4 Comments on “Framily Plan- A Sprint Plan Frame-Up?”

  1. Join my Framily. Soon going to be full . Join now so we all save.
    Framily ID# O00232122yt . Thats a Capital O followed by two zeros. The ID
    is case sensitive.

  2. hi. i switched my sprint billing to this new thing called “framily” its
    like friends and family, but its totally separate billing. so for everybody
    that joins sprint with my id the bill for EACH LINE goes down by $5 (all
    the way down to $25 each) but you and I have our own plan and billing. I
    already have two lines on my plan so thats an instant $10 off a line. if
    you want to switch carriers and use my id code for free, check it out.
    THANKS! we will never share billing, i have my bill, you have your bill.
    You get unlimited data for $20 more. you can take my framily ID into a
    store M00103869lh or call customer service.

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