10 Comments on “Florida Takes Drivers License from Gay Couple: Dec 1 MNW”

  1. Homosexuality is an ugly perversion of a natural and normal human process.
    Hell… even evolution recognizes this. They are freaks. They are

  2. I don’t like those that just comment every time on your clothes and beard,
    Nice Haircut.

  3. Thanks Matt for your weekly updates….I sincerely enjoy them. I am from
    FLORIDA…..and Congratulate everyone in FLORIDA as they look forward to
    January 5th, after 5 pm. It’s about time. Florida might end up being
    State #36 if no other states join in before Jan 5th. I do think there
    will be others to join before then, lets hope.

  4. Matt, there is something I was seeing if you were going to Report but Since
    you Didn’t
    maybe its best I don’t bring it up. we don’t want to take the chance that
    someone who doesn’t know will find out & keep something good From happening
    by announcing what state & when it may happen I guess, right ?

  5. I think you’ve mischaracterized the Michigan filing with the Supreme
    Court. Of course Schuette is defending the 6th Circuit’s decision, but he
    also says the state does not oppose Supreme Court review. 

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