49 Comments on “Gay And Voting For Mitt Romney?”

  1. When you insist on focusing on one thing instead of the whole picture, you
    lose. I will NEVER vote DemonRat ever again. Yes, I am Gay. Deal with it.

  2. The reason I voted for mitt is that he is more trustworthy than Obama.
    Obama is nothing more than a lying hipocrite

  3. Even though its your opinion, I have a different one. I voted for mitt and
    I do not support gay rights. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and that’s
    the glory of this country. Lol.

  4. what made you vote for Romney then if he denied you of the freedom of
    marriage? I’m just curious

  5. How stupid. I’m gay and I was for Romney. Thinking he hates gays just
    because he doesn’t agree with gay marriage (but dealt with it as governor
    anyways) is beyond moronic. My gay senses don’t pull me towards Obama. For
    one, Obama doesn’t give a shit about gays. He was against gay marriage too,
    until he changed positions MONTHS before an election because it was
    convenient. My OTHER gay senses don’t go for Obama either because Romney
    and Ryan are WAY hotter than him and the old geezer.

  6. oh my , focusing and back and so many angles. I got dizzy, and even though
    i wanted to see the whole video I could not finish it.

  7. amazing….very good and one happy Canadian here that Obama got in, happy
    and still nervous though that he didn’t get in by as comfortable a lead as
    I had hoped. Good Luck America – Good Luck Gay America!

  8. I wouldn’t feel supported by Obama either. More like used so that he can
    push his agenda and keep feeling like a king.

  9. #1 HA wow this is sad, and makes gays look ridiculous pawns. First I love
    how the footage of Romney was cut up, to make him look insensitive to gays,
    guess it works on the less informed, and the idiots though, Didn’t care
    much for Romney to be honest, but upon studying the guy, I learned he’s a
    damn good person, its unfortunate he had to play politics, and try to
    appeal to the pathetic religious right, who didn’t really like or trust
    him, because they know he’s not very socially conservative.

  10. This assumption it should be my top issue is very condescending and
    paternalistic, much like Obama only sees them as pawns to use and was
    against gay marriage not too long ago until flipping. I don’t even want it
    to be a federal issue to be honest. The states should decide marriage. Much
    as progressives don’t see Muslims as that bad, I don’t see most
    conservative Christians as hateful, and laws should consider everybody,
    including their churches.

  11. So people disapprove of homosexuality because it is a sin? Last I checked,
    the Constitution is not based on the bible. There is a separation between
    church and state for a reason. We can’t make political decisions as a
    country based on religious beliefs.

  12. It is like being a JEW and choose to vote for Hitler. If you are a FAG you
    need to think again….Republican do not like Queers period…..ahh unless
    you vote for them

  13. I’m not surprised, most people in the country are emotional, irrational,
    ill-informed babies, and when you have that, you get politicians like Obama
    ha. When things fall apart, and they will; it will be interesting who
    people will blame. Ironically his biggest supporters who are not rich, will
    be the ones hurt the most.. I just feel bad for the people who didn’t vote
    for him, and have to deal with the rubbish due to foolish people.

  14. this is so wrong… you want people to be open minded with the LGBT
    community yet you say we HAD to vote for obama? thats just as bad as people
    being anti-gay “just cause”

  15. Who do you take me for? I don’t vote on a single issue but Obama was
    against gay marriage too until flip-flopping, I mean “evolving” on it for
    votes. Never stopped Obama’s co-opted, White House bought gay progressives
    from fawning over him. Just being against it doesn’t make you a hater. It’s
    insulting to my intelligence to claim that just because Romney doesn’t
    agree with gay marriage that he hates gays. The economy is much more
    important than that.

  16. Thats just ignorance & being a close minded person. That is just their
    personality gay OR straight. I have seen str8 people who r more flamboyant
    than i am and im gay. & no matter how much i were to get beat up, or even
    if i went into the military i would be no less gay afterwards cuz its just
    who I am & that wont change. AND on average gay people have higher incomes,
    higher educations, & live in better neighborhoods & better houses then
    straight people. So yep we r just not successful at all.

  17. @strikebackviper it actually still is racist. And it might not offend you
    but it offend others, maybe the mixed people you know like it but out of
    experience and being mixed myself I am not only black, I am white too and I
    don’t like to be just called black.

  18. you need to forget about what you have been indoctrinated into and what
    society expects of you and you need to do what makes you happy. Love is
    blind and you need to follow your heart otherwise you will end up being a
    bitter and twisted person. And when you find that person you love of course
    you have the right to marry them in a secular ceremony. I hope that you
    grow to accept yourself some day because before you do nobody else will
    accept you either.

  19. I’m too young to vote. However, I’m openly an openly homosexual male and I
    campaigned for Romney. Obama’s great with social issues/foreign relations.
    However, the economy is taking hard hits because of his economic leneancy.
    I choose to put the economy before gay rights. 1st, the president doesn’t
    have the power to make gay marriage legal. That’s mostly up to the
    judicial/legislative branches. 2nd, he only “supported” gays for votes, and
    likely won’t do a thing about it now that he’s in office.

  20. #3 I find black conservatives, gay conservatives, and women conservatives,
    to be more wise, and actually more caring of the constitution and this
    country. When I say conservative I don’t mean some bible thumping moron
    trapped in the 50’s. I’m talking about classic conservatism, with a strong
    belief in a smaller efficient, and intelligent gov. People who actually
    follow the constitution and believe in real freedom. With a dash of classic
    liberalism, believing man can rule himself.

  21. Coming from a biblical standpoint, homosexuality is a sin, so I do not
    think it should be legal, and mitt romney doesn’t hate gays as some people
    say, he just is standing up for his opinion.

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