are tired of their Invisible man in the clouds coming to end the
    world as it is and put some of us he LOVES in eternal fire and the other
    bunch of us in this special place called heaven. It’s funny how they are
    not continuing to preach that the end of times are here, the rapture is
    tomorrow bull shit. Because most of America has woken up. This is a man
    written book, this is a fiction story… American won’t have it anymore. We
    can now think freely and see the truth…Using their religious believes to
    deny other humans their basic rights are not GODLY at all. They should know
    this of all people. HYPOCRITES… Most people that claim they are GODLY,
    religious…I just watch them and wonder if they know how HYPOCRTIC they
    are. If you are going to use the bible then use it completely not partial
    and only when it is convenient to you….When they start to stone people
    working on the sabbath to death, they sold all their earthly belongings and
    gave the money to the poor then we can sit and talk about the invisible man
    in the clouds and the man written book called the bible. The US
    Constitution is more holy and precious than any darn bible….

  15. Same as all democrats aren’t liberal. All this profiling would stop. Of
    people would realize religion is man made. But God is real and about a
    relationship. Prayer and reading “your” bible. Forget about religion. Come
    out of your churches ans synagogues and mosques…. pray pray . Get your
    understanding from God. He lives in your heart if you invite him in. Noone
    in media or politics Cates about you. This guy is right. The enemy wants to
    destroy family

  16. What’s this bloke’s problem with gays and evolution? Both have been around
    for far longer than he ever will, and neither will do as much damage. He’ll
    start on immigrants, next.

  17. Freud said “religion is a mental illness”, so very true. Like it or not, we
    really are in a
    New Age, and religion is part of the old.

  18. Science is always wrong. What we think is correct now, will be disproved in
    the next few years.

  19. Rafael Cruz is not a scientist this asshole just makes things up and the
    religious right will believe any thing this idiot says. 

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