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  1. Our look back at the years Best & Worst people who helped or hurt our
    journey towards Equality

  2. Have you heard any news coming out of Uganda lately. It seems when all the
    Russia news came about we forgot about what was happening in Uganda.

  3. As for Russia … well ALL forms of discrimination are disgusting & they
    should know much better, BUT at least they, unlike the USA, have been using
    one of the safest, cheapest and most efficacious means of healing … and
    in many instances, even curing cancer, for many, many years now. RIFE
    Frequency Treatment!!!
    The ONLY reason why RIFE treatment is not used openly in the USA (and many
    other countries too), is because the PharMafia & all those with vested
    interest (including the FDA, AMA, CDC etc.) in blinking toxic meds and
    allopathic / orthodox medicine would lose BILLION$ in fact, TRILLION$. So
    essentially, their own people must be denied such and suffer totally
    unnecessarily as a direct consequence of their insatiable greed. 🙁
    No home, nor work place (in my opinion) should be without a simple, cheap 9
    volt battery operated zapper, & for those who can afford it, the much more
    costly Rife generator.
    So, Russia does at least score some bonus points. 🙂
    HAPPY VALENTINE’s YEAR dearest Bryan, Jay, Daniel and Selena!
    ~Durban~ xox

  4. Jay, if you have watched the youtube clip where Elton John talks frankly to
    his Russian audience, I think you would agree that your judgement of him
    was harsh. After all, it is widely known he is gay, it is widely known he
    is in a long term relationship with a guy and it is widely known that they
    have adopted. That in itself would be huge in the present climate, but he
    went further. If you were not aware, then now you can safely substitute the
    slimy and despicable President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda who I’m surprised
    was not even on your list. That’s my first quibble regarding you, as I
    respect what you guys do, and often challenge anti-gay people to look at
    certain of your clips and THEN come back and comment. They never do.

  5. Calling Russia a modern country is a bit of a stretch to be honest. Sure,
    they have internet etc. like the rest of us, but they’re still in the
    backwards cold war mindset on so many levels.
    I agree that the new laws are ridiculous, but I was not really all that
    surprised. If it had happened anywhere else, I might have been shocked
    though. 😉

    Good video as usual. :)

  6. Jay Russian jails are not US jails you have to keep that in mind. You get
    arrested in Russia you don’t have the same rights you would here. By asking
    LGBT people to go to Russia you’re basically asking them to risk their
    lives. I think fighting the good fight is important but you can’t ask
    people to risk their lives in that way if they’re not ready to do something
    like that.

  7. I posted this on your FB account too. So funny..I have followed you guys
    since the beginning and times are changing because there are less and less
    “thumbs down” on your vids.. Hopefully more “self haters” are coming out
    of the closet in 2014! Great job!

    “One of my faves is the federal judge here in Ohio that allowed the word
    “married” on the one guy’s death certificate. Our Republican attorney
    general-Mike Dewine is also going to spend our hard earned tax dollars to
    fight this… How cruel.. Christian?”

  8. Boy, those super intense emotions from Jay. Jay needs more meditation.
    however you’re super cool for being honest to yourself.

    I believe the majority of Russians have a very homophobic attitude.

    I’m also curious what phone Bryan is using.

  9. I agree with everyone else. I wouldn’t mind you protesting if you were a
    single man, but you are not. You number one priority should be you family
    now! And that is just what Putin wants he wants people to come and protest
    without really thinking things through. He is an evil man, and we have to
    stand with the Russian LGBT community but right now it’s not in Russia.
    It’s here sending love and compassion. I think that we should ask the
    president to offer political Asylum to the LGBT people who are being thrown
    in prison for being who they are.

  10. The show would have meant more to you if you had known he was gay.. unless
    there is more to it that sounds really stupid..

  11. I am gay BUT i dont make any decision on whether someone is gay or not, I
    dont like putin but I dont think the olympics should be boycotted, or that
    people should be hated for going there, Wentworth miller I respect his
    decision but I also repsect elton johns decision, I support A&E on there
    decision to bring phil back on duck dynasty, it was strictly a business
    decision and they have to answer to their stock holders and viewers, why I
    dont like what phil said I support his right to say it and he should not be
    punished for a personal opinion, when I vote I have voted for both sides of
    the parties not just one, you should never vote for someone because on just
    one issue, there is alot more to consider, why I like your video’s this one
    was not one of them, I will continue to watch your video’s because I
    respect your right to say what you believe even tho I disagree with some,
    you guys are great parents as well, Take Care.

