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  1. I don’t feel he avoided the question. He basically said we deserve equal
    rights. I’m gay and I think that this is support, he’s simply saying we
    don’t deserve discounts on taxes or something like that. Nobody does
    because of who they are. We simply want EQUALITY.

  2. its just a dumb response by this dip shit, he didnt want to upset his base
    party thats why he avoided the question without saying openly i support it.

  3. @davidmerriss nothing. all of the great cultures have STRONGLY embraced
    homosexuality, political corruption, welcomed in enemies who want to kill
    them (Islum! :-O ) under the guise of “tolerance”, NOT secured their
    borders, made their political system into an obvious never ending cycle of
    life long racketeering with lobbyists- we are doing JUST GREAT. but really,
    the homosexual embrace / obsession / indoctrination is just one part of the
    multi pronged destruction of our culture and society.

  4. @postaltraining …so Rome fell fell solely because of acceptance of
    homosexuality, and not dozens of other socio-political and geographical
    reasons? Please prove this, and please prove that they were “infatuated”
    with homosexuality. Please provide the link between granting equal rights
    and the immediate decline of civilisation. You can’t, because there isn’t,
    so your time would be better spent keeping your prejudices out of other
    people lives. Educate yourself. : )

  5. Not all all. I did not make fun of your grammar or spelling. My point is
    why would you say since when is homosexuality sinful. And I am saying that
    if you don’t believe in God, then why would sin matter to you as it’s a
    religious word. I would not ask you why the Santa was mean to a child,
    because I don’t believe in Santa. So I asking do ou mean wrong?

  6. Lol! I love how they try to marginalize gay rights by calling them “special
    rights.” HOW are they special rights? They’re rights that ARE BEING DENIED
    TO GAY PEOPLE, specifically gay couples. If they’re “special”, then does
    that not imply that YOU won’t have those same rights if enacted?? Is THAT
    what you’re saying, Thompson?

  7. “since when are homosexuals doing a sin? pfft to religious garbage!” Well
    lets see. You’re statement makes no sense. If you say “pfft to religious
    garbage!”, then the word “sin” in the first sentence has no meaning to you,
    as “sin” is a religious word. So maybe what you are looking for is “since
    when are homosexuals doing a wrong?”

  8. @davidmerriss pretty straightforward. for centuries marriage has been
    between a man and a woman. now suddenly we are so smart and advanced we are
    going to train our children that gay marriage is ALSO good and proper?
    really? what was the last “great culture” to become that infatuated with
    homosexuality? rome? gee, didn’t they have a big fall?

  9. @postaltraining What exactly about the acceptance of homosexuality lead to
    the downfall of Rome? Do you have any objections to homosexuality other
    than your blind and unexplained assertions that it is bad for a civilized

  10. @maths82 the embracing of perversion, a complete loss of morality, rampant
    pedophilia, corrupt politiicans- all led to the fall of rome. how many of
    those things do we have now in the USA. don’t look now but progressives are
    working triple time to normalize pedophilia, working for its “acceptance’.
    the more kids you can screw up the earlier you can screw them up- the more
    malleable useful idiots you can have to believe your fascist dictator
    scams. i wish i was joking.

  11. I think gays should have the right for the hospital visitations. I should
    have whomever I want by my side when I am ill. But that being said, I don’t
    support gay marriage. And by the way, I like to think of myself as a carbon
    based bi-ped.

  12. @PixieCotton Go back to ancient Israel with your barbaric brethren and
    leave CIVILIZED people alone with your control-freak mentality.

  13. Gays should have rights… human rights. But we do not have to support
    their lifestyles. Homosexuals are the only ones who fight for a right to
    sin. Thieves don’t go around calling for their rights as someone who
    happens to steal. Adulterers don’t go around fighting for their rights to
    do what they want. Gay people, whatever you do in your bedroom is your
    business. I agree with that. Same for adulterers. But don’t ask the
    government to support it.

  14. @postaltraining Wild assertions. I’d like a least some evidence.
    Normalising peodophilia, can you present any evidence of an attempt to
    legislate to “normalise peodophilia” ? Again, a little direct evidence on
    the fall of Rome might help your case. Until then you’re just the same as
    the crazy lady who shouts at buses, wild loud claims into the air with
    nothing to tie them to reality. I wish I was joking too. Good luck soldier
    : )

  15. @maths82 i’m sorry that the truth comes as wild assertions to you. but a
    nice straw man counter arguement- “direct evidence from rome”- are you
    insinuating we either time travel or plead ignorance to anything that we
    cannot prove by way of dissected specimens that have been pinned and
    flagged and spoken on for hours by experts. you have fun partying and
    happying your way through this country’s post apex MASSIVE DECLINE IN
    MORALITY couple with a grand INCREASE IN FAKE TOLERANCE- drink up!!

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