7 Comments on “Gay Friendly Mosque Opens in South Africa”

  1. Deceiving, misinforming, deforming, and contorting is history and reality
    over African Islam. The greatest tragedy is that most of the descendants of
    African slavery, the black people in the Americas, around the world, as
    well as the African blacks, are totally ignorant of the actual facts. The
    worst, inhuman, and diabolical institution of the black African slave was
    initiated, refined, perpetrated, and implemented by the Mohamed and Arabs
    and later aided, and ebbed-ed by the black converts to Mohamed and Islam.
    The two subcultures, those off denial of facts, and of political
    correctness, will attack me without once disproving a single statement,
    and, or conclusion that I make. The way you lie, and treat blacks in your
    society is evil. I don’t support White supremacy, nor do I support Arab
    supremacy. I am no one’s slave.

  2. Islam is a religion of peace! remember that the next time someone tries to
    make you worship as they see fit, oh ! and yeah just forgot to mention,
    fuck Islam, :-)

  3. muslims causing problems in Afrika as usual i dont get why these people
    just dont go to arabia if they want to live in sharia land…

  4. +Nallanyesmar please watch this video, it seems like our Muslim friends are
    DESPERATELY trying to keep their false Islamic religion from becoming
    EXTINCT that they are now welcoming HOMOSEXUALS IN THEIR MOSQUES!!!!!!

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