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  1. Well here is what I think about say gay marriage ,even thou I’m a Christian
    that believes being gay is a sin I also believe people have the right to do
    what they want in a free country.So I’m for gay marriage.I hope they don’t
    choose to be gay (I believe they choose it) & get married but at the same
    time it should be a right.having pre-martial sex is a sin but we should NOT
    make it illegal.I’m a libertarian politicially but also a born-again
    Christian.I think you can be morally opposed to something & still support
    their right to do it.

  2. It’s a trash game, and you are not building anything. So you think you are
    better than me because you embrace your loserness and you know you will
    never become anything, and you also enjoy the illusion of being productive?
    LOL you are a good little sheep, then you also like to jump on the “gay
    rights” band wagon and now you are considered an “activist” because you
    posted some comment on a youtube video? LOL get a life loser.

  3. Thanks. I like your page, will check it out in depth when I have more time,
    and my mac is out of the shop for more than a few days.

  4. It’s not one- sided. My family is religious, and they can’t accept the fact
    that I’m bi. Sure they have different opinions, but people should have the
    right to marry who they want. It’s ridiculous that they can’t. I don’t care
    what the bible says. It’s messed up that only hetero marriage is legal.

  5. Theirs will be the first record I buy…from an actual store…BRAND
    NEW…to hold in MY OWN HANDS…to look at the pics of the jacket…in…I
    honestly can NOT remember the last brand spanking new CD I bought!!!! Hand
    to Goddess!!!

  6. And i know im not anymore special then anyone else… apparently you do
    cause your going around correcting people rudely for no good reason. you
    could have gone about that in a much better way. I know what im talking
    about. and i dont agree with being gay. sorry. but i dont. im sorry if i
    said something in a wrong way. but i was doing what every American has a
    right to do. SPEAK THEIR OWN OPINION. So i suggest you get over
    yourself…. and stop trying to act better then others..

  7. 3:18 the whole reason i got into fun. was because of the internet. i went
    on wikipedia, found out that they had all the songs, went on youtube 2
    listen 2 them, fell in luv, then bought their albums. i owe my obsession to
    2 free websites.

  8. I pirated your album… Now I am going to purchase your album Some Nights
    on Itunes. I have been just doing my fun. band research out of curiousity
    today and you guys (fun.) rock!

  9. I agree with Nate about illegal downloads. Offering a few selections for
    free to say “This is who we are” is a great idea. I downloaded those and
    then I bought physical CD’s. I do take better care of music that I have on
    disc or LP’s than digital copies. I can’t tell you what all I have in
    digital but I can tell you exactly what I have hard copies of. I feel that
    their music is worth paying for.

  10. Omg….nate and jack are soo hot andrews a cutie too i really wanna meet
    these guys there awesome

  11. “Gays” have the same rights as everyone else, but due to the government
    they now have more rights then other people and they want to add another
    right to the list, not because of “civil rights” but because they want to
    be taxed less, its about the money that is all.

  12. I don’t get why iTunes make you pay for a song….why cant you just
    download it off the internet for free…after all many people are willing
    to go spend so much money on concert tickets…its not about the ‘money’ if
    a band have millions of fans that turn up to there concerts why should
    money matter…just knowing that millions of people LOVE you should be good
    enough! fun. has to be the best band ever…their honest and they
    appreciate the amount of fans they have.

  13. Jack and Nate are great defenders of gay rights as are the group Tegan and
    Sara, which are also friends of Jack. Being gay is as much a choice as
    being black and all citizens deserve equal rights.

  14. when Nate interrupts jack just to finish his sentence lolol ..do not
    interrupt! xoxoxo

  15. I hate that introduction. “Even though their name is fun. They know how to
    be serious.” Female interviewers suck! They always want to be serious.

  16. does anyone else notice the some nights intro playing on loop during the
    entire dang interveiw

  17. please go read the bible sweetheart. It says if you’re a woman who gets
    raped and become pregnant you must marry the rapist. And right next to the
    A man shall not be with blah blah blah it says you can not wear mixed linen
    clothing… so unless you are willing to follow those rules sorry sweetheart
    but your gay marriage angle doesn’t have any backing… you cant pick and
    chose what you want from the bible. Get over yourself, You are no more
    important than anyone else on this planet.

  18. xxNephlimxx is right, just because some hetrosexual/normal couples don’t
    want to have kids doesn’t make it right for some degenerates to adopt a kid
    and brainwash them into being a freak like them. I think you need to think
    for yourself and whats good for the world before you just start blabbering
    out useless junk that you heard from someone else.

  19. These guys speak the truth. Nate is right, there shouldn’t even be another
    side. I don’t understand how they call the US a “free country” if gay
    people cannot get married in many states. People are people, we all bleed,
    why does it matter who is attracted to who? We should be more focused on
    the fact that people are getting killed and robbed and harmed, but no, the
    country spends so much time on keeping gay people unmarried! It just pisses
    me off…

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