28 Comments on “Fox Defends Anti-Gay Discrimination At NYC’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade”

  1. Gay Pride Parades always have a few straight-folks floats, usually people
    showing their support for the LGBT crowd.

    And it’s not discrimination to expect others to stop discriminating. Nobody
    is telling catholics to stop being catholics…they’re just being told to
    stop being obnoxious snots about it.

    Also, what…there are no gay Irishmen? Really? **raised eyebrow** On what

  2. Apparently if you refuse to participate in events that discriminate against
    gays, you are intolerant yourself. It’s not even as though De Blasio is
    trying to stop it. He’s just abstaining from participating. The implication
    is that one is compelled to attend events put on by bigoted organisations,
    or you are being intolerant of their bigoted beliefs. More ‘stop being
    intolerant of my intolerance’ rubbish.

    In the words of the Irish drag queen, Panti Bliss, it’s a ‘spectacular and
    neat Orwellian trick’, because now it is no longer homosexuals who are the
    victims of homophobia – homophobes are the victims of homophobia.

  3. Jesus Fucking Christ, hurry the fuck up with this rapture shit and get
    these quacks out of here!

  4. Wait wait wait…the left’s intolerance was the chryon? So, by boycotting,
    personally, a parade you are being intolerant of the people who are
    actively disallowing people who are interesting in taking part? Do they
    even understand how stupid they are? Using their logic, I can run a store
    and say “no christians allowed”. If some christians get upset and decide
    to boycott, I can call them bigots. It’s OK to intentionally not allow
    certain people into an establishment or event but wrong if you decide to
    forgo going to said event due to them not wanting you – or your friends –
    Herp da Derp da derp derp derp…don’t think about it…DON’T…it will
    hurt your brain.

  5. Apparently one of the panelists on the five doesn’t seem to be aware there
    are gay Irish in the world.

  6. What is with the presumption that Irish are all Catholic? They have had a
    few CENTURIES of terrorism over that particular issue in Ireland

  7. The best part is that none of these people have the slightest sense of
    irony. I’m glad, though. More fun for us.

  8. I’m getting tired of the far right’s claim that we must tolerate their
    intolerance. Next they’ll tell us the KKK suffers from bigotry because we
    don’t accept their views.

    Do straight people march in the gay pride parade? Well, yes because they
    have friends and family members who accept them for who they are. There are
    all sorts of people who are there to show—like politicians on the right
    side of history.

  9. a mayor represents everyone whom he governs. so he shouldn’t join when part
    of who he should represent is being denied.

    Fox is full of spin. Besides. Gay parades do allow straight. especially the
    big commercial ones

  10. yeah Fox/Conservative ….just keep shooting yourselves in the foot. You
    already lost 2016, why not try for 2020. 

  11. I love it. The people who run the parade deliberately exclude the LGBT
    community, mayor decides not to march, but it’s the MAYOR who’s being
    intolerant and exclusionary and bigoted. This is “peanut butter in your
    underwear” Fox News absurdity at its finest. And Christian victimhood in
    the US marches on…

  12. “The left’s intolerance”? Really? It would only be intolerance if de Blasio
    banned the parade. It’s not intolerant to just not participate. He doesn’t
    have to do anything he doesn’t want to.

  13. This title is a LIE; they are not “discriminating”, just setting some
    restrictions on what their shirts can say Whiney babies turning this
    into something it isn’t. BE RESPECTFUL of the Irish and THEIR parade !

  14. The idea of “chistian victimhood” is a standard explanation to the
    challenging of religious ideas, within the public sector. Bigots and
    anti-science groups will claim that they are the ones who suffer from
    discrimination. This is not a word that you can just slap on the table,
    every time it is pointed out that you are or may be wrong on an issue.
    Claiming that being intolerant of intolerance makes someone a hypocrite, is
    laughable. I support the rights of all people to hold and speak on,
    whatever their beliefs may be. But when it is brought to your attention
    that you hold a belief that is contrary to the evidence or is patently
    immoral; it is the reality of the situation that you are contending with,
    not discrimination. You have the right to your “deeply held convictions”.
    You do not have the right to push these convictions onto the public, in an
    attempt to gain social legitimization and/or recognition through force and
    willful ignorance. Morality is not about pronounced ideals; it is about
    well being. This will sometimes smolder the black and white in shades of
    grey; but a bit of simple consequentialism along with deduction and
    inference can solve a lot problems. Strict fiat declaration is the
    antithesis of morality, not it’s defining factor.

  15. The Gay pride parades do not discriminate Christians or anyone else. That
    is the difference. Fox News is an Anti American organization.. 

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