39 Comments on “Fox News Loves Having A Fake Liberal On The Payroll”

  1. She’s a sellout. I think there’s a name for her starting with w and ending
    with hore.

  2. This was a Kirsten Powers hatchet job. So, she doesn’t agree with
    everything every liberal does. Well whoever does is just a robot with no
    mind of their own. They’re just as intellectually lazy as most Fox News
    viewers. This video just goes to show what she said about liberals not
    understanding criticism is at least somewhat valid. Kirsten is most
    definitely not a fake liberal. All it takes is a simple youtube search to
    realize that. Jayar went far and long to find those clips that aren’t
    evidence of anything other than she can think for herself. I’ve seen Cenk
    refer to liberals as weak cowards many times, and speak out against things
    Obama has done. Does that make him a fake liberal too? Nonsense.

  3. So open minded…..if you don’t agree with the liberals are you are
    attacked even if you are a liberal. You have to be 100% a water carrying
    democrat or you are a piece of SH1T and will be vilified. I’m not a
    republican but people like these who made this video are the reason our
    country is being destroyed……

  4. hey young turks if fox news hires fake liberals than why did they hire for
    congressman dennis kucisnish? who tried to impeach president bush.

  5. This is so biased. Just because shes not making low blows on the first
    doesn’t validate the immaturity coming from the left. Sorry, try again.

  6. I feel sorry for her having to defend issues she might not agree with. She
    would be long sacked by Fox if she wasn’t seen to be an Obama idolizer.

  7. So she is a fake Liberal because she doesn’t think Conservatives are demons
    from hell and she doesn’t worship Obama? If that’s what makes a Liberal a
    Liberal then more power to them… I guess.

  8. careful now lest we confuse compromise and being objective. young turks,
    still young, still unwise. 

  9. Wow. You guys accuse her of being a fake liberal, and then do a story about
    her crushing O’Reilly on a debate on immigration. Give this woman some

  10. Can we call fox news for what it is? Mercenaries. Fox News is a bunch of
    modern Mercenaries. These people don’t believe in what they are saying,
    they are payed puppets parroting the rantings of corporate America.
    Mercenaries. 0.0

  11. The thing about tv news outlets is that you can’t comment (like you can on

    So they can basically say all the bad shit crazy stuff they want to say and
    they can get away with it. Who is actually going to send in a letter saying
    they don’t agree with what is being said?

  12. Roger Ailes has always done this. Obfuscate the debate and discussion by
    supplying phony anchors acting as liberals. These phony anchors are
    supposed to be despised and also used to attack liberals. So Powers gets
    paid well for doing this hack job. Ailes has been doing this since the 60s.
    It’s an old trick being perfected in a cable news world.

  13. It’s not the liberal movement, it’s the progressive movement. Been going on
    for 100 years now. Real liberals are in the ilk of Thomas Jefferson, and
    James Madison. You know a progressive when they want to pass more laws.
    None ever talk about repealing them.

  14. They just hired Kirsten to make weak points so they can then refute them…
    Like a defenseless punching bag.

  15. She is disgusting. Shows how desperate ppl are to get paid and how much of
    their ideals they are willing to give up for that paycheque.

  16. She will say what she needs to so she can get paid… no different than
    anyone else at Fox News. 

  17. So glad you proved your point. No disagreement is tolerated by the Left,
    therefore she is not a true Leftist [sorry but I just can’t use liberal
    with a straight face anymore, you’re Leftist’s deal with it]. And what did
    she say that was so controversial to Leftists? that absolute
    pro-abortionists want it up to and even beyond the moment of birth? that
    the mother’s life is always in jeopardy or its rape or its incest? That’s
    all true right? was she supposed to deny it because it sounds bad? And
    regarding the media bias and their treatment of Obama? The press
    practically worshipped him! He was the second coming for cryin out loud!
    Well you came up with what 3 minutes out of her career? obviously I am a
    right wing guy and so I watch FOX and I have seen Kirsten many times, guess
    what? she usually does take the leftist or democrat side of issues. However
    she is gonna move even farther right. What her exposure to right wingers
    started looks to be accelerated as she is in a serious relationship and has
    adopted his religious views [Christian]. In combination with age, maturity,
    and probably starting a family with this guy…..you probably will wind up
    with another convert here. Welcome to rational thought Kirsten.

  18. Yeah, if you can get through a full sentence on the Factor, you may be
    several things, but you sure as hell aren’t a liberal.
    Especially if you’re a woman.

  19. She’s right where she deserves to be. Any liberal politician willing to
    work for Fox News full time is there for the same reason I dislike most
    conservatives. …………………….. Because It’s all about getting
    rich and making lots of money and not minding who you need to deceave and
    fuck over to get it

  20. I haven’t seen anything from the woman’s past so I can’t judge. Pretty much
    the only news outlet I use religiously (besides you guys) is NPR. I have to
    agree. I did have a similar experience (coming from a conservative family)
    becoming liberal and then going back to stay with another conservative
    family. I noticed some of these same things as a liberal. Sorry fellow
    libies, knowing nothing more than what I’ve seen here, I have to agree with
    her. I had the same experience. For all the rights you guys stand up for,
    what I see reported in liberal news sources, shared on social media by
    liberals, blah blah blah follows her feelings a lot.

  21. Still waiting to see an actual leftist view on TYT.
    When the supposedly opposition view of the right ring is centrist, where
    does a leftist go to hear news?? (other than outside of the country….)

  22. I would expect her to talk about Ron Paul and how he was ignored by the
    media almost entirely. She however mention how badly Mitt was treated, she
    is a plant and and a silly one at that.

  23. Everyone that works at Fox News is a total sell-out. They will do or say
    anything for money. Basically, they are whores.

  24. Anybody else having problems with the new Youtube “drop down menu” on the
    left of the screen?

  25. They got to her!,Kirsten Powers likes the money at Fox News and is
    Compromised with her Core Values!,Such a Shame!

  26. So she’s a liberal who likes the special attention she gets when she points
    out the faults in her own movement, and overshoots a little while trying to
    play towards the center. There are real people like this, on both sides of
    the aisle. Why would they bother getting a fake one? On the other hand, it
    is highly likely she ends up being a paid off mouthpiece, while effectively
    remaining a liberal only in her other life. It’s hard to tell for sure
    whether that’s the case or not based on a TYT selection of her work,

  27. Fox is news? I thought it was entertainment for dim-witted, white
    middle-America types. Notice how the gain is turned way up on their station
    so these aging dim-witted, white middle-America types can hear them over
    the thumping of their Bibles.

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