31 Comments on “Fischer: Russia’s Anti-Gay Law Exactly What We Want”

  1. You guys are missing the point of what Brian is saying, he’s saying it’s a
    moral thing, and he also said that Russia is far from perfect, you are the
    cherry picker, get off your high chair and get back to reality. Were your
    born of a father or a mother, oops it take two for that to happen, a male
    and a female. This show of yours is a shameful representation of a nation
    going in decline. Doing yourself a favor and examine yourself before you
    think or speak.

  2. I’m not trying to change your opinion on that behavior or anything else. I
    am anti deist, I abhor the idea of religious dogma, and superstition being
    forced down my throat. Religious dogma being imposed on the laws,
    education, study of science, and it’s claim to being a beacon of morality.
    The number of secularists are growing in the US to now around 40%. But, our
    opinions ends where another persons rights begin. I will stop complaining
    about religion when they lose their tax exempt status.

  3. The ability to marry many women is next as we as Americans always want
    “Freeeeeedooommmmm”, disgusting what our culture has become. After I’m done
    with the Navy, I’m moving to Russia where my child won’t be exposed to this

  4. “”Homophobia” and morality are the same thing. Those who like with man as
    with a woman should be given the rope.” Take a note from your own book and
    go hang yourself, you’re a waste of space, air and resources.

  5. Fischer is a complete arsewipe. What gives him the right to condemn love.
    Quite obviously his mind has been twisted and warped with religious
    indoctrination. And heres the difference,MINE HAS`NT. And my mind says,let
    those who want to love,love,as its of no business of anyone else. Real love
    doesnt come knocking on your door that often,when it does,grasp it,hold
    onto it regardless of what others think. Fischers moral compas points in
    one direction,his bank account. Like all bankers,he`s a fraud

  6. Huh?? Whether or not any given gay man owns a dildo is irrelevant. And how
    did you get the impression that “all gay men own dildos” from my comment?
    I’m mocking Fischer b/c he is obviously a homophobe w/ his own gay/bisexual
    problems but instead of facing them he attacks openly gay people as

  7. I say he uses a vibrator, and that he has one up his ass, and on, during
    the show. That’s why he looks like he has Parkinson’s. I think I know who
    his fantasy partner is too, and he’s the husband of Michelle Bachmann.

  8. their will be lotts and lotts of government officials in hell homosexuality
    is listed as a sin in the bible and everybody has to die someday i know
    some one who died in the hospital and was brought back he said he found out
    hell is a real place and he went their when he died he said he was
    terrified he was happy he was brought back in the hospital homosexuality is
    a sin and u will go to hell for it you will also go to hell for any other
    sin listed in the holy bible repent before its to late

  9. Witchcraft is just as evil, and the church is FILLED with it and it’s also
    a moral evil, so how about burning those doing it at the stake once more?
    Those that accused the innocent before were actually the devil filled
    witches and sorcers of the roman catholic church, so he judges himself for
    the hypocricy as usual.

  10. Im an American and I love russias anti gay law im for God and God is
    against homosexuality I wish america had the same Law

  11. These guys are against everything America stands for. Pat Robertson said
    that the Bible is more important than the rule of law. That’s exactly what
    these nuts in the middle east are preaching.

  12. Exactly what we want? I don’t want it, how can you include me and a
    majority of my friends who don’t want it?

  13. if God intended for a men to be with a men then why cant they reproduce why
    cant two women make a baby the reason why is god never intended for this to
    happen this was satan plan Liars killers thieves adultures Fornicators
    Homosexuals non believers in the Lord Jesus Christ the bible says you will
    all have your place in The Lake of Fire in Hell it does not matter what our
    government thinks or says we all have to die one day and the Government can
    not save any of us from Hells Fire only Jesus can

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