25 Comments on “Fischer: Fighting ‘Big Gay’ Is ‘Biggest Battle Of Our Time’”

  1. Bryan Fischer doesn’t care about famine or nuclear war because he’s a
    Dominionist. These assholes PRAY for famine and nuke-war because to them,
    it means Jesus is coming to take them to Yahweh. Scumbags.

  2. Oh Jesus Christ… is this all they talk about? Is homosexuality on their
    minds 24/7? If you oppose it on religious ground then fine, you’re a bigot,
    but whatever. However, this *obsessive* fixation is just not fucking
    normal. Can he think of nothing else?

  3. Right now there are people in russia who hunt down gays in packs because
    their priests say homosexuals are pedophiles. I am gay, I have a boy friend
    and that is a gross and disgusting thing to call some one. its because of
    whats going on over there that unless some one can tell me a reason not to
    do this I no longer feel I can respect the bible for what it is.

    Macklemore said it best: Its human rights for everybody there is no

  4. Someone should tell Fischer that religion is fiction, he should get
    together with racists, they’re filled with a similar type of irrational
    hatred that he is filled with.

  5. it’s just a matter of time till this push against the lgbt community goes
    into major violence, which is the worst thing they could do because it will
    mean the end of fundamentalist religion which will be a big win in my
    opinion. These people who want to oppress others because of any natural
    trait do not deserve a place among the civilized world.

  6. Fischer should take a trip over to the “DPR”K to do some “missionary” work,
    and while he’s at it get thrown in a prison camp for the rest of his
    miserable life.

  7. Christ was caught in the woods with a naked boy. Rather than being forced
    to retreat, he may be leading the charge.

  8. I think this religious guy is trying to simply sell his `brand` by saying
    `the gay agenda` is the `biggest battle of our lifetime.` That is hype for
    the purpose of hype itself. I don`t think he really even cares about
    `stopping the gays` what so ever really. He wants to make money as a far
    right talking head so that is how you do it by screaming `the gays are
    coming! the gays are coming!`

  9. Big Gay sounds like it could be the stage name for some big black gay

  10. Ok, now I’m positive this dude is munching on cock. I’m certain tube steak
    is this dude’s favorite food.

  11. There is a Big Gay battle going on. It’s in Bryan Fischer’s mind. If he
    would just stop suppressing homosexuality he would stop making such stupid

  12. Big Gay… Al?

    Also BUAHAHAHAHAhAHAHA on using the ‘Big’ term for homosexuality. Big Oil,
    Big Pharma, and now Big Gay…. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  13. I remember talking to someone who had an issue with another user pointing
    out the fact that religiously conservative dipshits think about gays and
    gay sex more than actual gay people.

    Need he more proof than the fight against “Big Gay”?

  14. Jesus is scared of gays, COME ON JESUS you hung out with all those guys all
    the time, no women, I think thou does protest to much!

  15. Big Gay vs. Jesus Christ “The biggest battle of our time” That sounds
    like a WWE match. 

  16. DAMN, this lunatic is a disgrace to the United States, and the fact that he
    has a picture of the Constitution behind him like his stupid rants are
    somehow defending it, just makes me sick. 

  17. How is Jesus supposed to fight the antichrist in the end of days if the
    gays have him on the run, bring on the singlets. Brian wants to see their
    bulges excuse me I mean a fight for the rainbow he wants the rainbow back

  18. “Big Gay?” Are you fucking kidding me?

    “There is no battle but the gay battle.. for me..”

    That’s the real problem. 

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