8 Comments on “Full Show 6/26/13: Scalia’s Flip-Flop on Judicial Review”

  1. Why do you put this climate change denying idiot on your show? how does
    anything he say have any credibility when he can not accept what 99% of
    scientists are affiming? You are better off having a juggling clown on the
    show it will move the debate just as much.

  2. Human beings have a long history of doing too little, too late to prevent
    catastrophe, I really believe it will be the same concerning climate
    change. It will take whole cities being submerged before the vast majority
    of people will be willing to change their lives and habits. By then of
    course it will be too late.

  3. it is one thing to have a discenting voice on. it is quite another to have
    a lying idiot who argues from ignorance. with nothing but projection. you
    should never have this guy on he isn’t adding to the show in any way.

  4. If you jump in front of a problem sacrificing yourself, you’re a martyr and
    praised. If you try to prevent that problem, you’re an enemy to them. If
    you anounce how mad the people who are trying to stop you from fixing the
    problem are, you’re shunned as a bad person. This discribes the lunatic
    mindset of many of these radicals out there.

  5. H. Cooper joined the Federalist Society? Does he know this organization’s
    history & connection to american fascist? KKK lynchings? Bought & purchased
    Party’s – how to convince people to vote against their own best interest.
    Maybe Scalia gave Human Rights Advocates a gift – extend Voter Rights to
    all 50 states, which should include a right to more voter choice beyond the
    2 Party System. Alternate energy systems don’t work? Ask all those now
    living off the grid.

  6. Cooper is loudmouthed pompous condescending jackass who is entirely bought
    and sold by the corporatists… and considering the Federalist/KKK
    connection, he must be either a seriously delusional Uncle Tom or suffering
    severe Stockholm… and he should be in jail for his Abramoff illegal
    activities… and nobody should give a shit what he has to say.

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