5 Comments on “GAY AFRICA PART 7”

  1. A nigerian literary scolar, in 1 of his literature books wrote n i
    quote,”…it is praise worthy to b brave, but sometimes it is wise 2 b a
    coward, 4 we often stand on d roof of d coward, 2 point 2 d ruins of d
    brave man”. dis gay africa isue shud 4 now b left wit Obama n Hilary
    Clinton, 2 politicaly fight it 4 now 4rm airforce 1 n 2, as hilary did on
    her 30mins speech 2 d UN asembly, fightin it 4rm airforce 10 or 20 might
    put d aircraft in a critical situation, it might even b hijack on air!

  2. Wake up good people and tech them what will help this GAY people so that
    their seed will not be lost forever under the sun.why Africa not
    EUROPE?because they want the land and also to control the population so
    that they can tell you what to do,Oh you wanna play master under the SUN
    you will loose this battle so please don,t bring this evil act to we
    Africans.so slavery was not enough for you guys then what is the purpose of
    independence for we African.remember we have a mind of our own.blind sca

  3. When you eat all you don,t find nothing, living in flesh,trying to achieved
    everything under the sun is vanity so remember to think twice and keep cool
    for life is in you and you need to bring forth.teach life,love life,
    remember Death,and do your best to listen to other for it takes a life to
    produce life.the sun shine for reason likewise the moon and the sea, but
    the purpose is life continuation so do not make your own laws to stop life
    for non of this Agenda can stop JAH TIME.

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