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  1. So you’re saying one nights stands are love? That’s great! Way to teach
    kids how to be shallow and dumb like your parents were.

  2. About Riddick (2013) Alonso Duralde wrote “If you were to make a comedy
    about an actor who makes cheesy sci-fi action movies, and you needed a
    hilarious clip of his work that underscored the awfulness of his output,
    just about any 30-second segment of Riddick would do the trick.” If anyone
    every wants to make a film about a know-nothing, talentless, douche-bag,
    film critic, Alonso Duralde would make a good character.

  3. I’m saying that love takes many forms. And it’s sad that you’re going to
    teach your kids to be narrow minded prigs like you are. Also, it’s sad that
    you’re going to teach your kids that using words like “retarded” is okay
    and that when people point out how stupid their parent (you) is to say
    they’re discriminating. You shouldn’t be allowed to have children because
    you’ll only fuck them up.

  4. A thirty year old who uses “retarded”. That tells me everything I need to
    know. There are a lot of movies in which a one night stand constitutes
    love. And have you ever seen “Same Time, Next Year”? How stupid of you.

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