27 Comments on “Freemason Sir James R. Wright exposes Freemasonry’s Cult Abuses”

  1. all of the interviews with this guy fuckin suck, the interviewers dont know
    how to ask questions,….all these videos on youtube are all the same bs

  2. I’m sure they (the Mason’s in Texas, especially) are FURIOUS with Mr. J.R.
    Wright. He seems very calm & open for a guy whose life is most certainly in
    jeopardy. Brave man to be doing this expose’ book & INTRVW’s on
    Masonic cult abuses. I wish him well.

  3. Cops, judges, and lawyers are always asked to join. Part of your pledge is
    that in a court of law you must protect your fellow mason. I wonder how
    many cases have been corrupted? Freemasons need to have awards and be above
    their fellow man. They have a need for secret knowledge.

  4. The Freemasons are a philanthropic, patriotic, and endearing brotherhood.
    It is, in fact a brotherhood, a true fraternity. James Wright is an
    admitted methamphetamine and cocaine addict. As a private fraternity, the
    Freemasons, primarily the Scottish Rite reserves the right to revoke
    membership for Masonic misconduct. James was kicked out for disclosing the
    secrets of the fraternity, and for slandering the fraternity in public and
    private. James states that Freemasonry is primarily Republican Conservative
    in the Dallas, TX region. However, it is forbidden to speak about politics
    in the lodge. James is attempting to get into the conspiracy theory market
    by fabricating and developing a fictional account of what never happened to
    him while he was a Freemason. He was given the opportunity of a lifetime to
    serve as a full-time Scottish Rite Freemason. As an openly gay man, I hope
    he learns to accept himself, and love himself for who he is. He does not
    need to develop a fictional account in order for him to have a valid life.
    People will accept him, for the true person that he is, a man who is
    struggling with identity and social acceptance. It sounds like he had a
    tough time being a Freemason. Finding a group where he feels accepted and
    comfortable would be very therapeutic for him.

  5. This is just another con-man , probably has never been a mason and never
    will be. A real mason could listen to this for 2 min and tell that it is
    100% B.S

  6. This guy is full of it , the Rosacrutions is Who put up the Ga Guild
    stones! The Order of The Rosy Cross is very much is power. And there is a
    lodge near the Ga Guild Stones.

  7. Wondering if he can share his knowledge , if any about Charles Taize
    Russell, the 33rd degree mason who started the Jehovas Witness. What were
    Russells intentions and motivations for and with this religion and the
    bible he edited for JW.

  8. That doc he was referring to is called ‘Boys For Sale’. I think the man
    who was exposing it died under bizarre circumstances – not for sure, but I
    have read that in several places. It’s a precursor to Franklin.. X

  9. according to an amazon review of someone who read his book, this Wright
    dude was no stranger to male prostitutes. How This Write dude became a
    member of any fraternity is beyond me.

  10. Listen to the interview now! Do you know a freemason? Are you currently a
    FREEMASON? This interview exposes the the evil doers at the TOP of this
    famous Secret Societry with our guest Sir James Robert Wright! 

  11. all these cults are peodofile cults,they should all be rounded up and put
    in cages strip them naked then put them all in the city center market
    place,instead of putting people on all these dangerouse anti depressant
    medications which they dont need anyway,instead just give them a cane and
    send them to the markets and let them prod and poke these lunatics untill
    all there stress is released,put big pharma out of buisness,killing 2 birds
    so to speaklol if nothing else the kids would be safer

  12. He does not Tell All his is another con man, who left Freemasonry under a
    cloud and makes out hes the victim as to the Noble Family he is a member of
    send $500 to the web site address and they give you a bogus title


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