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  1. My issue with patriarchal religion, not just any religion, is how it’s
    structured to debase women, more or less. As a feminist, myself, I’m
    against that, but I don’t openly tell religious women personally about it
    unless there is a group discussion where opinions are welcome or they
    welcome my opinion up front.

    And I do share the view that abortion is an ultimate example of female
    agency; an extremely radical concept and one I fully adhere to. For others,
    it’s the dividing factor. I see it as a personal decision, where the moral
    of choice takes the precedence of “morality of life” as some prolifers (or
    pro-birthers, best to say) would put it.

    Though I don’t see how prolife and feminism can mix, anymore than
    patriarchal religion can mix. To be prolife is to oppose abortion, not just
    against oneself, therefore to oppose a woman’s right to choose, therefore
    opposing a very intimate part of her liberty. Even feminists of old
    recognize the importance of women having control of their bodies. If a fem
    didn’t want to abort, that was her choice. But to take a stance against
    other women having that right to choose, makes no sense to me.

  2. When can we start our women hating courses in higher education to teach men
    irrational hatred and fear of women? Equality right?

  3. this: Feminists are bullying young girls and essentially raping young
    girl’s minds at the behest of their own egos. The very ideas they fight
    against, they promote. The most massive hypocrites on this modern, human
    planet. Feminists, please go away. We don’t need you.

  4. Penis envy, boohoo. Girl, is that cosmetic surgery? Female surgeon? Or did
    your burning bra fall on your face?

  5. Ever notice that feminists have ugly in their souls that manifests on their
    faces? Not sure if they embrace feminism because they are lonely. Feminists
    give off hate vibes and Gloria Steinam was a spy and a piece of crap that
    opted to work with the CIA to screw the family.

  6. Women raise children without men? Well yes, except the greatest indicator
    of poverty are single women with dependent children. AND THAT’S WITH
    ASSISTANCE from a multitude of programs such as subsidized day care,
    housing, and medical/dental care. There are WIC and free school lunches
    (breakfasts now too), head start, and food stamps for extra subsidized
    coverage. With a little work I could come up with more “father”
    substitutes. (#2)

  7. When you see individuals doing well and others who are not, and who have
    had active fathers and who hasn’t, the success that fathers enable is
    obvious. Just look around, observe, and ask questions. It becomes quite
    apparent after awhile. Just ask any kid who doesn’t have a father if the
    wish they had one. Maybe that was you. Let’s talk about Jennifer
    Baumgardner for a moment. She’s had two failed lesbian relationships, yet
    had two boys and married a guy. (#4)

  8. Just happened to stumble upon this and ended up watching the entire thing.
    Great speaker and really worth a watch, especially for anyone struggling
    with trying to define feminism for yourself.

  9. And who’s picking up that cost? Oh, I know, all those female sociology
    majors working part time at coffee shops. And just how well do those
    children do without active committed fathers? Some just fine, but too many
    are not doing so well (like the black community and its 80% out of wedlock
    births). SaveTheWheat, I’ve learned something through personal experience
    and common observation, and that is children need their mothers, but they
    THRIVE with fathers. (#3)

  10. “You Go Girl !” “You can be what ever you want !” “Female sexual freedom !”
    Who needs men ???? Except, hhmmm…children are very expensive and labor
    intensive. Any of you women want to be mothers someday ? Here’s a very
    radical concept for you; “men’s generosity”.

  11. I guess she needed that sperm supply and a man to help finance the family
    she wanted. Was she able to quit her job once she had a guy to cover the
    bills? Yeah, she’s independent alright (her books don’t sell that well).
    And that man of hers is pretty charitable considering her first son isn’t
    his. Another indication of men’s generosity. On the other hand, maybe he
    gets to fuck her female lovers. That would be a good trade. (#5)

  12. Oh my god! lol! Women raise children without men almost ALL the time. This
    nuclear family crap is unique to the minority, ie, the First World. Mens’
    generosity…they share their bullshit freely!

  13. So yes SaveTheWheat, men should keep their money in their fat wallet,
    because you and your feminist sisters don’t need us. At least you say you
    don’t. See, here’s the thing, here’s what feminists have totally overlooked
    what with all the gripes, complaints, demands, protests, law suits, and the
    lopsided outcomes for men from divorces; men are realizing they don’t have
    to sign up, (#6)

  14. continued. For example, Jennifer Baumgardner’s father’s income benefited
    four women plus the tax collector. Just imagine how thick his wallet would
    have been without those “dependents”. I know some successful single guys.
    The amount of their spare spending cash is stunning. And their views on
    marriage ? TOXIC ! Good luck there ladies.

  15. Haha. How bout this: you keep *all* of the contents of your fat wallet, and
    women get to be entirely free of your presence! I like it.

  16. Loved your reply SaveTheWheat. You obviously don’t need a man. And why
    would you? I’m sure you’re earning income and are up for a round in the
    sack with someone when you feel like it. Except I’ll bet you like clean
    water, police protection, buildings to live and work in, functioning cell
    service, stores full of stuff delivered by…oh yeah, men. But who’s
    counting, it’s just expected. (Continued)

  17. So give it back to me dear, give me your song and dance about domestic
    violence, rape culture, unbalanced pay, and how you and your sisters are
    such victims. But while you’re thinking of something, why don’t you also
    think about personal responsibility, the decisions and choices you’ve made,
    will make, and own them. Because until you do, until you recognize again
    just how generous men are, you and your lady friends will be finding
    yourselves living progressively poorer and hollow lives. (#8)

  18. in fact it’s downright risky! They don’t have to commit to marriage or any
    form of financial obligation to women anymore. Tell me, do you have any
    lady friends who are frustrated that their boyfriends won’t go “the next
    step”? Would they agree with you that women don’t need men? Oh yeah, one
    last thing SaveTheWheat, and all you pro-choice advocates, I’m
    PRO-abortion. See the fewer bastard spawn we have around clogging up our
    society the better. (#7)

  19. And those guys who are learning the score when it comes to feminist
    influence? Oh yeah, I already said it before; “good luck ladies.” The word
    is getting around.

  20. Good luck there SaveTheWheat (and just how is your retirement savings
    doing, or is it currently a mountain of student debt?). Ok, ok. One more
    last thing SaveTheWheat. Have your heard of Vasgel yet? If/when it gets
    through FDA trials just think of the ramifications. Just think of the loss
    in a woman’s power when that gets into wide spread use. How does the saying
    go? “My body my choice.” Now men will be able to make that claim as well,
    in the addition to “my wallet my choice.” (#9)

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