  12. Did Daniel ever get a response from Justice Roberts?

    Thumbs up on your choice of Putin on your list.

  13. Edie Windsor……please, oh please Bryan (and Jay) listen to the theme
    song to “Nanny & the Professor”….okay, I am dating myself. (I’m OLD, I
    get that!) Pronounce Edith’s nickname as the following: Eeee deee.
    You guys KNOW that I adore you….and your kids (of course!) but for the
    love of Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies, watch the fabulous rendition of
    “Grey Gardens”

  14. +Gay Family Values Jay, I agree with you about A&E. I actually wrote a
    post on their Facebook page and immediately got hate filled replies from
    people. I definitely will not watch a TV channel for taking a stance that
    is against my own interests. Thank you for putting A&E on your bad list.
    They deserve that title.

  15. The tittle of this video is Five Best & Worst People Of 2013 yet everything
    is related to homosexuality. I have absolutely nothing against people who
    are gay. I wish them all the best and they should be treated as equals.
    Worst people of 2013 to me that’s serial killers and child molesters. if a
    straight person made this list I’m sure that’s the kind of people that
    would be on it, but a homosexual will put Phil Robertson at number one
    because he expressed his own personal believes imo that’s ridiculous.

  16. I think the most Worst People people forgot in few years 🙂 No Elton
    ofcourse, I remember when he came to my country Poland and say
    antihomofobic speech. Why he dont say the same in Russia? I dont
    understood. Maybe he afraid Putin. 

  17. Russia is not as homophobic as you guys think. Gay men can openly donate
    blood there and their gay clubs are some of the biggest in the entire

  18. you also left off “Robert Mugabe” of Zimbabwe, who is the most anti gay
    person alive.

  19. You two and your family give me hope that my future children will grow up
    in an accepting and open world :)

  20. The reason I wouldn’t go to Russia(not including the risks) is that if you
    go, you’ll need a hotel, to eat in restaurants,you’ll probably do some
    shopping which would in effect help their economy even if in a minor way. I
    say hit Russia in their pockets like South Africa in the 70’s-80’s.

  21. You may not have heard of him but here in the UK we are very proud of our
    young Olympic diver Tom Daley who came out on the Johnathan Ross TV show
    that he was dating a man believed to be your own Oscar screen writer Dustin
    Black whom I’m sure you have heard of. Tom has a huge female fan base and
    it was so brave of him to risk all this in order to be honest about his
    sexual orientation and he is my gay hero for 2014. Pease put him on your
    good guy list ?

  22. Honestly, I would go to Russia and protest, but I am an active duty service
    member. My schedual wouldnt permit it.

  23. I love your family and your videos.
    About the activism. I don’t think that you should be disappointed in the
    other youtubers who didn’t want to go. I have seen some crazy videos of
    some really crazy nazi guys who were bulling gays. I can’t imagine what
    would you do if something like that happend to some of you. I know you want
    to help but I think that couple of youtubers won’t change anything there.
    Actually I think that during the Oplympics may be a great chance do some
    changes but more people and also politicians need to rise their voice and
    stand for equal rights.

  24. Just informing you guys in case you missed this: Elton John did go but he
    also reached out for the LGBT comunity while he was there -> Elton John’s
    speech against the law of gay propaganda in Russia (12/06/13 Live in Moscow)

  25. Happy New Year’s to one awesome family! Thanks for this video and keep them

  26. What I could not help but notice all the way through this video was the way
    Jay lovingly looks over at Bryan and keeps gently caressing Bryan’s
    shoulder. The love in Jay’s eyes is ENORMOUS! Jay is head over heels in
    love with his man! It is wonderful to see!

  27. so i know you doughter likes just0in bebier but after he was arested do
    you think hes the best rool moddle or will you try to get her to like some
    one else 

  28. I think even though Brian isn’t as ranty as Jay. I think Brian loves some
    of the drama Jay brings with all his talking. ;)

  29. I need to thank you guys for taking so much time ans really thanks Jay for
    trying to go to Russian support LGBT.its taugh to live in the country where
    gays considered to be less as a human. As russian myself i feel wick
    against the government our voice is just not heard its not covered on
    government tvs and not in newspapers.we ajust not exists.thanks guys for
    caring about this issue. Happy New Year.

  30. I started watching this video and then Jay made a really hateful dig at
    Bry’s mom..so I think I shall wait for the next video.

  31. I would love it if you would mention and bring some awareness to the things
    happening in Utah. Regarding marriage equality, the governor and the
    attorney general.

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