14 Comments on “Fox News host grills Tony Perkins: ‘What’s the damage to you’ if your neighbors are gay married?”

  1. Whats the damage? WEAKENS THE COMMUNITY. Leads to gays having kids and
    making a homo-sexualized country. I certainly don’t want my kids going
    over there to play. Then you have to tell the kids why, and it leads to a
    division that needn’t be there. Be gay. Get married. HELL NO should they
    be allowed to adopt children. and having their own is questionable.

  2. They outlawed sodomy, not same-sex love, because it leads to disease, feces
    has bacteria plain and simple.
    It’s a health concern.

  3. I don’t have a problem with gay marriage as long no churches are forced to
    marry a gay couple. Notice the word FORCED. In the case of the bakery the
    free market should have been allowed to decide not the government. I wonder
    if those people that supported the fine of 150,000 would also support the
    same decision if the Westboro Baptist Church went into a bakery owned by
    gays and they refused to bake them a cake. Would the people support the
    courts then if they fined the owners 150,000? 

  4. Perkins is an absolute horror of a human being. But you know what, it
    doesn’t matter. The culture war is OVER. You lost Tony, you piece of

  5. Fox News host grills Tony Perkins: ‘What’s the damage to you’ if your
    neighbors are gay married? #homophobie

  6. It’s only an issue because these stupid idiot right wingers make it one,
    insted of concentratiing on real problems in this country!

  7. Tony Perkins is simply A CLOWN.
    It’s legal in 30 states now Tony Perkins , and soon it will be in all the
    rest of the states.
    And all the bla, bla, bla, from HATEFUL, BIGOTS like yourself will be over .
    Once it is legal in all the states there’s no turning back.

  8. Guys like this are the reason I am DONE with organized religion. Thanks to
    the Presbyterians for voting FOR gay marriage and thanks to some Methodists
    and a few others for your support. I don’t need the Vatican to approve or
    accept anything about me. I won’t turn my back on God, but organized
    religion is something I will no longer participate in.

  9. What they don’t ever talk about and what they seemingly don’t want you to
    realize is Marriage is a Religious practice, A religious practice that got
    taken over by the government. They don’t want you to see them as two
    different things, if you did you could ask yourself, Why not just let the
    State and Government declare them Married and leave churches and religion
    out of it, OR if a Church wanted to perform the ceremony then let them.
    But nobody should FORCE a religion to change just like we shouldn’t FORCE
    people Not to get Married. 

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