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  1. Woa!. Ohh i have a question… who says that being gay means that it is
    product of having a demon inside???… I dont know… this video show me
    that some religious people are very … ignorant… (for not to say other

  2. Religious people are disgusting , narrow-minded and deeply ignorant. what
    more proof do you need? the hypocrisy of christianity makes me phyiscally
    ill. It pretends to be all-inclusive when it’s really intolerant of anyone
    who’d not exactly like them. Religion is truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
    thankfully i am not a part of the brainwashed masses. In canada , where i
    live, you’d never see anything like this. bible -thumping is an american

  3. @reinwitgsus Why is it that we must blindly follow a religion that even
    nowadays makes no real logical sense? Why is it that we must follow a
    religion that claimed to have had all of these visions and great
    interventions from the divine thousands of years ago, and yet now not have
    any divine interventions? Your ignorance is as sickening as the so called
    “priests” are who preformed this horrendous act on a kid.

  4. when people see demons manifesting they get spooked because that means that
    you are possessed, and by the way that psychologist is also possessed that
    why they are called phyco, anything that is dealt psychic is the devil they
    even posses you even more get this on your mind When Your Education is
    bigger than your Revelation, your always going to question God, you know
    ????’s dont even exist on my head for God, He Created us, but Our same
    ignorance has corrupted the entire world!

  5. And the bible was not even written by God. It was written by people that
    supposedly “knew” him. Who is to say that they were not just delusional
    people who THOUGHT they knew God/thought they were God/Though they could
    speak for God? Hmmmm? You DON’T. The pope wrote 7 new deadly sins. Said
    they are the new sins. In future, when we’re all dead, people will find
    those & think they’re TRULY sins. When they’re not. Who is to say the same
    didn’t fucking happen centuries ago? WE DON’T KNOW. NO PROOF.

  6. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is
    neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.~ Galatians 3:28

  7. God hates religion thats the thing. Your sin is the reason why we are
    damned to hell. Thank God for Jesus. John 3:16

  8. @rustyben911 What does it profit you to be so NASTY? The fact is
    homosexuals are a part of every society, AND were always in existence
    throughout civilization. Your intolerance was man-made. YOU have chosen to
    be hateful toward gays, AND how has that make you better? AIDS is for
    everybody who is promiscuous. But what about Breast Cancer? Is that God’s
    way of punishing women? This is 2011, it’s FULL TIME to put aside your
    LEARNT BIASES and start respecting the reality that some people ARE GAY!

  9. When are you people going to admit to yourselves that your god does not
    exist. It is nothing more than a long-standing lie based on hear-say and
    magical thinking. Whatever is out there that could be described as ‘god,’
    for want of a better term, has absolutely nothing to do with what is real.
    The judaic religions (christians, Jews, muslims) are nothing more than
    death cults anyway. They don’t affirm the sanctity of life, the individual
    and they project a warped, unrealistic view of humanity.

  10. not who they want to be. Yeah God loves everyone but He’s not going to let
    anyone commiting these detestable sins in His kingdom. Look what He did to
    Sodom & Gomorrah. So much confirmation in His word but people still want to
    come up with a million excuses and their OWN translation, to justify
    homosexuality smh. Like they say God created Adam & Eve, then the devil
    corrupted God’s work as always. Continue to sin if you want but don’t
    attack those who know it’s wrong & seek righteousness + freedom

  11. Id like to see this scientific peer reviewed study you have showing that
    its impossible to stop being gay? I’ve looked and didn’t find any. You can
    message me the link….

  12. Some homosexual demons broke into my house the other night. They
    re-arranged my furniture and left a quiche in the oven.

  13. I don’t think this church has a timeslot on WDJZ anymore. They’re not
    listed on the station’s website. Not surprising. Leased-access radio shows
    come and go like tumbleweeds.

  14. Leviticus 18:22 – Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is
    abomination ) It says it in the bible plain & simple. Doesn’t matter if the
    actual word “homosexual” is there or not. That’s the title for this sin in
    this age, so that’s how it’s approached ! Did anyone ever stop and think
    maybe the boy DIDN”T WANT TO BE GAY & going to church confirmed that, or he
    felt Gods conviction, & wanted to be delivered ? Many gay people commit or
    want to commit suicide cause deep down that’s

  15. Gods Power, u reject the name Jesus Christ and any kind of Gods power, just
    like the devil has power, well Jesus Christ our Lord savior Has Mighty

  16. I wasn’t there to see the entire incident but I am a little disturbed by
    this. Couldn’t this have been handled any better? The boy should have been
    taken to a more private location and dealt with in a more dignified manner.
    Christianity got a black eye from these zealots.

  17. You are right vsands we HAVE to be led of the SPirit otherwise we do more
    harm then good and won’t have the outcome we’re hoping for. Only Jesus can
    set them free and we need to RE present the REAL JESUS to them Glory to
    God. And yes GOD can set ANYBODY free from ANY sin no matter what it is.

  18. Why would this video upset any one? If the kid is straight and they helped
    him, whats the problem? They’re not hurting any one.

  19. Done somebody tell the children of this congregation to what beautiful this
    girl or boy in kinder garden or this is secret doing? Do must show for the
    young boy the girls and woman.This is no sex. This is only the key. My
    english is bad. I’m so sorry.

  20. God is opposed to homosexuality and did not create us to lay with the same
    sex.. Homosexuality is clearly the devil’s domain… So, it is common to be
    possessed by evil spirits when you act out these evil urges…..God has
    said that homosexuals Will NOT inherit the kingdom of God..This minister
    was merely trying to set the captive free from this destructive lifestyle
    that will ultimately destroy his life and take him to hell! It should not
    have been broadcast, as this is a serious ceremony…

  21. Hmmm so if you are into interracial relationships it’s a demon, if you like
    red heads it’s a demon, if you like fat chics it’s a demon, you like S&M
    it’s a demon. If you get off on telling people their worthless because of
    their sexual choices then it’s God. I guess people forgot that the bible
    say we are saved the free gift of grace through faith Eph 2:8-10

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