3 Comments on “FDA plans to end prohibition on blood donation by gay men”

  1. This has been a ploy by the homosexual agenda to kill their
    detractors(those whom do not agree with homosexuals). Reason is,
    homosexuals know damned well their detractors will refuse transfusions if
    the blood is not marked as donated by homosexuals, and choose to die
    instead… Thus a homosexual method to kill or MURDER those who do not
    agree or support them if the blood is not labeled as so. I know for a fact
    I would choose death over having queer blood in me as I do not even
    associate with homosexuals, so why in the hell would I allow them to put
    their diseased blood in my veins/body? This sickness will be forced upon
    mankind every way they can possibly conceive. At least I know I will go to
    the grave as a pure human being knowing that even the fear of death will
    not hinder my moral construct.

  2. 1 year after last sexual contact? Thanks to modern medicine, men are having
    sexual contact until they have 1 foot in the grave. Is that when they guy
    gets to donate blood?

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