24 Comments on “Free Healthcare Clinics Closing, Thanks Obama!”

  1. I find those who dislike Obamacare to be a tad ignorant. The main defense
    is “oh,it forces people to get healthcare” and “Its waste of tax payer
    money”. Without this new healthcare system, it would be the way uninsured
    healthcare has been before obamacare, where people would go to hospitals
    unisnsured, so tax payer money would be used to pay their bills. Isnt this
    what you people want? Or are you just against helping people out, and the
    very thought of wellfare programs just makes you sick? Im honestly really
    confused. My grandmother used to say is youre gonna tell someone they’re
    wrong, you best have a better idea than theirs in replace. We’re waiting
    for your pitch, Republicans. 

  2. America, you are the only first world country with so many uninsured
    people, and some of your people even bitch at obamacare for trying to give
    free healthcares.

    No wonder your country is in downright spiral.

  3. Obama could have done a lot more in his time in office, but this act will
    go down as one of his great accomplishments. No amount of whining and
    crying will change that.

    Funny thing is, Obama has Romney-care to thank for. But funny how
    Republicans have wanted to trash this act so badly, they are giving more
    and more credit to Obama for being behind it. Brilliantly backfired.

  4. Closing free clinics is a good thing? Sure because poor people never need
    free stuff. The young turds keep grasping trying to make this presidential
    failure look like it’s actually helping people. Spin, deflect, lie, deny
    …the liberal way of life.

  5. I like TYT but the one thing that I think they need to work on or should
    work on rather is their variety , Every time there is a panel on with a
    host you can be guaranteed that every single one on the panel and also the
    ones like JR and the rest off camera all agree on mostly every single
    issue. I’d be amazed if for once one person on the panel was like “wait? no
    no thats bullshit etc.” you know variety of opinions. You know it’s bad
    when Real Time w/Bill Maher has more variety of thoughts and opposing
    opinions than TYT 

  6. Obamacare is not affordable! They should have moved the clinic to my area
    or another area. There’s allot of people who can’t afford Obamacare. 

  7. Obama is farrr from a perfect president, but Obamacare has seriously
    improved medical care in the country

  8. Obama just wont rest until he sees America in ruin….Obozo”care” is the
    leading death cause in America today…and now he closes off even free

  9. Volunteer healthcare clinics are usually something you see in 3rd world
    countries. Looks like the USA is finally moving up in the world.

  10. Its all bullshit; people who didn’t have health care still really don’t
    period, and still can’t get any. I was for Obama, and no right-winger by
    any means, but Obamacare has completely turned me against Obama, more and
    more so — the longer time goes on the more I’m against it. I vote for
    fucking Stalin or Hitler if they were on the ticket and could get rid of
    Obamacare, the Abominable (No) Care Act..

  11. And what about people who still do not have insurance because their state
    did not upgrade their medicaid? Where should they start going for services?
    You talk about this clinic closing like its a good thing… but nothing in
    the world is better than free services to those who are in need. 

  12. I think it’s bullshit that young people who don’t really need health care
    are forced to get it so they (we) can foot the bill for old folks who do
    need it. And how with all this no pre existing clause bullshit makes
    everyone’s premiums go up. I’m paying 250 a month for insurance, simply to
    comply with the all great leader Obama master plan, and I haven’t seen a
    doctor in nearly 10 years. But people who have never worked, and will never
    work due to handouts from the welfare state will get their insurance for
    free just as they get their housing, food, phones, spending money etc…
    liberals are not about uplifting the people to make their own situations
    better, they’re about lowering the standard to which people live, to give
    non ambitious people a ‘fighting chance’.. liberal trash. 

  13. Who was that guy who did the facebook post about ‘how is obamacare screwing
    you over’ and people blasted him with ‘keep your damn dirty hands off my

  14. I have a family member who works in a hospital across from a free clinic.
    Its mostly full of homeless people. So the affordable care act will be
    wasted on them because they would need to sign up. Yet they have zero
    access to do so and have no jobs so they cant afford anything. Sure they
    might get free coverage, but its mostly geared towards preventative care.
    You know what would be a great way to prevent them getting infections and
    illnesses? Not being homeless. The free clinics are still needed until the
    system as a whole is fixed at least up to 80%. Right now its just learning
    to crawl, so we shall see in time. 

  15. One more thing…white people that are against anything like this believe
    good/great healthcare belongs to them! As they stated about Medicare, back
    in the 30’s it wasn’t for minorities. So white’s think its all for them. 

  16. I find it hard to believe that NO ONE needs these free clinics anymore. I
    do not think Obama deserves kudos because of this at all.

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