28 Comments on “Female pilot in shock after passenger leaves sexist note”

  1. I hope this dude never is allowed on a plane again, and I hope his cab
    driver on the way home was a woman. What a piece of crap he is.

  2. Oh my! Imagine if it was a gay man…..blah those people and their
    ignorance. :-P

  3. The guy has the right to his opinion first and foremost. But I hope the
    pilot doesn’t pay any attention to it :D

  4. Something about that note doesn’t feel authentic.

    For all of you who have your panties twisted over this note, don’t forget
    all of the other times anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-black, and anti-trans
    incidents have turned out to be hoaxes.

    In case you’ve forgotten the aforementioned hoaxes, let me refresh your

    1. The Duke lacrosse case, in which a black whore falsely accused three
    white males of gang raping her at a party;
    2. The transgender student at Cal State-Long Beach who claimed she was
    attacked in a bathroom by some scary white males;
    3. Claremont McKenna professor Kerry Dunn, who vandalized her car and
    blamed it on “racist white males”;
    4. Charlie Rogers, the Lincoln, Nebraska, lesbian who claimed that she was
    attacked in her home by white males.

    The list goes on and on.

    Just because a female pilot claims to have found a note doesn’t mean that
    it’s authentic.

    Question what you’re told.

    Use your critical thinking skills.

    Ask yourself if the information in that note is consistent with what a
    truly sexist individual would write.

  5. Totally thought it was disrespectful and rude! women can do just as much as
    men. religion really has no basis on job placement.

  6. What a low life !!! Can’t believe someone would write something like this
    in 21st century.

  7. Brilliant video! Thanks for bringing this story to my attention. What a
    sexist pig this “David” douche is; oh and a hypocrite!! I hadn’t heard of
    this story before. Probably because I focus on American politics, gay
    rights in the US, and the Second Amendment, but I digress… Love ya,
    Josh!! :)

  8. As a Religious woman I am offended: first because he would dare to use the
    Bible to back-up his Male Chauvinism, second, this female pilot was abiding
    by this chapter of Proverbs especially verses 13-19 where it speaks of her
    doing more in one day what any man has ever done in a week. Not only does
    it speak of her bringing home that meat (Jews don’t eat bacon) in verse 23
    the only thing that her husband is ever mentioned as doing is sitting
    around and gossiping at the city gates. If this man is going to use the
    scriptures to insult a hard working woman he had better get his facts
    FYI No where in the Bible does God state what is a woman’s job and what is
    a man’s job. But it does state that the man is responsible as the head of
    his household for everything, from the raising of the children to the
    houses cleanliness, According to the Bible a wife is his helper not the
    maid. So I hope this Religious man made sure that his house was in good
    order before he left it before he starts to criticize a woman who is doing
    her up-most to be a capable wife. 

  9. Last time I looked this is still a free country and David has a right to
    his own opinion! If the female pilot can’t take a bit of criticism perhaps
    she should hang it up and look for a new job. Personally I would hate to be
    on a plane under the control of someone so emotionally distraught- but
    perhaps it’s just that time of the month.

  10. I think this David guy either needs to join the rest of us in the 21st
    century or start using a horse and buggy as his transportation. 

  11. I want a Capt Sully not a fair lady! I have heard horror stories about
    women pilots!


  13. Where are the women at well thats easy their flight attendants did you not
    the tv show Pam Air thats their job OOOHHOHOHO 😀 but seriously all jokes
    aside that guy is a huge jerkass. women are great pilots how dare he do
    that to her shame one him

  14. Let’s see? If he wants to fly he can look for the pig of his choice ( I
    heard they can fly). He can also prey for an angel from hell so to speak. 

  15. Ignorance never seize to amaze me. I guess the man is jelaous that a woman
    has such a better job than him. Many men think this way and is a sign of
    inferiority, remember people, when someone shows hate is because that’s how
    bitter he feels inside.

  16. Somehow I picture you as a perfect air-host, but then again I’m afraid
    you’d be spending way too much time in the COCKpit——–> there you have
    your cockpit ‘joke’ 🙂 Happy Stalker has spoken…..again… Love ya XX

  17. David’s such a Concerned Christian that he’s just looking out for all of
    us… since you Know that Women can’t Fly…
    Like that time Helen Keller tried to fly around the World & disappeared…

  18. I’m glad that she didn’t let it get to her. It’s sad indeed that there are
    so many people still clinging to such silly fantasies as gods. Why, in the
    US there are still places where politicians are required to be
    superstitious – but only if it’s to the right god.

  19. Useing any “holy script” as a reason to how anyone should live is just as
    stupid as useing Wikipedia as a reliable source in a Doctoral Thesis.

  20. As a pilot myself, I can tell you that I’ve met TONS of female pilots that
    are just as good, if not better than the male pilots. Some of my best
    instructors have been females. I’m all for equality in the workplace,
    especially a work place that needs a little diversity.

  21. Ok…I’ve had fantasies whilst flying…I want to be sent to the COCK-PIT to
    sit in the cute pilot’s lap and enjoy some sexy time with him! Mmm and some

  22. On a serious note…I think women are better than men at a lot of things.
    In the wars, who ran the Country, worked the factories and took care of
    their children after working? No insurance, less pay, just dedication to a
    Country that they believed in…Women of the World…Thank You! 

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