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  1. Russia makes the best rockets in the world which are not just for lifting
    satellites and American astronauts into space but also for hurling nuclear
    warheads at any country with plans of subduing or striking it militarily.
    When Putin stated Russia taught Hitler’s Germany a lesson, that was a
    message to the warbirds within the US and the rest of NATO. Germany and
    France are slowly wisening up about Americans pushing them into the abyss
    by antagonizing Russia. When the missiles start flying, these European
    states would be struck first by Russia, and there is no American “shield”
    that can protect them.

    When Putin says Russia is not a warmonger, he’s correct, while at the same
    time, he’s saying the US and NATO are warmongers. He is correct. Look at
    all of the wars the US and its allies are currently engaged in. Look at
    what they did to Libya, the most recent failed state their actions brought

  2. The following is an example of media and prosecutors attempting to distract
    you from the key witness who is DARREN WILSON himself, not this ugly cave
    wench. Focus on everything Darren Wilson said.

    Was Key Grand Jury Witness in Michael Brown Case a Racist, Mentally Ill,
    Lying Ex-Felon?

  3. Umm. The blacks saying his hands were up were lying about Darren Wilson and
    some admitted it. Some black people have done things to people of other
    races. That is one. SOME blacks sold their own into slavery and still
    practice slavery today. You are a racist because you associate everyone
    with one particular race group and lump everyone together when it really is
    about culture and ideology. There are several SUBGROUPS within all races.
    Not all blacks are alike and not all whites are alike. Blacks have killed
    more blacks than the KKK every did. You are racist because you think it is
    worse if a white kills you rather than a black. What the hell difference
    does it make? If you are dead you are dead. Black men rape white women
    TODAY at thousands times the rate than white men rape black women. Fact,
    white men raping black men doesn’t even measure a percentage. So does that
    mean that all white women should be hating black men for what a minority of
    them do? Hell no. Cops kill more white people then they do black people.
    That is a fact. Calling someone a devil is far more offensive then calling
    someone the “N” word. I think you are disgusting and a hypocrite. 

  4. The law 90 percent of the time has never been just went its a white male
    word vs a black male word in the united states. A black man expecting
    justice and mercy from white men is like a zebra expecting mercy from a
    lion or hyena. Justice is earned from unity an economic war first then a
    hands on effect if all else fails.

  5. So that’s why Putin held that Q and A. Shame he doesn’t just come out and
    tell his people what is really going on. 

  6. 1909 / 1914: SCHIFF & FRIENDS CONTROL THE N.A.A.C.P.

    The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) is
    the most well-known Black American organization. What is not widely known
    is that its founders were ALL Zionist Marxists! Early Jewish co-founders
    included Julius Rosenwald, Lillian Wald, and Rabbi Emil Hirsch. A black
    Communist named W.E. Dubois was cleverly put up as the NAACP’s front man.

    In 1914, Jacob Schiff became a Board member of the NAACP. With a giant
    like Schiff on board, the organization was now ready for the big time.
    Zionist money and influence has long dominated this “civil rights”
    organization, which did not elect a non-Jewish President until 1975!

    By design, Schiff’s Jewish-controlled NAACP drew Blacks away from the
    positive influence of the Black-American conservative patriot Booker T.
    Washington, a dominant Black political leader who believed in America’s
    founding principles and sought to build bridges between Whites and Blacks.

    The liberal Democrat NAACP represents the opposite of what the Republican
    Booker T stood for, which was self reliance. NAACP is an anti- White
    Globalist Marxist tool that serves to divide Americans while herding
    radicalized Black voters (who they do not care about!) into the Leftist
    political camp. As a result, even today, 90-95% of Blacks blindly vote for
    Democrat candidates.

    Without Schiff & friends, there would be no Barack Insane Obongo!

  7. Darrell Wilson indictment should’ve been done already. A witness lied and
    wasn’t even on the scene. Hope Cuba doesn’t turn over Shakur, NJ police
    made the request. 

  8. Darren Wilson lied…Mike Brown died..The entire Grand Jury scenario was
    set up for Darren Wilson to be found innocent (thus to avoid a potential
    lawsuit from Mike Brown’s family if Darren Wilson was found guilty) as the
    prosecution was on his side not Mike Brown’s that’s just how they get down.
    As most people are likely aware the white contractor on the incident scene
    said as shown on CNN to Darren Wilson (not verbatim) ‘why did you shoot him
    he had his hands up’- was he a grand jury witness? 

  9. Hebrew Israelites have been pushing this about Russia for a long time
    because its in the Bible. WAKE UP MY BROTHER AND SISTER! 

  10. the world must change. been fooled for a long time, those who rule the
    world themselves are confused and don’t know how to get out, because they
    are going deeper and deeper to hell.

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