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  1. As a Christian-at-heart, I am not allowed to force my religion or ideals on
    anyone. There is no point otherwise. Even though David and Paul from the
    Bible calls homosexuals “abominations” which I don’t 100% agree with (my
    bias is purely on an evolutionary standpoint, not religious), does that
    mean we should take their rights away? It goes against what we are
    “supposed” to stand for. Everyday I lose faith not in God but the church.

  2. The fact is that the Homosexual Agenda (there really isn’t an agenda) and
    religious liberty do exist together. Fishcer just doesn’t want them to
    peacefully coexist. Basically he’s out to start a fight, get people hurt
    and killed.

  3. Since homosexuality is a genetic trait (deal with it already!) which will
    not vanish simply because some prudish people don’t like it, I say we take
    Mr. Fischer up on his offer and abolish religion! OK, maybe I am being a
    bit flippant. But, unlike ones sexuality, religious belief really is a
    choice. Although I would never genuinely endorse abolishing religious
    liberty, we will all be better off once people willingly set aside childish
    beliefs and learn to accept actual-reality on its own terms.

  4. Groundhog Day. Does this guy know any other words? When he speaks is it
    ever about something that isn’t gay people and his TOTAL misunderstanding
    of us? ‘Gay Agenda’. I’m thirty-two years of age and would LOVE for someone
    to finally put me out of my misery and tell me what the fuck this ‘gay
    agenda’ is. I guess this straight guy knows more about same-sex attraction
    than I do…

  5. did anyone else subscribe for the laughs? all the videos i’ve seen so far
    from the RWWBlog are so far right wing and ignorant it’s sad. . . and good
    for a laugh or two

  6. Here’s the thing: LGBT rights do not intrude upon religious rights. I’m a
    member of the LGBT community. I am also a Roman Catholic . Nothing has
    infringed upon my rights to practice my religion as I see fit. And yet my
    rights as an LGBT individual are denied constantly. So who is infringing
    upon who?

  7. He’s right. My partner and I can’t have sex unless we first stop Christians
    from worshiping their God.

  8. Hey Fissure – Explain Regent University (Patty’s school) researcher’s study
    that says “Ex-Gays Can Act The Part, But Orientation Doesn’t Change” by
    Mark Yarhouse of the legendary Yarhouse & Jones study of 2007 that claimed
    gays can be ‘cured’…

  9. Hey, that’s works for me and more and more people every single day, non
    believers our numbers are growing education tends to work that way. BTW
    thumbs up for RightWingWatch.

  10. And stop calling blind bigotry and hatred of gay people “religious
    liberty.” Religoius liberty is things like being allowed to pray,
    congregate, etc., NOT crap about denying gays their rights and telling them
    they’re sinful and the whole 9 yards.

  11. This guy is perfect, the pure stupidity thats spewed from his mouth is
    what’s going to guarantee success for gay rights. I find it sad that people
    like him exploit the stupidity of his audience, those who live in a
    constant loop of false dichotomies, having to use lies, stigmas and bigotry
    to keep himself paid. I want to say the people who are fooled by him and
    other BS artists like him deserve what they get, but leaving a malleable
    mind to the mercy of someone corrupt like Fischer is inhumane.

  12. This fool is what the result is if you try to base your way of life on a
    book that was manufactured by a bunch of bishops and an asshole who could
    not keep his own ass off of a cross. LOL Jesus is nothing more if he even
    existed than a bastard who did cheap parlor tricks. And now people like
    this idiot fisher want to try to base a nations laws on this shit? Thats
    bat shit crazy. Fuck Fischer and his idiot minions.

  13. i find it curious how right wing “christian”republicans, before the
    elections (i.e. their candidates for congress & president [like bachmann &
    santorum]), always seem to ratchet up their hate for those who don’t share
    their insanity. among them are the likes of cantor & tea party members of
    congress, who really don’t give a shit about americans, who intentionally
    shoot themselves in the foot by protecting the rich at the expense of the
    suffering middle class! what’s up with that…stupidity?

  14. @stravelius You are absolutely right. What is terrible and what does not
    coexist is religion (Christianity) and anything. If God so loved the world
    and the humans that she/he created and God is so loving and forgiving,&
    Christians must be lving and forgiving, where the hell is the love,
    forgiveness and tolerance? If the so called Christians that act & believe
    this way are “REAL CHRISTIANS” then they wouldnt be acting or believing the

  15. “Bryan Fischer says gay rights and religious liberty cannot coexist and
    that one is going to have to give.” I vote religion to go. Anyone with me?

  16. Hes right in a sense. Secular values have eroded “religious liberty” at
    every turn. Because the bible doesnt change…people do. Its the main
    reason why people dont have the “religious liberty” to stone people for
    working on the sabbath. Or why people dont have the “religious liberty” to
    sell their daughters into slavery. Or why people dont have the “religious
    liberty” stone homosexuals. But hey, no one is stopping him from believing
    things which society no longer deems teneble

  17. I don’t recall homosexuality ever being a threat to “religious liberty”.
    Homosexuality isn’t some sort of anti-Christian cult. Religion is of course
    the real threat to any sort of liberty. What Christians don’t realize is
    the fact that they aren’t the ones being oppressed, though they percieve
    that to be the case. Their perceptions are completely warped. Sadly it’s
    nearly impossible to convince them that they are wrong. They’re like
    children, I swear. “LALALALA, I’m right you’re wrong!”

  18. I’m sorry but this inn isn’t a fucking church. This inn is a PUBLIC place.
    It doesn’t involve in any religion whatsoever. I’m in that fucking state
    buddy. It’s terrible and keep your Christian agenda out of my life.

  19. No… YOU can’t have “religious liberty” and gay rights, Fischer, nor can
    your bigoted friends. But PLENTY of Americans, not the least of which
    include LIBERAL churches and church leaders who are actually tolerant and
    act as Jesus would, CAN. So fuck off, you old prick. Once all these
    far-right bigots die out, we’ll finally be able to treat gays as human
    beings in this country nationwide.

  20. Curious…..could you put more of this in context? Seems like this was in
    the middle of a much larger point.

  21. “Something is going to have to give.” Yup, that something is fundie
    Christianity. Homos have been here before Christianity. And they will be
    here long after Christianity takes its rightful place in human mythology
    next to Zeus, Vishnu, and Quetzlacoatl.

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