5 Comments on “First Lady Michelle Obama Heckled During Speech By Gay Rights Protestor”

  1. Nice example: Disrespectful, ignorant special interest group fanatics think
    they can get 15 minutes of fame by being disruptive and disrespectful. We
    have a democratic process here in America. You don’t establish law in
    America by irritating everyone with a “we will annoy everyone until we get
    what we want” campaign. I’m not an “Obama fan”, but salute the First Lady
    for maintaining respect, law and order in the face of these ignorant
    special interest freaks. Epic FAIL for the GLBT hate group!

  2. I’m no fan of Michelle Obama, but she handled herself well in this
    situation. I’m proud of her.

  3. Good for her, I think what they want fall under standard human rights, as
    far as I know the court treats the matter as they do sexual harrassment,
    ageism, racism, what makes there group above all groups or types of human.
    They need an ego level check, smh!

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