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  1. the person below, your a fucking idiot. they aren’t gay. read the
    description : it even says they are straight. supporting gay rights doesn’t
    make you gay dumbass. 

  2. okay I’ll make this short as I already gave my opioion in another video in
    this topic.Even thou I’m a born again Christian & the Bible says being gay
    is a sin people have the right to sin & should have the right to marry.Pre
    martial sex is a sin but it’s not illegal nor should it be.

  3. @UT Madman I was thinking the same thing, everything is not black and white

  4. Umm, sorry… but what do you mean? Also, my music interests aren’t narrow.
    I’m also a Michael Jackson fan…

  5. Me too, especially Nate <3 Just by listening to their music at 1st I just
    thought they where another group of stoners. But now I couldn't worship
    them more and their music is just a bonus.

  6. You said “Fun. is not like other bands out there.” All I’m saying is you
    need to have a look on Bandcamp, Lastfm, Soundcloud, etc. Even check out
    local music. There are plenty of bands out there, whose music would put
    Fun. to shame, in the “making people think.” I was just being facetious
    when I said you had a narrow mind. In my opinion though, Nate Ruess should
    just come out of the closet. He needs to be honest with himself. I guess
    there’s fear among gays in coming out.

  7. I don’t even know what to say… Thank you for singing for everyone…
    Thank you for being Fun. for me and getting me through every day…

  8. you notice that all of the videos with nate he always has his legs crossed

  9. That’s not why they’re pop artists. It’s the genre they play. It’s indie
    pop which is still pop. I don’t see what the big deal is with them being
    pop artists. There’s high brow pop which would be Fun. and other artists
    who are talented and write their own music with deeper meaning, then
    there’s Rihanna and Britney Spears. The mindset that the “pop” label
    automatically makes someone unartistic is ignorant and closed-minded, and I
    see it a lot from hipsters and indie kids.

  10. I don’t think whomever wrote the description for this video thought much
    before writing, ‘…throw their support ‘behind’ the gay rights community’.

  11. So, your saying I can’t have my own thoughts and says? I don’t have a
    narrow mind, I just really like Fun. and if thats a problem then I don’t
    know what to say. I think your wrong about Nate needing to come out of the
    closet, he’s fine the way he is.

  12. Way to go Fun. Equal rights for all. And great music too. What a relief.

  13. Fun. is not like the other bands out there, Fun.’s music can atcually make
    you really think and care.

  14. Oh my goodness I love these people, a. For making great pop music, I’m not
    saying they’re like the Beatles but, they’re a little like the Beatles, and
    b. for being the ones to finally say that this is a huge issue, a civil
    rights issue, and being an I-don’t-really-mind-either-way-er is
    fundamentally messed up.

  15. I myself am not gay, but I do believe people have their own rights to
    choose what they want in their own life, and that honestly shouldn’t bother
    people. If a guy likes a guy, that’s their call, not ours. If a girl likes
    another girl, so be it. They want to be together, and we shouldn’t be
    judging them by it. How does it harm us?

  16. Oh my f*****g god, i used to love fun and there music and now i hear that
    they are gay, now i hate them, i literally deleted all there songs from my
    computer when i saw this video ~

  17. As a right-wing, conservative (libertarian) I am a little hurt by your
    statement. I know you are just genrallizing though and wanted you to
    realize that not all of us from The Deep South are racist homophobics. I
    support all gay rights programs, I vote that way whenever there is an
    opportunity, I speak up when the subject comes up, and I am very proud of
    my bi-sexual daughter and have always supported her for being who she is.
    No cookie cutters here.

  18. I don’t know if he’s gay or not, I just know that being passionate about
    supporting gay rights doesn’t make you gay. I support them too, but I’m not
    gay, I’ve just met those that deserve more in life. It’s not fun watching
    your friends suffer because you have homophobic peers, especially if
    they’re a life-long childhood friend.

  19. I haven’t been excited about a new band for several years. I saw them on
    SNL for the first time and was simply awestruck. Incredible music,
    songwriting, singing, performance—everything! I happened to record it
    (because I love Louis CK) and I watched their performance about a half
    dozen times. That was such a perfect SNL show!

  20. Haha, aw. I just wanted to explain to you that not all pop artists are bad
    because a few are. 🙂 And this, ladies and gentlemen, has been the most
    civil YouTube discussion in the history of YouTube.

  21. Yeah, they are pop artists. Unfortunately, you can’t see that there are
    good and bad pop artists. Womp womp.

  22. Dear Margaret, I also happen to love these dudes — they’re amazing! While
    reading the comments I was a tad surprised to see your comment because it
    just makes perfect sense to me… It’s like “I couln’t have said it better
    myself” type of thing. You’re very bright and eloquent in your writing.
    Just wanted to let you know that it makes me feel good to see smart people
    on the right side of things 🙂

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